Get the full flight experience onboard British Airways’ stunning A380; The world’s largest passenger aircraft!


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Video contents:
Entertainment system (IFE, PTV)
Meal service (Lunch, Dinner, Snack)

Camera: Panasonic HDC-TM60
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Airline: British Airways, BA
Aircraft: Airbus A380-841
Aircraft First Flight: April 24, 2014
Flight Number: BA269
Date: June 7th 2015
Delay: None
Flight duration: 10h 30 mins
Route: London Heathrow (LHR, EGLL) to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX, KLAX)
Seat: Row 31, Seat 31K

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ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard this dental review of British Airways a380 800 flight BA 269 from Heathrow to Los Angeles International Airport it turns out one of today's biggest pop stars was onboard this flight in first-class and I actually bumped into her at baggage claim after the flight so if you want to find out who it was make sure to stick around till the end Waterway has read our being ready to LA I was originally booked on a a surly er triple7 flight which I missed due to a late inbound connecting flight that left me rebook on the a380 which I definitely cannot complain about the rebooking agents were super helpful they gave us the best seats I could have asked for so I got the opportunity to make this little review the flight time out to LA is usually ten and a half hours as you can see there's a very long walkway before you get to the actual aircraft I assume it was just our gate this time and then not all eight rated gates are like this at Heathrow but it was definitely a rather fun walk at least when you're excited to go on vacation and full of energy it's also very fun when you come out to the jetway area and you're greeted with all these options for which rows you're seated in and thereby wear them into board which is a great little touch um specifically to the a380 okay so as you just heard and I just remembered this when I saw the video the flight attendant I think she was the purser was obsessed with how I looked like my guy from something called mcbusted I've never seen it but it was pretty hilarious she told me several times and it was definitely a nice personal touch for me that the flight attendant really engaged in that sort of random conversation with an economy class passenger as we boarded I had my usual fascination with the high ceiling and just the beauty and airiness of the e 380 cabin and it's definitely very different from other long-haul flights I've been on with British Airways such as their 747 which in fairness I know they are refitting now but no long-haul aircraft in my opinion can compete with the a380 when it comes to spaciousness and quietness as we departed everything went smoothly everything was on time and it's just a joy to sit back and what's the wing on the a380 so here is a little look at the seat with a great adjustable headrest a really nice back support a little pillow is typical for economy headphones and a toothbrush and toothpaste which is very rare in economy nowadays I'd say and that was definitely a nice touch from ba as well as the usual blanket which was also pretty thick and comfortable as far as legroom once there was quite a good amount although I was obstructed by the entertainment box which was a shame but is all too common and economy class window seats these days the entertainment system I did not record I don't know why but it was great there was very good interactivity good a good shows good movies this will definitely keep you entertained for whatever duration your flight is once again you can see how high the ceiling is I was stretching up my arm and I can basically stand up at the seat and I'm 6 foot 2 or 187 centimeters so that's a huge thing and again the distance between the seats and the windows is so large it just gives you the sense of space the meal service started shortly after takeoff and we had a couple of meal choices I don't remember what they were unfortunately and I didn't write it down but as you'll see I had the ravi olie with sun-dried tomato sauce and cheese which was served with a side of potato salad a bread roll and a delicious peach custard sort of dessert had this funny note was at my food I'm not like sure what it is or what it means I think it's for the crew only but it sort of worried me I was talking about food gone bad and stuff so not sure what that is if you know please leave it in the comments so overall although pretty small the meal was absolutely delicious for economy class everything was pretty fresh except these packaged items obviously but they still tasted very good I was satisfied it was a great mixture of sweet and savory and definitely one of the better meals I've had in the economy so after the meal as often on transatlantic flights it was time for a nap especially on a flight this long so they dimmed the cabin I reclined my seat and I slept pretty comfortably actually when my seat was assigned and I saw that I was in the last seat of this cabin section I was like bye they a seat without recline for ten and a half hours does not sound good but it turns out these last seats were the best in the entire cabin it's not only do they recline just as much as any other economy seat in the cabin but they also don't disturb anyone behind you when you recline so you could keep the seat recline during the entire flight so after some rest and movies they served afternoon tea about an hour and a half before landing in this I have a safe adorable setting where they included a great sandwich ass gone that was better than most of the scones I've had outside an airplane which is strange to say but it was definitely very satisfactory and fresh tasting although a little small again just like the lunch the food was extraordinary by economy standards just to go a little further into the entertainment system right underneath the screen there was a USB port where you could charge your iPhone or whatever other phone you have and that's always nice in a flight and apparently there were power ports on this aircraft although I didn't use them it's good to know and it's always a good feature to have and the screen was good resolution nice size and again had great features okay guys so that was just a little teasing if you want to see more of that beautiful approach you're gonna have to watch the landing video from this light which is linked straight in the description below just to conclude what I thought about this flight overall I was extremely impressed it was one of the most comfortable memorable and relaxing flights I've had and although this wasn't in my new review format or I had that much footage I just had to share it with you because I would definitely recommend British Airways his a380 via for the amazing service and the kind flight attendants to the hard products which is super comfortable with good recline or the great food which kept me satisfied and was great tasting as soon as I got on this slide I knew I was lucky to be rebug from the triple 7 300 the seats I was given on this flight were even better than the seats I had pre-selected on the American Airlines flight and one little thing to note is that British Airways does charge for seat assignments which is a shame but then again I got these seats for free thanks to the delays it's not often but sometimes delays can be awesome so when it all comes together this just shows why British Airways is such a well-respected airline and why the 8th rate is such a well-respected aircraft especially among people like me and you've heard me praise it so many times so again if you ever have the chance to fly the a380 with any airline as well if you're going anywhere it will be worth a little extra money because seriously the comfort level is higher you will feel almost like you're in Premium Economy although your economy just with the extra space you have around you so I hope you guys enjoyed this little review make sure to go into the description follow the links to my social media there and make sure to subscribe or follow me there um so you can get the newest updates and my newest videos and flight information as well as hit the like button on this video leave a comment with what you thought and until next time my friends fly safe who is the secret celebrity on my flight none other than British pop sensation Ellie Goulding

35 thoughts on “British Airways A380 Economy Class Review | London to Los Angeles Flight Experience!

  1. Thanks for this, great video. We're planning a trip to the States next year and this is good evidence for me to present to the Mrs that going to Heathrow and getting a BA a380 is worth the extra expense!

  2. I flew from London to Phoenix on a BA 747-400 and it was comfortable and service was great. The plane is huge and has a lot of landing gear and long travel suspension, so it landed pillow soft. I wonder how smoothly an A380 lands. Probably even smoother. Nice review by the way!

  3. For the card thing. as I'm a British Airways flyer and I fly with them. The card is about food poisoning, as we all know 'airline food is bad and what the deal with it'. The crew has to look at the food, mainly Economy. The food from LHR is put into a NON COLD TRUCK. The British Air is mixed with all the other air, so that's why.

  4. Great and informative video, I am flying from LAX to London Heathrow on BA A380 in October in economy as well and I was wondering how comfortable it would be for such a long flight.

  5. Hello, well it must be good for you to travel to so many places. we are planning to go to Seychelles , hopefully by November, as my ex-wife comes from Seychelles. B.A. do not go to Seychelles; so I hope to go via Etihad airways on A380 to Abu Dhabi then change to an A320 for the final part of the trip. Anyway if you have never been to Seychelles I can give you details of two very important passengers; which were Prince William and his wife for their honeymoon and they went to a private island of Seychelles. islands in the Indian Ocean , where the average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius throughout the year

  6. What a pleasant surprise after years of hearing about BA's quality going downhill to hear exactly the reverse. Their cabin crew always used to be one of their greatest strengths (I particularly remember an entertaining BA male fight attendant on a flight from GLA to LHR), and can genuinely make that difference. Other airlines can hit that spot too, full points to both Easyjet (would you believe) and the thoughfulness of 2 Emirates FAs. Poor ratings for Air France (bossy and rude) and Air India (sullen and uncaring). Luftie was the epitome of Germanic efficiency with a smile ! Swissair for style and helpfulness. The other thing is the A380 itself. So many are writing it off, yet no other airliner is as spacious or quiet !

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