British Museum, London extra – European Art History through Drawings
As I didn’t have my camera tripod in hand, I had to make due what I had , hence the footage is a bit shaky …or as the French would say… pein-air style.
The British Museum in London was designed in the 19th century by Sir Robert Smirke. Sir Hans Slone was the the origin collector who collected the first 71000 piece. The origin of collection included antiquities, coins, natural history specimens. Nowadays it has over 8 million object.
Smirke designed the building in the Greek Revival style, witch emulated classical Greek style. This style was so popular in the 18th century.
The Museum has 6 million visitors in a year.
My name is Külüs László Ákos. I am a professional artist Barcsay priced painter and fine art teacher. I graduated in Hungarian University of Fine Arts, at first as an painter, few years later as fine art teacher. I am teaching and leading my drawing course in my town in the cultural center since 2010.
Several times i have to teach art history to my students, it could be help to enter an university or other art school. I’m teaching art history with my drawings, if you like you could try to copy it…
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Art history in 15 min.
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