November 03, 2016

VIDEO: Celebrities seen attending the SeriousFun Childrens Network Charity Gala Night held at the RoundHouse Camden in London, United Kingdom.

Celebrities featured: Natalie Pinkham, Katie Tunstall, Jude Law, Anabell Scholey, Maimie McCoy, Laura Pradelska, Pippa Taylor, Catherine Steadman, Clea Newman, Alistair Guy, Aiden Gillen, Craig McGinlay

Set ID: 1164265

such human foundation who by the way my mom's tonight even they will see so excited to that so tremendous and now on a month to resume about otherwise stars completion is and and she's mature as you let the hair eh move along extremely excited about sharing stays with you no go so I was hoping to ask you about how you feel about sharing the stage with the children tonight in performing at an event last night it's one of my favorite things that play for and with kids actually because they just got completely and unadulterated connection relativity and music and performing as you know providing they're not in that age where they're kind of feeling quite nervous or shy or a bit awkward it's just an amazingly sort of genuine connection you can make kids when you performing together and I actually get quite nervous playing for kids because I'm leaving very and so if they don't like what they're doing probably telling me in a way that adults will know so but I'm just over the moon and very honored to be sharing the stage with them and here supporting such fantastic boys just this one together yeah let's get that we're dressed incite just just now yeah there's any quick Bouchard hey

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