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coming to Prague and looking for a place where to buy a souvenir that you can bring home from Prague well today we're going to show you some cool unique Czech souvenirs that you can only buy in Prague our first stop on a hunt for 7 years is actually right here this is the rooftop of the souvenir shop that we're heading to there's the entrance our first stop is actually a place for the public transport where not only you can buy tickets but you can actually buy some cool souvenirs and since you know I'm a huge fan of the product public transport you can actually buy a t-shirt that I helped to design and yes they have a poster of me and yes I hate it if you buy the t-shirt the money does not go to me nor to the public transport it goes to kids in need just for you just across from the Charles Bridge yet another great store Rock dick if there's something I would buy it be this t-shirt if they would have it in my size because my favorite tram is 22 well so take your kid and buy for him and also right next to the souvenir shop is amazing hidden coffee place absolutely worth the visit so have a tea or a coffee or a beer and then you can continue just around the corner is something that's gonna blow your mind this is awesome you got to see it not only it's a nice souvenir shop where you can buy up chick made a hockey puck you can paint your own mug I'm super nervous I'm really not good at any of this but I was explained how to do it so I'll give it a shot we have many colours the equipment I think super so we are done with our cups we painted them each of us that our own original design and now they're going into the oven this workshop was absolutely amazing for 12 euros you create your own mug as a souvenir from product absolutely loved it – make sure to visit map is in the description and if there's a bigger group of you you got to reserve the spots but if it's just like one or two travelers I'm sure you'll find a spot and the guy was the nicest guy and our last lovely souvenir shop is just off the Prok castle from Prague we'd love my personal tip is not a swiss knife but a rabbit chica which is the Czech equivalent of a swiss knife and it's s from Prague Lila architecture of product places you do not find in every guide but once you look in you'll find out that some of the places you may know from our guide the only cubist land in the world so those were the three superior places that we suggest for you to visit and get a souvenir because these souvenirs are checked so we will not be ashamed if you take them home and say look what I got in Prague if you did so or do so please take a picture of the souvenir you bought and post it on our Facebook page we'll be more than happy to look at them and if you're curious what me and Hans are doing in our personal lives check out the honest block because that's our second channel well we try to show you how our daily life is and the Czech word at the end is viral bono is COO made in czech republic vero bono chess cool

36 thoughts on “BEST SOUVENIRS from PRAGUE (Honest Guide)

  1. Sure I know this video was 9 months ago, but I went to the info office to buy one of those shirts. Sadly they are no longer available nor on their website. One of the only things I wanted to bring back with me. I really like the design. Totally bummed !!!

  2. Hi! Your videos are very informative. Love them. We are travelling to your beautiful city, Prague and are looking to buy the blue onion porcelain dinner ware and tea sets at economical cost. We don't mind travelling some distance for it. Kindly guide us. Regards Samridhi

  3. Hey ! Do you guys know of the "Notebooks with a Soul" workshop in Žižkov (Ševčíkova)? It's a 4 hours long workshop where you make your own notebook out of old czech newspapers, maps etc… and the profits are donated to a NPO that helps talented artisans with mental or physical handicaps.
    I think it's an amazing way to bring back a unique souvenir, meet people and help people!
    I just booked this workshop for april! (you can find them on Airbnb!)

  4. Just got back from prague, found janek's reccomendations excellent! I personally bought home some czech sweets and beer, avoided getting scammed and enjoyed some last minute goulash in restuarant praha at the airport before heading home!

  5. I'm in prague right now as a solo female traveller. I booked 4 nights in a particular hostel in my own private room. My souvenir is bed bug bites and lots of them. I always look through reviews before booking accommodation but Unfortunetly the reviews about my bed buddies was on the hostel Facebook site and not on the site i booked through. Today is a write off as I'm so tired. However prague is lovely so far. The castle can wait until tomorrow. When I get home I plan on setting fire to my suitcase. I don't want to bring bed bugs into my house. Anyone have any petrol ?

  6. I think the best Czech made souvenir is the Mikov Fishlet knife ($4-$5 USD) available at most knife shops. I bought 20 for gifts from the CZ Gun Store near the main train station. Be careful of imitations.

  7. We are finally in prague! Thank you very very much for all the ideas where to Go, what to do. We already find some places you recommended and we are enjoying this wonderful Holiday. Thank you very much!

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