Ahead of the new NFL season star names including Tyrann Mathieu, Brandon Williams and Kenny Stills try their hand at ‘proper football’ in a one-off match in London.

It’s the London Allstars vs Too Legit To Quit – who will come out on top?

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43 thoughts on “Can NFL players play 'proper football'? – BBC Sport

  1. Let's see Ronaldo or Messi trying to use their hands to catch an egg shaped football, and get blasted really hard while trying to catch the ball. I bet they will respect American football, even if their fans won't.

  2. Tbh youd get 100 NFL level wide receivers and cornerbacks from soccer before you got 1 NFL guy who could hang at League One level in soccer. I respect the toughness, strategy and athleticism of American football, but when it comes to pure skill/technique its several steps behind even rugby, which in turn isnt remotely as skilled as soccer.

  3. You can tell that they were having so much fun that they started questioning themselves asking, โ€œwhy in the hell didnโ€™t I choose this sport to play professionally instead of handegg??โ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. I've played the game since i was a kid, so i have at least 25 years in football…real football not the "i call it football yet i use my hands football" and i can tell…most kids when they are 12-16 years old can outplay these guys any day….

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  6. Look at him, the NFL player catch that soccer ball. Showing that dude can keep. I still had to let folks to understand that one person can play three sports n be great at it. U know why? ask [email protected]gmail.com. I need to let guys know anybody both all players of all sports kinds don't have no excuses why they out of job . Is hilarious to hear. Once an athlete is an athlete. Sometimes we don't even know what we r good at cause we got influence in doing what others r doing. Human kind such as an athlete could be good at all sports but work ethics discouragement could kick in n u see a player crying I have lost my job. Serious ridiculous. For example, Collin kerpernic has a chance to play similar games n get used it n make same amount of money n still in the game for so long. Listen let me tell players some, do yo know sometimes why the game look super interesting? Maybe u don't know. The game look interesting cause of fans. U can play the game as u want it but when nobody whatching it, guess what ? Is boring. The most common factor that trigger the game is whose watching it. I play this game n I was born to lay down everything's n every detail why u can not sit out of the game as a sports pasionist. Cause I'm obsessed with all sports. Soon we will get to see my TV shows on ask chambersheros anything about games still get an answer.

  7. It's actually surprising how bad their foot eye coordination is lol… Being an athlete you assume they'd have a natural grasp of most sports, but they're terrible, especially Kenny Stills and Stefon Diggs haha.

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