first rising gas and energy prices have been making headlines but a group in South London have decided to take matters into their own hands residents have a lapras state in Brixton club together to produce their own renewable energy and now they're even turning a profit wherever North has ventured onto their rooftop to find out how they've done it London is a place of global powerhouses how are you but on a Brixton estate more known for its problems let me show you up a group of residents has created a project that brings them power in more than one sense is it there are more than 300 solar panels on the roofs of the la foret estate they were paid for by the people who live here such as Beebe Campbell I never thought of it like an investor it's the first time I've ever done anything like it I think but it's alternative energy and it's a it's just such a good thing lifts communal areas homes all powered from this the projects created jobs it wasn't easy there were a lot of hurdles there's national policy hurdles with the feed-in tariffs and there are hurdles with local councils and then they're just communicating what you're trying to do you're trying to put solar panels and renewable energy into communities and create revenue for that that's difficult to communicate these solar panels are clearly a great success story but there is a bigger issue at stake London consumes 13% of the power that's produced by the United Kingdom each year but it only gives back about 2% in return and the great problem that the organisers of this project have is persuading the powers that be that it needs to be rolled out across the capital I think it'd be very good if they if the government could say this is a really positive scheme and that local council should be looking at it and working with similar projects in their own in their own area but I think really it's all about the will of the local authority saying this is this is great we want to make it happen and if you see think the prize is big enough you get rid of all the challenges and obstacle today all the investors got a pleasant surprise the project is now in profit I thought I loved the way about 20 years and something like you know I know a woman for my pension is something the Sun may not be life-changing but on a day when many were told they'd be paying more for their power it's a ray of sunlight and the North BBC London News

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