Chief Whip Julian Smith is begging the main contenders to ‘lay down their arms’ by organising a series of one-to-one meetings with them. He is prioritising hard Brexiteers such as Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab, but also targeting Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Home Secretary Sajid Javid, who supported Remain in 2016 but now back Brexit.

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under the the law the UK must leave that the EU on a March that the 29th that is the law and the vote tonight is really symbolic I hope that Parliament vote not to take a no deal off the table it's crazy to disable yourself as you going to negotiation makes no sense at all why would we shoot ourselves in the in the foot like that you want to have maximum flexibility and after all it was in the in the manifesto of the Conservative Party I think to make sure that we kept no deal as an option we said we always said that no deal was better than a bad deal so how can we conceive we take no deal off the table I certainly won't vote for it I'd be amazed if the if the Prime Minister votes for it as well guys can't see the logic of that at all what we need to do now is remember that in any EU negotiation the thing always goes to the to the wire it's always in the final furlong the horses change places in there in the EU when they make a concession it will be at the end and it will be till it to the leaders and it will be at leader level so it's very important that there's a summit next week on on March the 21st when I expect the people around the table in Brussels will see that it's the moment to to get there that the UK and the EU out and to get the UK out of the EU but on a better footing the country voted to take back control money borders laws and to come out of the EU there's no point in you know now going back into the EU our job is to fulfill the the mandate of the people but to do it in a way that sorts out the issues for European citizens EU citizens here in in the UK that's that's an absolute priority

43 thoughts on “Boris Johnson hopes Parliament will not vote down no-deal Brexit

  1. If the government can't respect and uphold the will of 17.4 million people. why should we accept the unlawful taking off of the No Deal choice if the law says we leave on the 29t April.

  2. People will remember that if voting for Either the Conservatives or Labour your Democratic vote is cancelled if it does not fit with their agenda weather you are a Remainer or a Brexiteer you vote doesn't actually count. we need a new political party who will respect your Democratic rights on your vote weather your vote wins or loses. so now you have a choice.
    #Thebrexitparty #Ukip and #TommyRobinson MEP who does speak for the people.

  3. Leave. Respect the democratic vote or kill democracy forever once and for all. Save us from having a wasted vote. Cheated . Betrayel.Nothing else.

  4. No deal happy day, my hope and prayer for Britain is no deal an let see if they will be bigger than where they’re now or greater than Great Britain because all their arrogant behavior is already cross the line.

  5. I found Brexit land, it's at Murcia's new international airport, must tell the brexiteers. I thought it was a witch on her broom stick but looking at it yesterday "It's a Unicorn"

  6. We left the eu by default without a deal on the 29th of March because the prime minister unlawfully tried to extend Article 50 without an act of parliament therefore the extension is null and void search English Democrats Robin Tilbrook for more information

  7. absolute priority of jealous slobs like you Doris – was to jeopardize and undermine the lives of EU citizens (namely eastern European men that you perceive as enemy since cold war times propaganda) in the UK in order to eliminate them, so ugly bad gene slobs like you wont have hard time to compete with us for mating opportunities and assets gathering opportunities!
    THAT was the number one!

  8. After kying to British Public, Politicians cannot and dont want to deliver Brexit as it add 1/3 cost toeverything. Ha Brits sucked up the DM Cra*P for years about the EU .

  9. if we stay with the EU we will have to accept the new regulations and law changes whether the British people likes it or not and Parliament will not be able to change eu decisions but more important than that if they decide to interfere with our tax system the EU would have the legal right to change a personal allowance to a much lower rate to the same as other EU countries and increase our tax this is not propaganda but facts just look at France citizens personal allowance and tax and see for yourself and for the people who's on lower income will be a lot worse off and those who are on benefits will be reduced these facts can't be searched on Google.

  10. Boris is wrong again. Or have we have left the E.U. and no one has told us? Thankfully I have never voted Tory and if you this is the leadership the Tory's offer, I never will. The 2016 referendum is now out of date. The people of the U.K. need to express their will in a new referendum.

  11. No deal is better than a bad deal? How? A bad deal on buying a house means you have a house. No deal on buying a house means you're homeless.

    What part of this is beyond Bojo the Bozo's understanding?

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