What is the best time to visit London?

As an American living here, I am asked often the best time to visit London and I always say the month of May. In this video I explain why May is the best time to visit London. These London travel tips will help you plan the best trip to London and give you suggestions on the hottest things to do when you are here.

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The blog also features a ‘Guide to London for Visitors’ with tips and strategies for planning your first London visit.

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hey Sonny friends when is the best time to visit London I've been living here six years and there's definitely one month that I recommend to everyone recently London was named the top travel destination for 2019 and this was configured by an algorithm that looked at reviews and ratings for hotels restaurants and experiences with the wedding of Harry and Megan and now the birth of Archie we are regularly seeing shots of London on international news and television the ratio of the American dollar against the British pound right now being not so bad I regularly get messages from Americans asking when is the best time to visit London I definitely think the answer is May but sunny friends if you're British and you're watching and you think differently or you agree it would be great if you can leave your ideas in the comments below and also leave some suggestions of what you would suggest people do when they're here on their visit during the time that you think is best the first reason is because of the weather in May it's generally still a little bit cool which means it's about 50 or 60 Fahrenheit and most places don't have air-conditioning now you're nicer hotels definitely do but places like pubs generally don't now think about being on the Underground when it's 85 degrees at peak time when there's no air-conditioning yeah let's not think about that anymore generally in May you might need a light jacket but temperatures are pretty much crisp and cool much like today and then of course there's all the sunshine in May it's usually light from about 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. so that gives you about 6 hours extra daylight compared to the winter months for you to enjoy the parks and restaurants and all the wonderful things there are to do outside I definitely recommend alfresco dining during Twilight hours and for regular information about restaurant openings and other fun things to do in London I suggest you subscribe to my email which is linked in the description below as well as subscribe to the sunny News YouTube channel you can see people drinking beer year-round in pubs in London but in spring cocktails here switch to something a little bit cooler you'll see people drinking gin and tonic and certainly Pimm's in anticipation of Wimbledon in spring royal parts in London are in full bloom I have a few videos on things like what to do in Hyde Park and what to do in spring in London other things you might want to consider that are fun during the spring months and the sunshine are visiting Kew Gardens and London Zoo also if you're visiting London during spring and you're walking around and you step onto some of the side streets in the neighborhoods you might experiencing house is covered with with Syria it's also known as wisteria wisteria on Instagram in fact right now I think it's getting a little busy here in Trafalgar Square so I'm gonna head infect in my house and enjoy my garden and let you know some other reasons why May is the best time of the year to visit London so here I am now back at home just in time to tell you about the biggest event that happens in London in May and that is the Chelsea Flower Show it takes place for about five days at the Royal Hospital Chelsea this year it's I think May 21st to the 25th and you'll find London is in full celebration of the Flower Show many restaurants and shops will decorate their fronts with flowers as well as have themed to menus and you'll find quite a few floral afternoon teas as well and if you're a foodie fan you also know that London Wine Week happens in mid-may too most schools are in session in May but at around Memorial Day in America London will have what is called half-term and the schools will be out of session for what is equivalent to like a second spring break if you can avoid travelling here on that week you will have the best chance of avoiding the most crowds in London I'm a huge fan of Christmas in London but if you want the most Daylight Time during your visit here I would say avoid Christmas even though it is majestic and come during May cuz like I said before you're gonna have quite a few more hours of daylight to enjoy the things that you want to do outside love to know what you think about me being the best time of year to visit London so leave your ideas in the comments below and if you know anyone who's planning a trip to London please share this video with them too and as always thank you for watching


  1. I agree – I was in London last May and the weather was near perfect, not too hot, not too cold, I only needed a light jacket if at all – it only rained a couple of times, but one day it rained all day long, but only that one day and I was at Camden town for most of the day so it was covered. I also went to Oxford and Cardiff the weather was great there too!

  2. I agree! We visited London last May and the weather was sunny…got my base tan when we went to Cornwall! Everything is open and crowds where fine. Also having extra day light allowed us to see more of London. My very favorite place in the world.

  3. We spent the day out in Guildford, a London suburb, bit it was a bit cool and many people were wearing light down jackets, while I was in my denim with a sweater. I think June is a bit warmer and hence you can really soak up the sunny days outside,

  4. I agree May is a great time to visit London, September is also good but you don't get as much daylight, other than that Christmas is a lovely time to visit but it isn't light until about 8 a.m. and it's dark by 4 p.m. Hope that is a help.

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