Between our busy street work, we came across this evil, from the British Museum, London!

their form with original sin you see there Adams transgression so with the fall of Maine God redeems Maine through Jesus Christ because the butts no good you see genetically that's right well we're not are you not bad we're playing bad very bad the Bible says any good and only God is good so if we fall into sin because we are sinners or if we remain in sin because we are about yes then God can redeem us so we have to turn to the Savior and ask him to forgive us or believe on him to be forgiving about sins I thought I'd be can't go to heaven because we're sinners see God's holy he's pure and we're not so God wants to save people well I'm gonna have an I'm already in heaven now in a spiritual sense I'm already in heaven they're both going to New Testaments not lucky is called grace according to by bomb my spirit is already in heaven now Ephesians chapter 2 everybody good the Bible says we're all sinned become sure the glory God only God is good this message you the difficulty of Jesus being born when he came to die for our sins that's what you ask to me okay okay so generally no not January I'm in the face of the problem all I can tell you is up Jesus was born about 4 BC and he died 30 ad and you believe that what will be available on the Bible based on the the Julian calendar based on our understanding of the modern age of you know we're now in 2016 so how did we get on with you and when did we give this I think people get that from generally I don't know I've never heard the first of January some people some people think he was born December the 25th Christmas Day I don't believe that but some people do believe he was born on Christmas Day most teachers have come a-calling they don't know thank you very much so are you born again can I ask you sir what Jesus said unless we're born again we can't go to the kingdom of God being heaven when we die so need to be saved now so before we need to serve have you got a Bible at home have you got a Bible at home give a reading at all good okay cool heads to see Luke chapter 2 speaks about the birth of Jesus Christ being circumcised going up to the temple with Mary and his stepfather to be off to the Lord well kind of being on the way down they just know okay a woman said to me so many days of the road would listen me and take into the temple we waited yes yes I Luke chapter 2 yes you know what a few days to see well I've just given you some examples he goes into the temple his parents given to the Lord they circumcise him she offers a sacrifice of Thanksgiving to the Lord Simeon finds the boy in that Simeon comes across the Lord Jesus hold him in his arms and he says thank you Father I've now seen your salvation and off he goes with joy sing then Anna comes along and little an elderly lady and worships him as well it's a great chat for Luke chapter 2 that's all I'd think you're a little most my print okay so nice to talk to you

17 thoughts on “British Museum: Will ANTICHRIST ‘Use’ Demons And Devils From London?

  1. Hello James many blessings  thanks for sharing very interesting indeed, looked like Alaskan Totem poles and Egyptian Art of Anubis and Persian Art  The Guardian Gates of Persia. interesting indeed like the Aztec ruins, The Sun temple and Moon, how these place have a dark history. interesting how these places are  gone now. Hallelujah praise the lord for sharing always a pleasure.God bless your ministry work Be safe Be safe Peace  Glory be to God

  2. I live just a couple of hours from Washington, DC. I get the same sense of evil when I go there. Besides the obvious evil running our country, there are so many obvious occult symbols there. Before I even got saved, I knew something wasn't right.

  3. Nah, I think that the "son of perdition" will have these destroyed if anyone gives credence to them when he's here… he will only allow images of himself.
    Many Blessings dear brother, many blessings

  4. Martin Smith was the lead singer of the "christian" band Delirious. That music was dark…very dark. Did you add that on purpose and Im wondering why. It was not of the light for sure.

  5. I am looking forward to happiness, the light of Jesus Christ and beautiful music in the kingdom of God. This world is so dark and satanic and the first lady interviewed on the street in this video thinks that people are good?? Get a reality check. Only Jesus was good, pure and holy. The perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world…thank you Jesus Christ.

  6. Thank you for the tour.
    Also interesting on the encounter with that elderly gentleman. With me saying that…I'm probably older than him.
    My spirit was moved and the thought entered into my mind to be more (extremely more) attentive to what any particular soul is saying…when engaging in witnessing. It's not just about me (us) just spouting out KJV scripture (street preaching). I know that all of us get asked various questions; including pointed attacks by Satan via people (lost…and saved). I need to prayerfully be empowered from on high to answer precisely what He'd like me to say.
    May God continue to bless your ministry.
    Please pray that He will use me as well.

    Blessings to you and give my greetings to brother Martin.

    In Christ,

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