SUBSCRIBE: – Let’s go to the world famous British Museum located in beautiful London and let’s visit the often overlooked exhibit of Chinese jade artefacts some of them dating from as far back as 5,000BC!! The first two rings that you will see date from that era… . Vic Stefanu, [email protected]

hello mrs. Peck thank you for joining my channel thank you for viewing my videos daily the beautiful city of London and I'm visiting the world-famous British Museum here in the centre of London in this particular documentary we're going to visit the Chinese and Jade exhibit that displays Jade created by the Chinese as far back as 5000 years before Christ unfortunately this exhibit is quite often overlooked here at the British Museum and that's because it is built in a very remote area on a very mouse corridor on the second floor nevertheless it's a fantastic and fascinating exhibit let's go acuity is displays and you will enjoy the tour this is vague and for joining me and it's gone Oh interesting they say they actually don't know the problem is that is very important exhibit is located in a corridor here at the British Museum on the second floor it seems like it was an afterthought for the trustees of the museum to create this exhibit here on a corridor so it's very narrow and it gets very very crowded into shame because it really belongs and its own large rule so people can appreciate these absolutely fascinating artifacts from China going back to 5000 BC this is very thank you for joining me bye bye

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  1. Very interesting video of the exhibit of Chinese artefacts dating as far back as 5000 BC on display at the British Museum located in London, England. The Chinese jade artefacts on display were exquisitly and intricately crafted. Excellent video of the Chinese Jade Artefacts.

  2. Hi Thanks Vic , I did not see any objects that I would class as Zhou or Hongshan , most was maximum 2000 years old some were song and tang dynasty objects . But none the less thanks for posting regards Sean

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