British parliamentarians have passed the first stage of legislation allowing Prime Minister Theresa May to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which will begin the process of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Al Jazeera’s Barnaby Phillips reports from London.

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most in this house campaign to keep britain in the EU but a large majority have now voted to start the process of taking britain out it was agonizing for some but they felt they could not overrule last year's referendum result this house is a very simple decision to take we gave the right of judgment on this issue to the British people they made their choice they want to leave the EU the question every member must ask themselves as they go through the lobbies tonight is do they trust the people opposition parties are trying to introduce amendments that will modify the brexit bill the Liberal Democrats say there should be a second referendum at the end of divorce negotiations with the EU so that the British people have one last chance to examine the terms on offer before finally walking away the Prime Minister will return at some point with a deal with Europe that our people will have to live with for decades to come especially our young people seventy-three percent of whom voted to remain nobody knows what that deal will look like but someone someone will get to agree it should it be her government should it be this Parliament or should it be as I believe the British people but as the votes were counted it was clear that the numbers were on the government side these eyes to the right 498 the nose to the left 114 so the eyes of it the eyes there will be more debates and votes in the House of Commons next week and the government is about to introduce a white paper which will give more details of what it actually wants from brexit but after this initial vote Theresa May will be feeling very confident that she'll be able to invoke Article 50 sometime in the month of March Barnaby Phillips al Jazeera Westminster

12 thoughts on “British MPs pass first stage of Brexit bill

  1. I think I will muster a smile at the end of March when Article 50 is triggered. Then lets get on with a hard Brett and a quickly as possible. I am not a Tory by tradition, but I don't underestimate Theresa May, I think she knows the people of this country are watching very carefully and I think she has an acute amount of intelligence that will be for the benefit of the UK. We are in the driving seat, thats obvious because the UK has shown the flexibility, the resolute nature and toughness where the EU doesn't .

  2. the British must take pride in their politicians, remarkable respect towards the people, remarkable sense of responsibility and commitment and remarkable integrity

    they could technically ruin the entire project and they did not

    you may not like them, but it's because you didn't experience far worse

  3. tim farron ,, does the liberal party know what democracy is you boring little prat ,, you lost what dont you get ,,areyou going to have empty pockets when we leave the gravy train you rely on ,,, as for young people ,, shall we bring up how the liberals back stabbed university students you bufoon

  4. A large group are pushing to leave, fair enough. what's the clear plan when the country leaves?
    I assume to not wing it or freestyle it whilst people's lives are under the knife where slight interest rate hike can leave people homeless or cannot afford food. people who do not have a clear plan or direction tend to fail a high majority of the time.

    So far nobody has given a clear strategy, plan or expectations of what's going to happen afterwards all I hear is leave.
    Not a healthy sign of leadership.

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