Booth Truths Episode 1 has now launched. The first in the new series touches on mental health, bringing together award-winning actor Asim Chaudhry, Capital FM radio presenter Roman Kemp, UK rapper AJ Tracey and music photographer Ashley Verse, to talk about everything from dealing with fame, to coping with emotions.

“I’ve come to terms with my own mental health… I don’t ignore it or try to bury it, I acknowledge it” – AJ Tracey

“I always found that the most important things were never being taught… guys suffer from emotions and everything like that…. you’re almost like told that’s a female thing” – Roman Kemp

In addition, the panel feel the heat in a game of Nando’s Booth Truths, resulting in Roman Kemp prank texting Justin Bieber, and Ashley Verse admitting to sliding into Mabel’s DMs.

Booth Truths Episode 1 is the first in a series of six upcoming episodes, which will explore topics and themes such as loneliness, entrepreneurship, identity and everything in between, with some of the UK’s best up-and-coming talent.

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across the street a fan clocks me yeah and he starts filming me and then what do I get what do I see him I insert maddest thing I just watch your body G fighting with a pirate I met Renato he had like ten agents around him ten security goes mad and they were like wave you do don't ask him for a picture yeah I said hello he shook my hand I said let me get it straight away Kyle offered he said give me your phone this guy's my guy take a good pic and that sir I wish you all the best in a World Cup I hope you get top goalscorer you're the best I'll show her my side [Laughter] what would you expect someone would say about you what do you think your friend your friend would say oh you tell I don't take pictures if I'm with my mom yeah I feel like you know I'm saying I'm doing something personal that's the only time what if I'm in the middle of food that's what call-ups me I'll say yo let me finish Ian and I first agreed sometimes kids are like no keep in mind I just think I remember before I was making music obviously I was a massive fan of people that cheap and yeah and really you think I'm never gonna cease person my life again exactly I really want a picture with it and that one moment for you it can be like you know frustrating whoever but for them at one moment they ever meet you but I remember I was taking a piss right and I wasn't and I was there and I was there and I was like this bridge drunk and he did the double the double take is Christie's day he would literally walk beside you and just go yeah when they say his picture and he starts filming I'm like boss that's that's not an imposing be like yeah chilling with AJ [Laughter] when I was kind of starting out I thought it wrong bad times lack there was prints that I had and I wanted to sell them and things like that and then doc ah hits me like Roy you're innocent you'll make your money with my face and I live really full of that I just took my picture willing to sell it you know but I never really thought about the fact that okay people are buying it because it's got this artist in it so really that's the Salem cream so there's black are its ago really around the NME when I first start making music obviously I she was about spin on Graham cisterna Graham is quite aggressive you know I'm saying and I was quite an angry teenager to be honest I was quite aggressive but like obviously I'm 25 lot of mature I think differently so I try to be myself as much that kind of a music a foreigner citizen of Israel is my life if you don't like you don't like if you do juice bar it's me some of you eat meat then they don't know who I am but I have an idea of wars or while Stanford editor you know it's interesting obviously I think like personally grime is like our Punk right it's like the music to rebel to right mm-hmm they had that negative connotation as well but it's nowhere near as politically fueled and the negative can as grime and like rap and hip-hop has had so what's that about there's obviously a stigma attached to where Jackson being black can happen for me like attack me or like and I kind of Austin what's like the most difficult thing about being famous and islets raw on your worst day like you still have to do that stuff like for him step and I started taking photos it's not just about being him anymore that is much deeper than that you have to be happy with your not basically yeah it's true man soup you almost you know assigned places where you can show emotion yeah as a guy that you're assigned you a loud to you're allowed to show like like well you know I used to perform much as with my dad and my granddad and it was fine like if you know if we won and I was happier if we lost and I was so sad you know actually being a Spurs fan every week he's got crying you know I mean it's weird for me you know I've come to terms of like my my own men 12 yeah I mean sometimes I'm sad is what is that doesn't that doesn't want a reason for as I'm sad and I acknowledge it I don't like ignore it or try to bury I acknowledge it you know what it is though I mean I can fully relate with then I think that no one teaches you how to deal with Fame or all the whole pressures of what you're doing with your work and my fame is a weird one because you're all of a sudden you know people don't give you that much attention in your life and then you do something you know you do something for yourself and now all of a sudden you're getting all this love when no one teaches you have to deal with that everybody no way thing Bob it's not normal though I always found that the most important things were never being taught like the fact that guys suffer from like emotions and everything like that you'll talk with like you're almost like told that that's a female thing we haven't been taught how to process emotion and that's why a lot of this you know everything grows from that hatred racism fucked-up grows from it because you have this emotion well you'd think you're angry but you're sad yeah so it's like they go no way I don't know why I'm angry then you realize no I'm not angry you're just sad but you can't say you're sad you said now it's bad but back in the day you would never got you're born go you know what brother I just feel a bit down to the other what you mean down brother I mean no process there's no process but then you kind of go well then who makes that step to talk to something because I know that I'm fortunate enough to have another friend in my group of mates who will like steer that chat and we'll look up like check on you do you know what I mean almost like but not like in a weird way but like yeah everyone kind of has that one's cool just be that's that's another key thing is always like realizing how comfortable people are their emotions and making them feel like they're able to talk about X much I have a couple mates you might be go through some stuff how I am and I'll text them and not make you seem like oh this is a talk if you know what a man has got together and said oh look out for my man then you feel like oh you're like the baby of the group and yeah I'm say you know what wonderful I'll just say come and say yo you cool really cool like what you want today and just get a convo I am to check on him you I'm saying I've got four French mouths like my brothers and we've always had that relationship it's never been like I can't chat about like you know it's just something you go through and you just gotta be like listen I'm not feeling too good I was having my anxiety a few months ago sometimes good to slow down you need that you know you need that you need that got a recharge sometimes I kind of spread out my issues like I look like I don't really talk to like have a core group but I might talk to like this one about this thing just one about that thing and I kind of I don't know that is a bit easier for me that yeah I think it kind of makes it easier for myself to digest and spreading it out makes it easier to talk about because you've got one person you talk to about this thing and then you're not you're not wearing them down with flack every finish we've been making steps as men I've seen it now we talked about it and I'm saying things that I see storms you talked about a lot I see Jay Haas talk about stuff when I seen stories of cars like if he's talking about a four pound for I can talk about it if he throws like that I feel like that too I'm gonna let people know cuz a little know kids look up to us and I'm saying they do they do and they see what we're doing and they're like oh like if AJ thinks that's okay to be like if he's saying it's okay to be said I was okay to be sad if I'm saying so if the people who look at up to you are telling you look if you feel sad it's called away by oh man yeah me school Newcastle restful sad just picking the cards yeah it was a clockwise clockwise even side of all of us takes this to the biggest name in your phone book I made a dog suit to this weekend fancier this is not so maybe you texted I got to do this you got a nice list as well made your phone books pretty who is it though tell us in it drop their name I'll go have a look okay I'm gonna go with Justin Bieber oh that's nice that's big that's a nuts got a fly over today you actually easy tight is he doing it yeah I need a dog sitter this weekend does even know what fancy means Roman camp asked me if I fancy Wow [Laughter] it's much too at least my job some random to a beef that's like I've been doing what are you start some beef with going on my water will be ready for 7:00 p.m. tonight hashtag Rastafari hashtag for nation which game of ferns cats LGB oh yeah yeah she's done and she's got needle named that song thank you for coming home sorry that woulda chairs are wound doesn't Spandau Ballet [Applause] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] Otsu when was the last time you cried I went on Twitch Avengers I was there midnight and there was like a Papa rode Mattie next because it was all sold out was one ticket left yeah now but listen properties and his boy said listen he had like Papa black frame glasses yeah and he took his isn't this a pleasure can you tow each of us to a booth truth man is you have to know bad to no good mmm facts luck is when preparation meets opportunity yeah I always think and I've lived by this kind of way of thinking don't rely on anyone else for your own happiness it's so super cliche I'm sorry I'm sorry what genuinely be yourself and be happy with yourself right there nice on

37 thoughts on “Booth Truths with Asim Chaudhry, Roman Kemp, AJ Tracey & Ashley Verse

  1. More people need to watch this video because they are all talking about some real shit and making some serious points about society nowadays and they are all talking truth about it and it’s pretty inspiring and motivational in a way big up to these 4 guys

  2. Enjoyable watch but boo hoo. Rich people problems. ‘No one ever taught us how to cope with being famous…. Men aren’t allowed to talk about their emotions’. Everyone sitting on this table is earning big money. Get yourself the best therapist money can buy and start building to get better. I’d be more interested to hear this kinda conversation from the every day average man. It’s hard to empathise with people who get paid thousands of pounds for a 1 hour appearance.

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