Councils around London are calling for residents to volunteer to help improve their local parks. This year, five parks in Harrow were recognised as some of the best in the country and their success is credited to the local people who give up their time to help- Emilia Papadopoulos has more.

first thing in the morning 5:00 5:30 I would have a quick cup of coffee and I would head straight over to the park Eugene's a keen gardener but this isn't even his garden he spends seven days a week volunteering at his local park Kenton recreation ground he does everything from litter picking to maintaining the allotments people should volunteer and get involved in it and it's an activity in itself I think if you help it make these lightens the load and it gets you involved because of Eugene and other local volunteers some of Haros green spaces have been recognized as being some of the best in the country five of Haros parks won a national green flag award this year but with big cuts planned at the council and around 400 jobs lost over the next three years there are concerns that without volunteers all the hard work could be undone we are down now unfortunately 221 park keepers which is unsustainable in my personal view thank goodness for these wonderful people that do come in and give us their time it is up to an administration where they decide to put their money and you know it depends how much they value parks or other or other things harue council are determined to build upon the recent success of their parks and they're keen for more people to volunteer Emilia Papadopoulos BBC London News you

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  1. Parks are heritage area's and should be preserved in the tradition of the city/state. That can mean highly manicured or natural. But they should be kept commercial free and always a refuge for people that changes little.

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