Camping is a solution to finding cheap accommodation in London. Abbey Wood Caravan And Motorhome Club Site is about half an hour from London Charing Cross with excellent links to City Airport and the Docklands via DLR & Woolwich Arsenal. New for 2017 are Glamping Pods, so if you don’t have a caravan, tent, or motorhome, you can still enjoy camping in London.

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thanks google welcome to my vlog about camping caravanning and glamping in London at Abbey Wood Caravan and motorhome club site as you approach Abbey Wood Caravan a motorhome club site through the suburbs you think that this is the last place you will find a campsite but when you get here you'll find this wonderful leafy shady green oasis of calm it's a very popular site indeed for people with caravans and motorhomes and tents for enjoying a bit of peace and quiet and easy access to the center of London you there's a late night arrivals area if you're arriving after 8 o'clock in the evening and do remember that if you're arriving after six o'clock any day it's always polite to ring up the wardens and let them know that you're on your way five minutes away by foot is a be–would railway station with direct trains to Charing Cross in London and that takes about 25 minutes but the exciting news is that as of 2019 there will be direct trains to the centre of London and even to Heathrow Airport with the opening of cross rail it's also very easy to get a be–would campsite from City Airport you just go across the water to would each Arsenal and then get the train to a B word with this in mind there Caravan and motorhome club has put some measures in place for people who don't wish to bring their own motorhome or Caravan and that is they've put in these rather trendy new glamping pods let's go and have a look at one so this part is called Goldfinch there are three of these at the moment as you can see a nice veranda with patio furniture and there is a gas barbecue I didn't open the barbecue because this pod was already prepared for guests coming in later that day each pod sleeps for has recommended two adults and two children as the bunk bed above this sofa which makes up a single is rated to 11 stone the pod comes equipped with Wi-Fi and to TV and under the TV here is a little fridge so there isn't a kitchen in the pot there's a little washing up Bowl nice little welcome pack there and enough crockery and cutlery is provided for four people the kettle to make a cup of tea and a microwave to heat up those all-important Bing meals you'll see that there are a couple of cooking utensils but no hob apparently there is a gas ring that is attached to the barbecue outside through to the bathroom neat little bathroom with wash basin toward it and a shower nice heated towel rail and now we address the question that everyone is too polite to ask and that is it is a proper water closet flush toilet it is not a chemical toilet a little wardrobe here by the bed spare duvet some hanging space on the other side of the bed cupboard here again no hanging rail as this is where the boiler is but there's some room to put your shoes and some boots and the main bed is a double bed here a pulldown bed behind the sofa I didn't pull it down as this pod was already made up to take some guests needed to say there's below no heating for those chilly days and a nice sunny veranda if you're coming by car you'll be pleased to know you can park right outside the pod I'll put a link in the description below to a website where you can find out more about prices and where these pods are on the caravan a motorhome club network also Abbey wood is slightly cheaper option than those glamping pods are these two little cabins these little camping cabins they're nowhere near as fitted out as the other three glamping pods they only have a boot on and some camping furniture inside so you need to bring all your own bedding your own camping stove pretty much everything there here for those people who don't want to bring their own tents unfortunately I couldn't go inside one as both were occupied at this time five minutes walk away is the Abbey cafe where you can go for your burl English breakfast it would be rude not to there are more eating options in Abbey Wood everyone's favorite bakery Greg's there are also a few takeaways and a brilliant Indian restaurant that also does take away unfortunately dogs are not allowed in any of the accommodation so you need to bring your own tent or Caravan or camper van with the dog there's a small dog walk on site but it's more of a let's just call it the dog emptying area it's not really an exercising area however five minutes walk from the site is Lesnar's Abby woods the place that gives Abby wood its name whether or not you have a dog it's a great place to enjoy a relaxing couple of hours the abbey itself which is now ruined dates from 1178 if you like photography or art the juxtaposition between the modern Thamesmead estate in the background and the 12th century Abbey is something to be enjoyed there are other arts installations around the park like this beautiful statue carved from a tree stump and these windows onto London there's even a cafe serving great coffee unfortunately we didn't have time to stop the cake as it started raining so there you go I hope you enjoyed this vlog about visiting Abbeywood caravan and motorhome club site if you enjoyed it you know what to do give us a thumbs up subscribe if you don't already it just leaves me to say thanks for tuning in

22 thoughts on “Camping and Glamping in London at Abbey Wood CAMC Site

  1. Hello! We want to go to the Abbey Wood Campsite in November, can you tell me how it costs the transport (train) to London per person? We want to buy the London Pass and I want to know if we have to buy it with transport or without it… Many thanks!!

  2. Take ear plugs the noise from the ringneck parakeets at 4am is unbelievable, perhaps Andrew didn't stay overnight or perhaps we were unlucky in our pitch position. Fabulous site for visiting London.

  3. Keep the green at all cost! Thank God there are forward thinking people. To add the cabins is brilliant. I know so many people that have never experienced camping or being in the woods at all. I somehow think this is counterintuitive.

  4. you know iv lived in there meany years now in a flat just off gostow road (wont say door number) and i take it for granted in on hoilday atm but seeing this really dose remind me of what a nice place to live

  5. I like that you have a travel companion. I'd miss having a pup with me if I did as much traveling. Hopefully there is someone else to share this with as well. You seem like a really nice guy. When I finally get over to London, I'll hop the train and check this out. Coming from Oregon, I think I'll leave the camper at home!

  6. Oooohhhh,,,,those cabins are adorable! But what I'm really curious about is,,,is there still a bookstore at 84 Charring Cross ? Yes, I'm old, and yes, I LOVED that movie! Ann Bancroft and Sir Anthony,,,,does it get any better?

  7. Thank you for sharing this site, I've been looking for one close to London. Really want to take the minis to The Natural History Museum and this looks like the perfect place to stay! Thanks 🙂

  8. Do they have shower , toilet and washing up stations for tent campers? My parents took us camping while summers and dad went to work from the campgrounds. So wonderful to be conveniently located to transport.

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