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what is going on guys all right I had to come back on I just had to alright so here's the deal I did a video about events being suppressed by a YouTube and other platforms taken subscribe like how they're doing right now where you have to have a thousand subscribers to livestream and then it actually takes people freedom of speech during events away that you know whether natural or other you know like and I went in detail so I do recommend if you didn't go watch that but watch it suppression of events it's one of the videos I did a few days ago but anyways I'm here live but not live because you know I can't go live with the whole something but anyways right now apparently I just did the whole thing about them arrest and drilling and so on you sure enough it's hitting the media like fire it's hitting everywhere international all the main floor mainstream media is covering it this and that right well something else is going on right now that's kind of important and it'll be interesting to see what is said the they're doing a press conference regarding Julian Assange you know and this is at the courthouse where he's to go see the judge here in London you know and they like I said he was arrested inside the embassy and his story is quite unique I'll show you here in a minute but there's the people in London what you gotta realize the people and brexit in London the yellow jack all that they already kind of went through what we're kind of seeing happening with legislation bills and stuff I mean it is so bad right now in Europe with the yellow coats and the brexit thing you know that the it's their vote being taken away that is what they're having issues about that's what all of their talk you know everything like that their vote doesn't even mean anything it's not skies what is going on so we get a lot of people from those people from like Sweden people from me England the UK you know they actually say oh it kind of looks like you going through what we're going through you know in so many ways you know and it's true because New World Order think of it they all have to set the pieces they all have to make their moves both politically militarily and and geopolitically and just like everything you know they have to set it up for what the process is going to be for how they there's country their people ever you think deals with if they knew something was gonna happen such as the New World Order status or a big event such as you know oh you know the big one the big war you know I'm sad about everything but the fact is is all these optics are happening all these optics are happening and it's just getting is just getting crazy you guys so normally it would be nice if I was live with you guys to where I could chat talk say hi that people like scrolling down you know do your thing but because YouTube is that they don't want people live streaming unless they give the okay this is what I got so as soon as the speech is over I will hopefully upload it just know we watched it live together if you watch it with me okay even though it's not like think of it it like as a WWE or like the Janet Jackson thing over at the Super Bowl all live TV has a delay now there is no such thing as live TV now like on network platforms but maybe that's how they're gonna start regulating the whole Twitter YouTube and the Internet live streamers they might try and do the same thing they did with Network platforms because like I said think about it when they had the accident with heart with the WWE you know he actually ended up falling from the roof rafters and dying on live TV or you had the incident where Timberlake pulled Janet Jackson's shirt the whole breathe you know and that was on live national TV in front of millions you know there's a bunch of things that have happened on live TV that you know they can't show work they lose millions of dollars and this and that and you know it's contracts you know and just certain things as what kind of and so like they all came up with the idea of no live TV it all will have like a three to five second delay and so nowadays at least on the mainstream meaning in our in real world like on live events and stuff like that there's no more live it all has a delay in it so just think of it as this because we'll watch it live together I'm watching it right now I'll throw it so you guys can watch it and yeah even though it's not live as soon as that's done I'll post it on YouTube and it helped me get to that to where I maybe I can live stream but then again they may take it off like in a heartbeat you know how they do things they likes doing it and it's crazy so again my Twitter is Matthew three seven eight seven I've got great news and stuff going on that too and it's a way to reach me you could be in me if you ever need or whatever have questions but anyways you guys it's important to watch other countries like Europe and brexit it's important especially if we do think the New World Order or something like that's going down or even if we don't think that's going down like say we know martial law is coming or something's happening to where elites are making moves and so is our government and things like that it's always good to know what's going on around the world and we're drilling in their songs man not hit everywhere everyone knows that all story well and if you don't I recommend you go into it but the fact is is it these are people in London who are yelling and screaming free Julian Assange because one he was just telling news and showing how governments were doing dirty to the people and then two they're yelling don't extradite them or whatever don't transfer them then they're just you know the passionate people and there's many people on that side I mean like I said it's such a crazy story you guys so I'll go live here I mean seriously they've had these people sitting here on the cement waiting to do an interview so maybe it's good I'm not well if I was live I'd be able to talk to you guys and all that but I was thinking of going live earlier in fact I did a bundle I did and I just stopped it because it was like twenty thirty minutes into the video and I'm like no one's gonna watch it up to this specially if it's not live like oh my god I'm throwing up there and we're gonna hope that they come on soon I'm still it's still technically live but I know when I post it you know you guys will be watching and like cuz like I said I was already I already had to go in and then 20 minutes into it I was like they and even out there yet I just made the decision to restart it so anyways guys as much thank you so much for checking the videos thank you so much for your lovely comments – even the bad ones you know hey opinions are opinions then my deal is spit it out anyways let's see what they're doing here remember this is the courthouse where Assange appeared in front of the judge okay in London we got like all the mics and stuff ready like they did a shot where they had all the news you can see now but so many this is such a big news story guys all the mainstream media outlets are there you can see all the mics for them all Fox MSNBC NBC and then they're all out there Telemundo probably they'll sit there for a long time so I would assume that they should be coming on here soon and it seriously having sitting there forever look they got a big ol B with the fluffy microphone uh-oh what's she saying [Applause] seriously I mean these people have been sitting there for almost 45 minutes now it's ridiculous you know they're probably like sitting there in a corner we like huh should we make them wait another 10 minutes 20 minutes you know as the world is waiting on you know what off the world not everyone cares but you know what I'm saying they got all these people all this movie everyone out there waiting for this they're probably in some room chilling out you know doing their thing we not only take our time with cool you know when they could just do it like real quick if you don't you know who knows who knows it's just there's been like 45 minutes for a it's sad that these people yelling all this stuff like it's already a done deal guys the man I mean he went in front of the judge and that's what we're gonna find out we're gonna find out which they already knew because you got to realize before they went into the embassy before they arrested the man before they did anything they already knew what they were gonna do they already taught you know they can't just walk in the embassy and erect someone you know it was planned it was a it was approved it was talked about and the moves are made and that's what I'm saying is this is this something for the tribunals maybe it is you know a big story is is like how is it gonna go down with him you know like a lot of people look up to him as a hero and then a lot of people know he broke the law but again it's one of those stories you guys it's just is beyond I don't know see this would be a lot funner if I was live cuz if I was live I could talk to you guys are gonna have people coming up and being like what's up snafu snaps I'm glad what's up hold on one second guys see for his lies though it would have been an issue but it does kind of weird that I'm live watching this but I'm not live with you guys so we can't share it together live it's crazy it's the suppression of our speech is a suppression of us getting the word out to each other during events and this is small this is a damn press conference imagine if something serious happened I gave an example of my video events suppressed and the example I gave was a poor little weathermen dude out in the reservation or out in the country who all he wanted to do is livestream the roads and the canal roads you know make sure they didn't have flash flood warnings stuff he's a little funny a theory go you might like it maybe not maybe you'll be like an idiot to the video I don't know how much longer they're gonna make these people sit up there I sure as heck would have probably got up and left no not really but this crazy they've been out there for like a minute now but I guess it just feels different because I'm not really live with you guys versus but as soon as it's done I will post it up hashtag it free livestream and tell everyone this is what we can't live stream when we're trying to do events talk about stuff it's just a tool they use and there's only gonna get worse guys it's only gonna get worse and I mean that's why I try and share the I can with what we can of events that I feel me personally that would interest to people and also let you know that real stuff is happening within the world that we should start taking a look at and this one is a huge one because for one it's optics it definitely takes eyes away from what though many things there's a lot of stuff that say that you know elites all that stuff you know they don't want you see you know no mountain they knew that by doing this today well as we speak eyes would be turned to it media would be turned to algorithms would be turned to it it makes you just think why now why you know and there's a lot of theories of why but and and what's coming forward but just the interesting times we live in guys and which microphone is foxes which ones cnn's which ones NBC doing of them have like fake oh shit I said that word I just say the one of them have fake news on it like a sticker that says fake news wonder how many times when they're breaking down equipment after a press conference like this that they like mix up the mics and stuff oh hey do you does my mic knows my mic when I walked up path I thought he was gonna do something for a minute no I think he pulled a faker he totally faked me out I thought he's about to grab the mic and start spitting they all look at him who's this dude so again we're here in London were live but not live and I said think of it as like the Superbowl and WWE all life TV has a delay down but it's wrong cuz they're suppressing us and again go check out that video suppressing events but I'll tell you what we're still waiting on them these protesters are going strong but again they're they're chanting stuff that we know is just I don't know but you they're chatting don't don't transport them don't don't get it did you no but it's already done deal well I mean I'm pretty sure it is we're gonna find out what they say but they wouldn't have made the rest they wouldn't have had the paper signed especially in the embassy knowing that it would cause such the amount of news that it would cause they they have their ducks and signatures and all that crap lined up where it needs to be lined up and they knew what would this was they knew this event was gonna be something else media lies media frenzy and but it isn't gonna be interesting how it plays out where he ends up that [Applause] [Applause] I'm telling you things gonna start to redo another one man stop it just wait till it starts up and then start going like at least if I was live I'd have you guys to talk here but it's almost it's weird just sitting here without you guys talking to waiting and like I said these reporters I mean they all lined up and sat down almost 45 minutes ago and a lot of times when they have the reporters in a large mass like that sit down in that way you know they're they're about to come out and do this talk but no one's came out yet so oh you know what I wonder if they're gonna do questions they'll be interesting I wonder if they're gonna ask the reporters are gonna ask you any questions and then that's another thing to remember anytime we have press conferences on a large scale like this anytime we have statements and speeches by really big issues and stuff you gotta remember that sometimes you could call malls you could call them whatever you want to call but sometimes those questions are already pre thought-out pre-written and the person is not already known to be picked out but they're gonna act like oh they didn't know the person you know and that way got that person or whoever could get you know their message out through a different person or the question you know and we see this a lot with like politicians that go into speech or speeches or news conferences and you know especially if like a big thing is happening in the news or something they don't want to talk about it and then like they'll act like they pick someone questions questions you know know pick someone and then the reporter asks the most craziest non topical non logical question in the world pertaining to the time and day that they're in in that thing the question they should ask that person and it's almost like it was a planted question and a plan two thing but then that stuff exists you guys you know it really truly does because it's just a part of the the tools that they use to control objects and to control narrative and things like that so you know yeah some some news reporters some questions things like that are real and and real like you know off the bat wall so to speak like yeah this quote guy just stood up asked me something but also I'm telling you guys and then you two think I'm crazy think I'm not man but sometimes especially with more high-profile situations being there will be moles or people planted inside those rings of news anchors and news reporters that have a question that that person already knew was coming at him and that's the reason they even got picked in the first but in fact they were told before the press conference started that hey we're gonna call on you and here's what we want you to ask you know stuff like that and I'm tone you that stuff is real especially with what is going on and all the things that people are finding out to happen such as the pole shifts and then you know getting data to back that up then you get all this Miller report talk with it you know with the Bob Mueller saying you know you're gonna have to talk to them but you know the whole controversy around that and so just think that mainstream media when the cameras rolling when it's it's all optics you know and it's like they're gonna know that we're watching it we're picking it out or what you know wanting to find out what's going on so you know who's to say that especially with certain subjects and I that so you you won't see planted questions planted answers one to avoid certain questions certain answers is just just it's a tactic they've used it for years they're using it for years all I'm saying is we'll probably see a lot more of it because of how hot things are getting everywhere with it with all situations so any time you see a press conference anytime you see people talking her and you know it's like money and elites and looting on status and all that you know just just a few here random weird questions and random weird yeah like a topical like just almost plantain type to just don't doubt yourself don't doubt yourself that stuff really does happen so I do see it looks like they might begin ready shooting a gun there a little too much doesn't look like they are startling just yet again it would be a lot funner and cooler if I had you guys live but this is my little protest video for for YouTube on the whole livestream this is a reason we live stream for real-time event so we could talk to our the people you know and let them know real stuff you know news important things maybe not even important maybe even if you wanted to livestream you know in a Burger King constantly doing something weird or funny you know or whatever but the fact is is by you guys suppressing the the tool of life strength subscribe our speech and it's suppressing us to get word out there to people who usually you know like to are you serious they're still not on dang that's crazy you know they're sitting in there and they got people coming in and out saying hey they've been ready we're ready for you we're ready and there just be lesson talking laughing somebody to do anything making everyone wait at least I like to think they are I guess if this big news you gotta make people wait I didn't do kind of looks like a small finisher Mike Tyson guy show you maybe I'm wrong look he has a little mustache a little skinny Mike Tyson dude all belong maybe is just a mustache as you can tell I'm bored waiting for this press conference part of me thinks that I should just stop the video wait until it comes on and start it from there within that part of me that's really mad that they're suppressing people on subscriptions for livestream that's the part of me that says you know I'm gonna keep it going hopefully I'll start here oh oh you guys that's the that's the truck we saw him coming on ah was that just optics though come on it's so funny how I'm sitting here talking to you guys about how we're all waiting like the whole world's waiting and then out of nowhere boom we see the magic truck that they threw him on and they cut all live feed to that pit you know let's show the truck let's show him arriving to the courthouse oh man that I mean maybe it is him because I know there are transporting him to the courthouse to the UH they were transporting him you know cuz this is gonna beat the press conference so that makes me wonder if he did show up just now if that was you know which is funny how they did that but it makes me wonder now if we're gonna have to wait even longer for him to get processed or if they're gonna just straight-up come out because he arrived that's the courthouse so that was just interesting I didn't expect that I didn't expect to see that truck come in I did keep I get to see them with that bay door and they kept showing footage of that bay door and it was closed the whole time and like I said this was I've started this feed like 45 minutes ago an hour ago and I'm live now like I'm live now even though when I post this there's gonna be a delay because I can't go live but I kept wondering what that bay door was I kept you know I just love that's kind of odd like maybe it's just a camera viewing now I know they wanted to show they want that's how planned the media is we're gonna show everyone the truck that's carrying him in huh looks like they're starting they wanted to show everyone the truck carried him into jail they wanted to make it a big deal it's convenient how the minute they show the feed to the truck the guy walks out [Applause] we'll start here since 2010 we've worn that join assange would face prosecution and extradition to the United States because publishing activities with the killers unfortunately today we've been proven right mr. sand was arrested this morning at about 10 o'clock at the Ecuadorian Embassy after the Ambassador formally notified human and he was arrested by British police with today received a warrant and a provisional extradition request from the United States alleging that he has committed a conspired with Chelsea Manning in relation to the materials that were published by WikiLeaks in 2010 this sets a dangerous precedent for all media organizations and journalists in Europe and elsewhere around the world this precedent means that any journalist can be extradited for prosecution in the United States for having published truthful information about the United States I've just been with mr. Assange in the police cells he wants to thank to all of his supporters for their ongoing support and he said I told you so well or just so he says the fact that this is a dark day for journalism I was doing as Jennifer said this sets a precedent we don't want this to go forward this has to has to be averted the UK government needs to make a full assurance that a journalist will never be extradited to the United States for publishing activity this pertains to publishing work nine years ago publishing of documents of videos of killing of innocent civilians exposure of war crimes this is journalism it's called conspiracy it's conspiracy to commit journalism so this has always say conspiracy Astari hurts everybody to support Julian Assange into fighting his extradition thank you we will be contesting and fighting extradition we've requested that he now gets medical treatment he's been refused medical treatment for the past seven and a half ESF seven years since being inside the embassy we will be fighting extradition and he'll be brought before the court again within the next month we're not going to be taking any more questions today thank you very much you are asking about the the elements in the extradition request it is quite obvious that the US authorities have picked just one element of what they have been working on for a long time including the Espionage Act acts that are have decades in prison there is no assurance that there would not be additional charges when he is on US soil and I think and I believe that this was at an angle in the approach to increase the likelihood of him being extradited and they walk off in the sunlight like that that was a rap I mean seriously I that's crazy I waited about like I started this dream then I was like oh my gosh it's like almost 40-something minutes and I saw I stopped this dream and then he started it again when I started this one video not stream I should say and it took him all that time to come out and say those two things and it was very interesting how which the feed to the to the truck bringing them in the the the cage truck you know you know the transport and then the minute I'm talking they must have had some dude in a room with the button right they must have had a dude in a room with the button that said press that button alright press press it now and we'll show that feed and then walk right out the door like it was so timed it was so amazingly timed it was so timed um that part but I don't know it's gonna be very interesting to see how this story plays out it's gonna be um interesting yeah at the least and then then again though you guys remember this is a lot of optics and so maybe the you know they knew that this was gonna take a lot of attention so to speak on this story on this subject so my advice to everyone is to still stay aware and be aware on everything and just know as I always say for me salvation and God but even if you don't believe in God even if you don't believe in all that and you have that feeling that change is happening and you're just like I just want you to know you guys are not alone you're not alone and a lot of us know what's going on a lot of us know what's going on and that's pretty much all you can do about it you know so again guys I just want to say much love to y'all I appreciate those who stuck through me stuck through this video I wish I could have livestream because then I could have talked to every one of you you know but again it's just another tactic and tool they use to stop us but again guys much love with everything please share subscribe and most of all get the knowledge and share the truth out there I'm snappy snaps until next time thanks I'll post this right now so be like delayed live okay I'll be like delayed live I gave it okay whatever

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  1. Think about this. Barr is investigating the crimes by the Deep State. The US convinces 5-Eye criminals that they'll be prosecuting Assange so the US can protect a valuable witness. Who does the US need to unseal indictments? I see good dots here… 😎

  2. This is all staged and it was a planned event to arrest him….because….LOOK at the signs they are holding……HOW could they have "PROFESSIONAL" printed signs so fast? This is a stage event….and people need to wake up. WAKE UP…this was planned to get YOU…Snafu Snaps and other people in the emotional fake reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is all part of the plan…and Assange is part of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Keep up the great fight. We all need to know whats really happening! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

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