A male model faces a life jail sentence after being convicted of stabbing his rival to death in a row over a girlfriend. George Koh was obsessed with catwalk rival Harry Uzoka’s success and had boasted in Instagram messages he had slept with the GQ star’s girlfriend Ruby Campbell. Mr Uzoka was knifed in the heart, shoulder and back after a confrontation with Koh, 24, in Shepherd’s Bush, west London, in January this year. The 25-year-old was chased and cornered around a parked car by Koh and three friends before his rival knifed him three times. At the Old Bailey today a jury found Koh and Merse Dikanda guilty of murder after 18 hours of deliberation. Jonathan Okigbo was found guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

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28 thoughts on “CCTV footage shows violent confrontation before Harry Uzoka was murdered

  1. Why can’t people just have a fist fight and settle ur differences. Knifes are for pussies period. And if anyone pulls a knife on you. Run. U aren’t the pussy they are.

  2. Interesting. So it's NOT just here in the US. The "poor and oppressed victims of society" had, we're told, convinced the UK that their violent tendencies were all due to the terrible mistreatment by white people. OK, if that's true here, then it must be true THERE, TOO! It looks like YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL RACISTS, TOO! Welcome to the ranks of the despised!

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