Front-runner Boris Johnson officially launched his campaign to be the next prime minister on Wednesday, telling fellow Conservatives they must take the UK out of the European Union. Ten Conservative lawmakers are running to succeed Theresa May as party leader and prime minister. Johnson is the bookies’ favorite and has won the backing of many Brexiteer Conservatives by promising Britain will quit the EU by 31 October, with or without a divorce deal.
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‘Brexit delay means defeat’: Boris Johnson launches campaign ►

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And so now is the time
to unite this country and unite this society. And we cannot begin that task,
until we have delivered on the primary request
of the people, the big thing that they
asked us to do. After three years, and two
missed deadlines, we must leave the EU
on 31 October. [applause] And we must do better than the
current withdrawal agreement that has been rejected
three times by parliament. And let me be clear,
that I am not aiming for a no deal outcome. I don't think that we'll end up
with any such thing but it is only responsible
to prepare vigorously and seriously for no deal. Indeed it is astonishing
that anyone could suggest dispensing with that vital
tool of negotiation. It's only if we have the guts
and the courage to get ready for it, that we will carry
any conviction in Brussels and get the deal we need
because they don't want no deal any more than I do,
and we will simply not get a result if we give the
impression that we want to go on kicking the can down
the road with yet more delay. Delay means defeat.
Delay means Corbyn. Kick the can again
and we kick the bucket. – Will you commit now to
resign if you fail to meet that 31 October
deadline? – I understand, of course
I understand that colleagues in parliament are,
have very strong views but our job is to engage
with everybody and to, just to point out,
the real existential threat that I think faces both
major parties, if we fail to get this thing done
and I think that in the end, maturity and a sense of
duty will prevail.

33 thoughts on “Boris Johnson launches leadership bid: 'Brexit delay means defeat'

  1. Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia in 1965; Singapore then was very poor and had no army. Today Singapore is a rich nation and has a vibrant economy and the country is very prosperous; UK can do even better than Singapore;

  2. The problem is not the Brexit-Deal but the chaos and disaster in own country UK. And I do not believe that Trumps´s best friend Boris can solve the Brexit problem. I think Boris cannot solve anything. Maybe if he is captain of the ship then he will drive like sea captain Smith the ship against the Iceberg with titanic success for Britain and the British people. Guess who will pay the price? Not to mention here the wrong deals he will start for instance with the USA. Chlorinated US chicken is not so bad if you like it so much! Oh – how I love wrong deals! ✌😎

  3. Laura kuenssberg asks several questions to Bumbling Boris and he is actually "stumped" , theres a pause , he looks embarressed , tries to analyse what she is asking , and then fumbles for an answer! and we are trusting this guy to lead the country as a prime-minister , gawd elp us!

  4. It was a poor speech and badly delivered by someone resembling a ham actor in a village hall fund-raiser and yet his colleagues bang the tables and hail him as the next political Messiah – how can this be?

  5. This man is so dangerous! He cut the police, closed the fire stations, put up prices on London's public transport. Made it so hard to travel to hospital appointments, work etc.. He basically wasted a lot of our money on the garden Bridge. And who has to pay this waste of space's money back….. The tax payer! Boris is always abroad and does not spend much time in London let alone Britain. Oh, he pops in now and again! Let me tell you Boris, we live here full time and we do not want you to ruin Britain! Not like you did London. The British people should be voting for a new Prime Minister not a group of fuddy duddy all white group. The country is diverse, we all have different views. An election is needed!

  6. // We Voted Out Of That Crimminal Organization The EU , That Is Run By The JESUITS And Mafia Thats Destroying The Lives Of The Citizens Britain And European's Because They Hate Their Guts And Want Foreigners To Replace Europeans. !!

  7. The mainstream media are wetting themselves over this new leader contest. Why are they not grilling MPs over what they think they’re doing – going for a Summer recess, when they should be sorting this Brexit mess out? MPs get a longer summer holiday than school children – fitting I suppose.

  8. The EU already said time and time again they are not going to re-negotiate the deal. Britain already made a deal with the EU and that is the only deal we are going to get. Boris knows this so he is just posturing. He is basically going for a "no deal" exit but he is clearly planning to blame it on the EU for not negotiating a deal that they already negotiated three years ago.

  9. Boris is lying, of course, when he claims that the threat of No Deal will force a new deal before his deadline. The EU wouldn't do a new deal before October even if there was time to, which he knows there isn't. When Boris says that he is aiming for a deal not for No Deal he's like a terrorist pointing a gun at your child's head and saying he's not aiming at your child's head he's really aiming at someone whose already walked away but will somehow sprint like The Flash and jump in the way of the bullet as he pulls the trigger. No. Boris knows that he's aiming blow your child's head off.

  10. Not negotians about the deal anymore, GB can take this, and otherwise leave without no deal and before the 31st. of october is possible. GB wants an exception of there country ?, changing the rules because it's Great Britain, even with blackmail on the money ?, for me Great Britain is little britain, and may leave directly, leave yesterday instead of today without any deal att all.
    i am Dutch and i will suffer instead of that GB gets a better deal. enough is enough with this island.

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