Contains scenes of moderate violence.
By the time William Bonney died at the age of 21, he had killed six men including a county sheriff. Today, the State Governor of New Mexico is planning a retrial to re-examine the evidence behind Bonney’s conviction.


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44 thoughts on “Billy The Kid | The Wild West | BBC Documentary

  1. Whole lotta pretty boys cast for this dramatization. Making it difficult to assign blame where it is warranted. And… did Billy the Kid truly have such beautiful penmanship? I would’ve sworn that was the hand of a woman.

  2. Will you stop lieing about my great grandfather he did not die he went to washington state and married Lillian underwood and three kids susie ,bob,jack please leave my family name alone you all made enough money off his name

  3. What a big fat waste of taxpayers dollars.  The Governor of New Mexico doesn't have anything better to do?  I agree he should have been pardoned for the first murder, but there were two more and possibly a third and you still want to pardon him?  What a joke. Seriously this is just a publicity stunt and two of the three guys on this panel are idiots.  This is a slap in the face to the families of the ones he murdered without cause.

  4. This story is rubbish. If the BBC were interested in actually producing an honest documentary rather than a playful depiction of Billy the Kid, they'd have consulted with Steve Sederwall, (Cold West Investigations), and W.C. Jameson.

    Why settle for the snack bar when you have an appetite for steak?

  5. Story of Billy the Kid has captivated my attention for well over 20 years I never cease to read article anything that comes up new about him and being as objective is possible he was just a kid that was more honorable than the justice of that time

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