Andrea Leadsom has quit her role as leader of the House of Commons over Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

The Conservative MP for South Northamptonshire has said that she no longer believes that the government’s approach “will deliver on the referendum result”.

Theresa May’s key Brexit legislation has been pulled from the Commons schedule, prompting speculation the Prime Minister is on the verge of quitting.

Former Conservative Party Leader Iain Duncan Smith joined Julia Hartley-Brewer to discuss the resignation of Andrea Leadsom and the impacts it has on Theresa May and the Prime Minister’s leadership.

in Doug Smith public search parties former cabinet minister of course Tory MP and you skeptic good morning to you thank you for joining us here in the radio studio very lovely new students now can I just say you you've been in the situation of being a Conservative Party leader who are other party members were wanted to go what would be your advice this morning – Teresa maybe she's listening actually were ahead in the polls when I did very well my advice really is that it is I'm afraid she what it is time to go because the Prime Minister herself has said that she would she would go it was just a matter of when not if there was a link to the bill but the bill is really dead and I thought the speech a couple of days ago was as close to a disaster as I can possibly imagine this is when she speaks at four o'clock in York yes it outlined the the new bold bill or whatever it was meant to be but it had in it areas which absolutely certain to make more conservative MPs voted against it as we saw as a string you had for the agreement beforehand said no this is there does seem to be not just a breakdown of her own authority but a breakdown of collective cabinet responsibility she's housed it was a key and again we're hearing situations where she's holding a cabinet meeting she's saying what she wants to do numerous cabinet ministers not just from one side but leave side and remain side say no we're not happy with that she's told me she was told parent even by her Chief Whip do you know Smith's on Tuesday that she didn't have the votes for this withdrawal agreement bill and yet she goes ahead it does appear that she doesn't listen to the party she doesn't listen to register she doesn't listen to her own cabinet is this the breakdown of cabinet government in this country well I think it all comes back down I'm afraid to leader the reality is it was nobody I don't think in the cabinet Chief Whip anybody I mean I did the numbers I could not figure out why she was so determined to make the speech why she would then come make the statement in the house and why she was planning to publish the bill I mean there was nothing but a downward track on this one and labour had said they wouldn't vote for it so that was the end of it really and when she made the speech made it even worse so I think I don't really quite understand it but I think the Prime Minister herself has so fixed herself to the idea that she would deliver this bill that has almost become an obsession and I think the reality now is somebody needs to calmly sit down and say look it's over for this withdrawal agreement it was over on the 29th of March when we didn't leave which was a disaster by all accounts senior Cabinet ministers including the Home Secretary in the Foreign Secretary were were actually attempting to do that and there was string with them were walking in but were not allowed to meet with the prime minister who would she trust who would she listen to you were a cabinet colleague of hers for many years I have talked quite a lot I've said I haven't talked to her pretty much since the 29th of March because my view was the agreement was dead and that we had to simply now work on the principle that we were leaving without a deal we had to make an absolute commitment to leave Deal or No Deal now by the 31st of October no further discussion about that we now know that Parliament itself cannot block us leaving without a withdrawal agreement that's been made clear by the judiciary so the reality here is that that somebody closed and the only person closest to her is clearly her husband that I think somebody yes somebody has to say look nobody likes this this is horrific what's going on at the moment there's nothing worse than the scenes of a beleaguered Prime Minister being beset by people whose own ambitions themselves are really part of what their motivation is politics is a nasty sometimes brutal ghastly business but the reality is that she has no confidence any longer not just in her party but in the cabinet as well so I'm sorry to say but I think the best thing for her and the best thing for everybody else is to break away and say it's time to find a new leader somebody who campaigned for brexit who is committed to brexit in any form that means no deals necessary and can now lead the party to back together again to actually deliver that otherwise we're going to get such a trouncing this this letter of resignation last night said I no longer believe that our approach will deliver on the referendum result why would anyone in the cabinet think that the Prime Minister's approach the government's approach in the last year would deliver on the result well it was always a a compromise but it was the wrong compromise I've been out seeing mr. Bernier I've had two sets of discussions with them I've discovered that even though many of us said there was loads that we could have changed about this bill we thought that was being proposed to the European Union it never was was never put on the table the negotiators you know the only Robins civil servant and others did simply not put any of these alternatives down this seems to have been divided defined very much by the government back in 2017 after the election that's where the disaster lies it lies back in December of 2017 when they agreed or draw agreement that had us paying over money it had us giving away our biggest card in negotiation and being locked in this ghastly backstop in Northern Ireland and this has been the trail of disaster ever since that moment but what really went wrong because we almost took me as if we're talking about her political obituary right now because we are no we are in the end days from that you can say the end hours of her Premiership but this is a woman who I know what would have expected her to be Prime Minister after David Cameron certainly as they remain and yet sunny she suddenly became the frontrunner she had a lot of very prominent Euroskeptics are backing her campaign she she promised in her very first speech when she announced a leadership bid which took most senior female finally she'd been Home Secretary for six years she'd been the great survivor hunter she but she said she would deliver brexit she respected the outcome of the referendum result of 2016 she would deliver brexit she went in on a pledge in 2017 Journal elections she would do that is it is it just that she because she lost the election is it because she was outplayed outmaneuvered by a european union negotiators I mean okay we'd all have loved to have Michel Barnea on our own side would we not always said that she wasn't a true believer and she was quite happy to be persuaded that he was all a bit of a bad idea really and therefore that's why she was many people think effectively stay taken hostage by the likes of Olly Robin civil zones and indeed our who wanted effectively to what stop breaks it from ever happening I think there's a series of mistakes the first is I don't think that the Prime Minister has ever really thought that the issue of Europe was ever a really important issue I know that from endless conversations prior to the never something she thought we banged on about and didn't really get it and when the grayton C came and the Prime Minister stood for leadership at that time her chief of staff was a strong brexit here Nick Timothy and her team around her were themselves brexit ears had campaigned to leave or quietly campaign but certainly had campaigned to leave the problem was this mistake of the decision to fight the 2017 election I think that basically caused her real problems a because it was a mistake and I had genuinely said this before do not do it because the public doesn't want another election and what they want to know is we just deliver on the bread referendum then you can fight your election after that but not before because they want to see a clear break but they fought it and the result was a shell shock for her I think she was genuinely smashed by the result the exit poll came out and everyone was absolutely stunned yeah I know and I think I think the real issue here was from that moment onwards those who really believed in brexit departed the scene and her new team in Downing Street was never a brexit devotee well in the sense that her chief of staff himself had tweeted out the day after the referendum that he was proud of London because it had voted against racism and extremism and I have to say that that kind of mentality is what then shifted and I think we have been on a downward curve on the referendum ever since do you feel sorry for the Prime Minister I feel yes I do I feel sorry in the sense that I would not want anybody to go through this emotional roller coaster and the hurt that must be going on but it's a privilege to be elected to Parliament it's a privilege to be in government you don't have careers I keep telling people in politics this is no such thing as a political career it's a vocation it's privileged to serve the British people at the end of the day you have to make a decision about what is best for them not best for you and I think in this case we have to deliver brexit you can see that straight away and if we are the party of brexit then we have to get on and do it and we have to have somebody who genuinely fundamentally believes in brexit and that has been the big mistake and by the way had this had the original election in which Michael Gove decided to Knight Boris Johnson and the whole thing collapse from the leaders of the brexit group had that not been the case I think we'd be out by now and that has been the tragedy from the word go that personal ambition was placed ahead of delivering for the British people that must never happen again we as a party must now get a brexit voting a leading brexit ear has to lead the party and the country out at the very very latest 31st of October Deal or No Deal and who do you think's the person to do that well I have pledged myself to believe that we have to get the Prime Minister out before we can then start playing games with who's going to do it there are people can do their own numbers I don't know who's going to stand we obviously know the Dominic Roberts standing there was no the Boris Johnson standing both of those were very strong campaigners baby rated strong campaigner but she wasn't in Parliament at the time but she was a strong campaigner and we'll see who else comes I see and realism is resigned so maybe she's thinking of standing the problem is when we get into this it gets a bit to be a kind of horse race and I'm my principal view right now and I think the public view is before we get into who should lead let's make sure now that this depart for the prime minister is managed in it in the civil way do you think should be out by the weekend this is an impossible answer I do know that Sunday's results and we're not allowed to talk about them will have an effect and and in terms of actually staying in but in number 10 while another layer is found obviously this this could be a very long drawn-out process of leadership or it can be very much compressed and I think there's going to be a strong call for it to be compressed as a shorter time as possible because of the urgency however it would she stay in number 10 or would there be say a deputy to act like David Livington taking over that's very much a matter for her my view is that she needs time and so while the election campaign takes place I see no reason why she doesn't do the normal onesie twosie things of government getting stuff done they're American president when even this deal has to go and that's the important point there must be no publication tomorrow if there is should the rest of the cabinet resign well I think they have to make that decision but my advice to them is if this bill is published tomorrow I'm afraid you have to walk because you cannot put up with the idea that the that the bill itself would be published against the backdrop of absolute refusal to vote for it by both her party and by the Labor Party and I think you're not doing the prime-minister of kindness if you assist her in this charade any longer we have to say it is sadly genuinely sadly time to go but that can now be management by the way the leadership election could be complete if it was started now before we rose for the summer break giving a new leader and a new cabinet a chance to get their ducks in a row as it were to sort themselves out and get over to Europe and say right this is it this is dead this is what you have to do or we're off on the 31st without withdrawal

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  1. This is the British establishment and their unionist bedfellows gobshite, war monger and a divisive figure. How can he talk about leaving without a deal that protects jobs, livelihoods, living standards and peace on the Island Of Ireland. It's all about protecting the Tory party. The backstop is an insurance policy and is absolutely required as a protection mechanism. There will be no trading agreement between the Brits/USA because if the GFA is not protected and upheld IRISH AMERICA will block it in the corridors of power. In my opinion if they continue with the rhetoric of division then Scotland will vote for independence and a border pole in IRELAND will deliver the removal of the Butchers Apron from the Emerald isle forever. So i beg you to keep mouthing off and providing us with all those silly school boy sound bites please.A border pole in IRELAND will be inevitable. The people North and South will vote and just like the Result of GFA. A majority for peace on my island will be realised. You have to realise there will be a majority of people who dislike the British establishment because of the brutality handed out to the innocent Irish civilians. The silent majority. The ones who came out in their thousands to vote for peace and the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. IDS was as brit who served the queen in the North of Ireland during the troubles. He is in bed with the DUP. The DUP did not sign up to the GFA. The people of the North voted to stay in the European Union The European Union played a significant role in developing peace. Irish America also played a crucial role in developing peace. Getting the picture because I hope so.

  2. Get a job and stop living off your wealthy wife you PRICK . I.D.S. You drive people to kill themselves to enhance yourself and NEVER say sorry. YOU COMPLETE EVIL BASTARD ! and I know you sleep well you Monster.

  3. No prime minister will now achieve brexit,. You are all liars. The Labour party are in opposition because they are in opposition. We voted to leave. We did not vote for any deal.
    You are wrecking Britain and Democracy for your own ends. You are only concerned with getting a 'trouncing' and not with the peoples' vote to leave.
    What is the point of ever voting again?

  4. Getting rid of May will not solve the Conservative's problems. Even the slightest waver and delay on Brexit will destroy them. We're sick of talk and political sophistry. If we don't get results then Lab and Con are toast. Assuming they're not already which is quite an effort to imagine at this time.

  5. 1. May never believed in Brexit.
    2. May lost party majority at 2017 general election.
    3. May's "strong and stable" turned to "weak and wobbly".
    4. May surrounded herself with pro-EU remainers.
    5. May begged the EU to take pity.
    6. May ended up with a crappy deal (treaty).
    The deal is dead. May is dead. 3 years wasted. Now we have to start again…

  6. The Brexit these guys fantasize about will never be delivered. A Brexitino maybe but never the so-called "clean break" as long as the UK has some semblance of a functioning Parliament.

  7. Iain Duncan Smith may well be sincere but unfortunately for him, no one is listening to these Westminster politicians any more. No matter how much they say they support Brexit, they are all associated with and tainted by the incompetence, duplicity and deceit against the democratic will of the people by their leaders May and Corbyn. The only Party that is resonating with the majority who voted Brexit is the Brexit Party because they are utterly committed to delivering it. The next General Election is going to be a bloodbath for both Labour and Conservatives, and it can't come too soon.

  8. To night is party night unless your the labour party , Corbyn the party pooper has done it again and turned the clock back 35 years . The only party worth going to is the Brexit party the fun there will go on forever.

  9. IDS the most disconnected arsehole in Westminster!! god help us a career politician if you ever saw one, go and harm some more sick people Ian you know you love it!!!

  10. Leaver or Remainer, the next prime minister will be decided in the same undemocratic process that the EU chose their presidents. Not 1 Tory has the authority, commitment or autonomy to leave with no deal (whatever their public rhetoric), so this will ultimately be heading for a general election or 2nd referendum. Kicking out Teresa May is just a side show.

  11. So happy to see the back of Mayhem. I'll be just as happy to see the back of Rudd, Stewart, Hunt, Grieve, Hammond, Robbins, Gove (slimy toad!) and all other anti democratic remainers. Basically, unless the Tories deliver the only TRUE Brexit (no deal, WTO exit) then they will cease to exist. The first job of the new PM is to tell ALL remainers that they shut up and work towards Brexit, or they'll be SACKED!!

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