Hey guys! I wanted to make this video to share with everyone all the cool places I found while studying abroad in London over the summer. Sorry if it’s a little all over the place but I kept on thinking of more places and had to go back multiple times to edit in more footage lol. I hope you guys enjoy and can maybe check out a few of these places if you’re going to be in London!

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so I thought it'd be a cool idea to basically make a list of all the places I absolutely loved going to in London so like food places coffee shops picture worthy spots so like places I took a lot of pictures and so yeah I'm just gonna read off a list the places I liked and hopefully if I'm able to like insert a picture of like each place I'll try to do that so for food like coffee shops there is a lot and Camden Town and Kentish Town that I liked going to because it was close to where I stayed and kind of close to school this was like kind of in the middle so a coffee shop I really liked was called the fields beneath and it was like a vegan kind of coffee shop they had like oat milk and stuff like that like they didn't serve any type of real milk so I really liked that and they had like the best banana bread with coconut oil on top and they chose today it was so good and then the second place is in Camden Town it was called mamasan sturdy ice cream and they have like the craziest flavors but it was so good my favorite was sube which is like a sweet potato ice cream and it's purple it's really cool and then they had a charcoal coconut ice cream that I really like too and the ube milkshakes were the best like I would do anything to like get more and then another really like healthy food place I liked was called natural and it was also in Kentish Town and it was so good oh my gosh and the portions were like huge and that's like something not really common I guess and like England and stuff in Europe the portion sizes aren't as big as what they are here but I was super good not that expensive which is good okay so next I'm gonna tell you guys about a few places that I like to take photos and a few places you can also like eat there and stuff so the first place is called sketch and it's a high tea house type thing but you can also do like a sit-down tea like less cat or more casual than the high tea the high tea is like very expensive but I've heard it's a really cool experience so yeah I took a lot of pictures there the inside is really like aesthetically pleasing and they have like a few neon lights and like the decorations are is awesome if you go there go to the bathroom like I'm not even kidding it's like a whole different world in there and the next place is Leake Street Tunnel so basically it's like a tunnel with tons of graffiti and it's so cool I took a lot of pictures there and I also like got to tag there which I've never done before but it's like harder than what it looks and then the next place is obviously the London Eye I like went across the street and said by telephone booth to kind of get the whole aesthetic and it looked really cool I'll try and answer these pictures like I said and then another place if you have like time to do a day trip I would definitely suggest going to them Mayfield's lavender farm it was so pretty and like the coolest pictures and the food was good I had like a lavender scone and a lavender iced tea and the lavender lemonade get the lavender lemonade it's so good another place is called God's own junkyard it's a little bit further from central London we had to take like the tube and then the over knowing I think we could take the tube all the way but I was like to the end of like I want to say I forget what line was but yeah I was kind of far but it's a place with like tons of neon lights it's so cool and I took so many pictures in front of like literally every light that I liked it was really cool another place I liked was tonight Josephine it's a bar but it's like totally like a girl gang type bar like you could go there with like your friends and look like you and it's just like a cool environment and it's really like girly in the drinks worse like I had like a lavender to drink so I'm so sad lavender but it was so good I mean it's more on the expensive side but definitely go for the experience yeah they have a cool sign that says well-behaved women don't make history so literally there was like a line of girls waiting to get a picture and I got sign so yeah it was really cool I can't believe I forgot to mention volleyball ursin but it's a really fun place to go let's take some pictures and play around and be a kid for a little bit we didn't really buy any drinks because it was kind of expensive but it was definitely fun to check out and take some cool pics another place I went to just to take a picture was called Redemption bar and outside of the bar is like someone painted like angel wings so it's really cool to like stand in front of it and then kind of like you know get a cool picture and other fun places in general that I really liked and spent a lot of time when was Camden Market and Camden Town in general they had like some you have to be careful because some parts can get a little bit sketchy but yeah like the markets are really cool and like the food is really good it's just like overall cool atmosphere and also if you have time to do a day trip I loved Brighton it's like the seaside but it's really like hippie-ish and really like I don't know it's just really cool and they had like so many cool coffee shops so many of vintage shops like I absolutely loved it one of the vintage shops called to be worn again was like my absolute favorite so if you ever go to Brighton and you like vendor stuff check that out yeah but Brighton and Jenna was just awesome like I loved the vibe there another cool place that I forgot to mention was the Parent Trap House it was just cool because like when I looked at it all I could see was like The Parent Trap movie it was so cool and then obviously Harrods is right around the corner so definitely check that out and shop tax-free some of the places I mentioned are more like off the beaten path not so mainstream which is kind of like why I like them and they were so unique and different but also like check out like Buckingham Palace and cool things like that and I mean just enjoy your time in London like it the most out of it you can there's so many cool things to see but obviously you can't see everything yeah that's basically like a really short list of places I really liked and just like I don't know London is literally the best city ever like I absolutely fell in love with it and I was never bored like no matter what like there's always something to do so yeah if you're ever in London check those places out I'll try to enter insert pictures into like each spot that I talked about it so you can kind of get a visual of what I'm saying and yeah if you have any other cool places you liked in London comment down below and let me know because I'll definitely be going back one day hopefully I would love to study abroad there again it was literally amazing like the best experience of my life so yeah thank you guys so much for watching I'm probably gonna make more videos about London and traveling in general because I definitely learned a lot during that time so yeah thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you my next video by


  1. Hi Alyssa, I live in London since 2years, and I was curious about new places to go, great vid- definitely go to check if the lavenders grew up haha
    – You should go to Waxy O'Connor which is visually a fantastic Pub. Looks like you are in the game of thrones.
    If you want to party and you like electro. You should go to Shoreditch platform.
    I have a long list of places, but I need to take off
    Let me know

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