This is a clip I made of what the shop Biba looks like now that was in Church Street.
It was funny because when making this clip I had a hard time locating the right shop.
My wife walked straight to it.
We would shop at Biba in the 60s and I remember when they moved into larger premises in High Street Kensington we purchased some Ostrich feathers to decorate our flat.
Funny the sort of things one remembers from all those years ago.

so youtubers here we are outside the iconic shop of the 60s divas if I panned to the left that leads down to High Street Kensington you've got variant Amin what was Barker's I know if they still the same names but and that's historic Kensington this is Church Street where Phoebus was located and if you fill the Church Street round go to the top it would take you to Notting Hill Gate and if you followed it continued over Notting your gate you would eventually came to Portobello Road so this is what Bieber's looks right now just as the force obscures the view but there you are I'll cross over and give you a closer look if I can take your lap in your hands here in London and there you are you might recognize it from the old films but that's beavers and that's what it looks like now inside hope you like enjoy watching it

7 thoughts on “Biba Shop Church Street Swinging 60s London Fashion

  1. I remember shopping in Biba when it moved to High street Ken & seeing Marty Wilde & his young daughter Kim! After, when it was in at the huge Dept store (Derry & Toms?). The Art Deco restaurant where I had lunch. A tuna/mayo/onion floury bap! Hight of sophistication. Lol!

  2. Loved Biba Shopped there all the time What about the department store that came after this? It had a roof garden and we would go on Sunday afternoon for tea and listen to a barber shop quartet…………………….

  3. Oh, that sounds brilliant! I should start saving my pennies for when I move to London in about two years time! I'm currently half way across the world, but I adore England to bits and plan on staying there for quite a while!

  4. Yes my wife and myself were very lucky to live in such times in London of the 60s
    You might like to check out Kerry Taylor auctions if you have an interest in Fashion.
    Camden Lock is an interesting place to go in London with your friends where you might be able to pick up some 60s stuff at a good price.

  5. It seems as though everyone is reminiscing over Biba! I'm only 16 and I wish I could've had the opportunity to experience Biba! I just live the dream vicariously through images and my clothing that I wear now! You and your wife are extremely lucky to have witnessed such history!

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