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good evening older cars could be charged up to 10 pounds of time to drive into or through the centre of Birmingham under plans revealed today by the City Council the scheme could be in place within two years Birmingham has consistently been rated as one of the most polluted cities in the country by the European Commission and now the UK government has ordered the council to take action Andy Bevin reports up to 200,000 vehicles a day travel through Birmingham city centre but from 2020 nearly half of them could pay up to 10 pounds of time to do so that's because Birmingham City Council wants to introduce a clean air zone charging motorists to pass through it not because it says he wants to make money but because the government has told it to clean up its air if it doesn't it could face fines running into tens of millions of pounds we're doing this ultimately because we want a city where we get all our children all our citizens get that fundamental right a breathing good-quality here rather than a breathing in what we are breathing in at the moment which is leading to unfortunate accelerated 900 deaths a year here in our city so where will the charges fall well at the moment the a45 400 or the middle Ring Road will be the boundary if you stay on it or outside it no charge but if you go beyond it into the city centre you will be charged but what about places like this the junction of the a45 4'o middle Ring Road with the a 38 Bristol Road well if you stay on the 454 oh you won't be charged if you turn right or left onto the a 38 you will be it's a very similar scheme to the existing London congestion charge although Birmingham City Council says this is not a congestion charge it will operate using the ANPR automatic number plate recognition system and if you don't pay you'll get a penalty notice in the post as for who will have to pay well if you drive a petrol vehicle that's euro 4 compliant basically built after 2006 you'll be ok if you have a diesel vehicle that'll have to be Euro 6 compliant or built after 2015 any petrol vehicles pre 2006 and diesel vehicles pre 2015 will be charged we know that there is some people in particular businesses and those in the taxi industry who won't be too happy because they'll be impacted quite badly by this but ultimately we want a mythic work with government to bring forward schemes that mitigate the impact on our business community mitigate the impact on our taxi community the proposals will go before Birmingham City Council's cabinet this week and they'll then be a public consultation period until the middle of September the clean air zone could be in place by 2020 Andy Bevan ITV News I'm almost

0 thoughts on “Birmingham: City-wide congestion charge set to be introduced

  1. What an absolute joke why are we paying Road tax they are just renaming this when we all know that it is a congestion charge. As drivers in this country we are easy to tax and abuse drivers unite and stop accepting the ridiculous unfair abuse from the government this will not make us have clean air. Just another way to make money off drivers we get taxed so much due to co2 now another charge oh and how will people get to work in the centre. We vote for these people to lead us and what happens they just take from us. Fuel is taxed so high As well what happened years ago when tankers went on strike about petrol being at 1 pound 10 pence now we just accept the high prices. Come.on UK kick back we use cars because we have to not because we like sitting in traffic. Help stop drivers being ripped off.

  2. waseem zaffar, how can you tell when this guy doesn't have an ulterior mative?
    "the clean air zone should be in place by 2020." HGV's will be the hardest hit in Birmingham as they are in London, that extra cost to the operator will be recouped from somewhere, that somewhere is birmingham residents.
    Tell me Mr waseem, just exactly how will this affect you personally being a Birmingham councillor? Will councillors be able to claim the congestion tax back through public funds or will there be no mates rates? Answers on a postcard to…….

  3. Well if it's just the city centre then how is that going to stop pollution, I mean people would just park outside city centre and walk there, I bet right now parking areas are being made by business men 😂😂

  4. A big part of the problem is young Asian men, anyone who lives in the city and is honest enough about it will tell you that, I live in the city centre and I am sick of them boy racing around the city at 4am with their stupid exhausts modified to sound like machine guns. There is a culture of hiring sports cars amongst Asians, to basically go kerb crawling on Broad Street at the weekend. It's sleazy and pathetic, these men derive too much of their status from the car, they are totally insecure and need to find a purpose in life. I bet that around 50% of car travel around the city is completely unnecessary anyway……a lot of brummies are absolute snobs (richer than yowww!) who wouldn't even use public transport just out of snobbery, plus it doesn't help that the busses are full of schizophrenics and rapey twats either, all you lot moaning need to get off your lazy fat arses and walk a bit it would do you some good.

  5. They want you to buy new cars to keep the motor industry in employment. They want you to pay insurance, road tax (that goes on everything except the roads!), highly taxed fuel, etc etc.
    BUT THEY WANT YOU TO LEAVE YOUR CAR AT HOME AND FORCE YOU TO USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT!!!! (Unless you're the mayor or other government official in which case they get a fully paid high end motor- all expenses paid (on us. The tax payers! )

  6. So that's why nearly all the roads are dug up and nobody working on them !! Daylight robbery, last nail in the coffin of city centre shopping, shame on you Birmingham Council !!

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