How a mythical EU dragon was conjured up and the striking truth behind it all.

A trick of forced perspective put fear in the way of facts.

Voiced by Stephen Fry.

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Immigrants contributed £20bn to the UK between 2000-2011, paying 64% more in taxes than they received in benefits.
Study by UCL Professor Christian Dustmann and Dr Tommaso Frattini, published by the Royal Economic Society in The Economic Journal.

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can you see what's wrong with this scene the trick is called forced perspective it was used to shrink the hobbits in The Lord of the Rings deceptive framing has also created false assumptions about the EU some very dark and some comical this is the story of how a mythical EU dragon was conjured up and the striking truth behind it headlines like these have been a reliable way for British newspapers to win attention in 2015 the UN Human Rights chief urged the UK to tackle tabloid hate speech after migrants were called cockroaches the article in the Sun began show me pictures of coffins show me bodies floating in water play violins and show me skinny people looking sad I still don't care you referred to a plague of feral humans I mean are they all feral is it actually a plague it's because you look at them and think you are nothing like me you don't understand how our culture works in these individuals from some of these cultures they come from aa feral humans the UN described a nasty underbelly of racism and noted that Nazi media also referred to people as cockroaches rats brexit ears sailed in on fears built up over decades this campaign poster captures the deception the migrants armed heading to Britain and have no way to reach it the lone white face has been covered by the campaign slogan when challenged Nigel Farage felt no pressure to apologize your poster has been taken by many people as deeply offensive upsetting racist anti-muslim would you like to apologise to them tonight well you know is either very similar poster to that two months before with very little debate the problem with the poster wasn't the image after all it appeared on all of our front page newspapers a leaflet played on the same fears with more subtle deception it claims these countries are set to join the EU in reality they have applied but Turkey applied over 30 years ago and couldn't be further from joining Syria and Iraq have not applied they are shown for the fear factor a second leaflet is less subtle Turkey and Iraq are almost the same color the error part of the visual language of invasion includes all the colors of the region let's move the camera for a clearer view this is what the NHS spends by age group add education and pensions and we have half of all government spending these are the demographics of immigrants they are exactly what Britain needs to support its aging population there is overwhelming consensus among economists that immigration is good for Britain's economy studies show they boost public finances because they pay more in indirect taxes and make much less use of benefits and public services in fact immigrants pay for more places than they use European migrants made a positive net contribution of 20 billion pounds to UK public finances between 2000 and 2011 that's enough to pay for an extra 18 million GP visits per year immigrants also reduce waiting lists by easing the NHS is recruitment crisis this year the NHS has 3,000 fewer EE ei nurses and 4,000 doctors are considering leaving the UK here's the second graph it shows that mostly voters live in areas with very few immigrants 9 of the 10 districts with the highest leave vote had low immigration lambeth in London which recorded the highest remain vote of 78% saw a net annual influx of 4598 immigrants while castle point in Essex saw only 81 new immigrants at 72% of people they're voted leave at rest this might seem surprising but it's a well-established trend that when we meet immigrants we lose our fear of them the illusion is broken the UK media is the least trusted in Europe by some margin perhaps even more readers need to recognize the deception before things improved the leave campaign also drove fear of losing Democratic control since 1999 the UK has voted in favor of EU laws 95% of the time and against only 2% in search of an example of losing control to the EU Boris suggested that the EU banned object bananas a myth debunked over 20 years ago other comical myths hardly need debunking in his resignation that a Boris pointed to a more serious example he said if a country cannot pass a law to save the lives of female cyclists when that proposal is supported at every level of UK government then I don't see how that country can truly be called independent the laws he refers to we're in fact put forward by the EU and passed despite some resistance among the UK government other EU achievements include taking sewage of bathing beaches cheaper phone calls fighting tax evasion by global companies banning spam emails and major breakthroughs in science and medicine through collaborative projects but Boris the EU was like an alien force and let's make sure that June 24 the framing of Boris and his colleague Jacob Riis MOG as fighting the establishment was also very forced Jacob's father was the editor of The Times in his own words he was effectively born into the establishment he is for foxhunting against abortion under any circumstances and personally delivered a Daily Express petition against foreign aid but the message resonated with people who had suffered years of income stagnation while the rich had grown richer the leave campaign blamed this on immigration but studies show immigration does not deflate wages and the real causes are well-established the 2008 financial crisis and government policies criticised by the UN as failing to promote social mobility people without degrees perhaps feeling trapped at the wrong end of income inequality were far more likely to vote to leave central London is the EU richest region and yet 30 percent of UK children live in poverty a hundred thousand more poor fallen below the poverty line in 12 months Boris encou seemed unlikely candidates to deviate from this path projecting a fight against the establishment allowed the leave campaign to brush research data and expert advice under the carpet what economics body is there that they should believe all the ones all the ones that are part of the sort of institutional infrastructure of big government be suspicious of I think the people in this country have had enough of experts with organisation acronym saying in a poll of top economists eighty percent agreed that people in the UK would be poorer as a result of brexit only two percent disagreed here's why there's such a consensus putting up trade barriers is bad for your economy the withdrawal from the EU is a form of putting up trade barriers will stop you are ruining your competitiveness specifically with your largest trading partner it is a fact of life it's one of the few things in economics we can talk about as a fact of life the gravity applies the UK trades more with Ireland than with China yet Jacob Riis mark says a No Deal brexit would boost the economy by 1.1 trillion pounds Trump has of course employed a similar trick branding the whole mainstream media as fake and projecting his own alternative facts perhaps the leave campaigns greatest trick after dishonestly sewing and stoking so much groundless fear themselves was to steal from that cheap Trump playbook and accuser a maintenance of being guilty of their crimes just as Trump the master creator of false facts shouts fake news and whatever goes against his agenda so the brexit ears the arch instigators of electoral fear themselves routinely labeled all the warnings from experts project fear expert warnings which have come starkly true throughout these shambles of a negotiation period project Fiat project via project fair the truth is beginning to outshine the mythical dragon of the Indian polls show that most people would now rather remain in Europe and there is increasing support for a vote on the final deal something Jacob Riis mom once supported and you could have two referendums and as it happens it may be more sensitive the second referendum after the renegotiation is completed with the will of the people change when they have cleared but they deal before them would he respect that look the people if instead he has time the UK wants to rejoin that would be a matter for the electorate then but this result must be respected and it must be implemented perhaps in a final vote facts would start to overcome fears wouldn't that be a win for informed democracy [Applause]

50 thoughts on “Brexit: Facts vs Fear, with Stephen Fry.

  1. The uncontrolled "rescue" of "refugees" from Africa and the Middle East is not the way to organise "immigration". The "illusion" is not only an illusion.

    This having said, Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson are two big fat (as in: bank) liars and hypocrites, and I hope they will burn after 1 November 2019.

  2. The wealth of England rests on piracy and colonialism. The english evaded and stole the wealth of the whole world, during 5 centuries, and now they're afraid to see some foreign faces in their country thinking that they come to stoll their beafteck.

  3. Left wing rich liberals like this twat fry, what their saying is, Im doing great out of this, but you plebs can have your wages cut, no housing, you carnt afford private health care so you can wait for weeks to see a doctor, etc etc, if fry likes the eu so much why doesnt this prick & his mates fuck off over there…… BTW, migraints come here for the benifits…why else would they risk their lives crossing the channel?, lieing scumbag!

  4. At 1 min 43 secs, Stephen Fryis completely mistaken by saying "the lone white face has been covered…" – I have seen the original photo and this is not true.  Sure some folk use extreme language but this happens on both sides eg fascists,, racists, extreme right wing etc etc

  5. There are too many mindless people in the U.K. Most don't care what happens to the country. When reality hits home it may be too late, they will then know what poverty really is. Enjoy the future dear people.

  6. Want immigrants there are plenty of Europeans who want to work in Britain they are hard working people and Christian's. Stop importing muslims they will only fragment the country and create only problems in the long run.

  7. Britain need to control what kind of immigrants want to enter the country not just let in everyone who just wants.high educated people not hordes of savages who create only chaos.

  8. Yes migrant doctors would relieve the pressure on the NHS but if there wasn't so much immigration then the pressure wouldn't be there. It's all relevant. Lefties making excuses and blaming right wing politics.

  9. So the mindset of immigrants is something like….. "I can't wait to get working in the UK so I can contribute to old people's pensions"……. are we that stupid, jog on you muppet!

  10. Ha ha ha this is such a joke – old Fry has never been to Slough – he has NO idea what is going on in the UK – Rotherham, Rochdale, Huddersfield, Oxford, Telford, Bristol, Halifax, Derby ,aylesbury …….. etc , etc…. on and on crime and suffering on the grand scale ! We want freedom to address this horror, we want OUT of the eu !

  11. So in the USA 1% of population holds 99% of the wealth and they blame imigration is the reason why 99% of Americans live paycheck to pay check. Who really stole your jobs and money?

  12. The point made about places most against immigration have the least amount of immigrants is also the case here in the states.

    The people living furthest from the U.S. southern border b*tch the most about immigration.

    Go figure.
    Wait, we have figured!
    Blind racists misled by boogie man story tellers.

    Trump being the most recent, loudest, and the most sociopathicly unapologetic.

  13. Murdoch gets a bad press for one simple reason : he was far better at selling newspapers than any of the British . Typical British jealousy and snobbery over Australians. The BBC can't stand Murdoch for obvious reasons: he might be giving a different world view than the BBC. Ozskipper(below) should be demoted to Ozsinker.

  14. A study shows that a non-migrants has an average benefit from the nation about euro 20.000 at life time .
    Average migrants benefits euro 200,000.
    The international laws overrules the national ruling. There is no democratic control possible.
    Parlements and goverments are expected to imply the international politics of the UN and the EU.
    This message roots in the marxistic politics of the United Nations.
    Durban pact 2001 says that migration is always positive also for the countries receieving them .
    All other opinions must be oppressed.
    Goal of the UN fight against racism, inequality and nationalism for a new world .
    A Brave new world; all are equal some are more equal.

  15. 3:33. Talking about the benefits of inmigration by talking about how EUROPEAN migrants contribute to UK. There are LEGAL migrants and there are ILLEGAL migrants, so I find deeply offensive that you try to make a point for illegal immigration by using the contributions that legal immigrants do. Legal immigrants are welcome, economic so-called "refugees" are not.

  16. no such thing as racism it is called smart thinking only what whites don't know is that the other folks are secretly racist and many know what I am talking about just work with them awhile they use racism to control YOU PC junk the minorities are good at it like feminism they like to HANG people at work with lies to control you keep you quiet and in YOUR PLACE power is what folks want over you what we need is civility courtesy and good work ethic and our own freedom to think and say what we want just like the good ole days when things were safe and nice and orderly and GODLY wake up

  17. Let Brexit be a lesson to us all, that facts will not play a major part in influencing the outcome of a public vote. (Come to think of it, why should we ever have expected the result to be based on facts?) Unlike politicians and experts, the electorate have the benefit of not having to justify their choices. However the tabloid press wield a lot of power and should be held to account when they lie and mislead.

  18. All the positive things he says are correct except Britain would have done the same anyway.
    Steve just does not get it that the EU is a Franco German alliance to rule Europe.

  19. Seriously this is an Jewish Homosexual actor living in a make believe world supporting Alt Right Islamic Supremacists    
    Open borders and uninvited mass transmigration was a Nazi invention.
    Nazis support open borders and mass migration.
    Just ask the Poles in 1939
    Unless you are calling the Poles Racists and Hitler and the Nazis the victims.

  20. What a load of globalist BS propaganda in this video! Countries and companies from across the globe will flocking to the shores of the UK wanting to do business. Respect the damn referendum and get the UK out of the wretched EU! As for the fear mongers: just get over it, and get a life.

  21. The unfortunate truth is facts will never overcome fear and if you think lies were told now. The extent of lies and betrayal and deceit will exceed our wildest beliefs now…..This is in 2019 soon to be 2020.Year Zero. The Zero Sum for the UK has begun

  22. Fuck off , Fry.
    If we don't get out NOW we will be traped in it forever.
    They want to take everyone's national identity away, along with our rights.
    They want to flood us with more cheap labour from the east EU, putting us Brits out of work.
    If you are middle class, don't get too comfortable – they will be taking your jobs next.

  23. Forced perspective is how the video shows migrant statistics. What nationalities do they speak for in this video? European legal immigrants or Muslim 3rd world illegal immigrants "refugees"? Because i don't think that Brexiteers campaign is against Polish plumbers or Slovakian factory workers or Greek doctors and in general people having common cultural and religious background.

  24. The terms "fals facts" and "alternative facts" must be abolished. All this must be named in the same way as we have done it in the past: LIES.
    Any other term would trivialize the lies and make the facts questionable.

  25. I don't want that EU flag, I don't want the EU anthem,I don't want this EU Military Union, I don't want this EU political class – I want the whole thing consigned to the dustbin of history

  26. I voted to remain but as I try to learn more I have been swayed more to leaving now. That said, I'm still seeking the real facts and sadly, as much as I have a lot of respect for Mr Fry, the use of silly caricatures in this video totally counters the "facts" that it is trying to be convey… consequently it ends up being somewhat unbelievable and instead supporting "Project Fear". What we really need is impartiality Mr Fry.

  27. Thank you Stephen Fry. How refreshing to have facts reminded to people. Johnson Mogg and Farrage have done such a horrible injustice with lies and their project fear about an outside enemy. They really have a lot to answer for. The damage done is immense. Spread the facts not the fear everyone this time. The UK media has done an injustice to its people. Revoke article 50. People’s vote

  28. People who want power tend to market themselves as saviours from an enemy. If there are no enemies they'll create one. If they didn't have the EU they'd go back to attacking brown people. Or Catholics. Or witches. They'll always find something to 'protect' you from.

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