almost a month after their houses and businesses were flooded after heavy rain people living along the Thames are still waiting to return to their homes there's still a flood warning in place for the Marlow area and some people are facing repair bills running into tens of thousands of pounds Sarah Harris has this report it feels like a never-ending job according to staff cleaning up after the worst floods here anyone can remember this activity center in Marlow is a charity and relies on volunteers but without the help of local people they say they simply won't get on their feet again before their first visitors come next month we did raise stuff because we expected to flood but not quite as high as we did flood so yeah fridges freezers ovens all the office furniture filing cabinets everything you can think of that being an office and environment like this is is now wet and is in the skip further upstream in the village of Wargrave and many residents still haven't been able to move back to their homes those who have been told to boil their tap water their clean up still some way off every time there's a dry day like this it's a blessing for people living around here and although the water is still deep it's definitely starting to go down but you have to remember that the heavy rains came around Christmas time so people have been living like this for almost a month and all they want is to come out of their front door and to step onto dry land with many roads still closed and drives flooded it's been especially challenging for those families who need medical supplies Jeff's wife is diabetic it's a bit of a bit of a worry but the I'm sure the services would be there if we needed you try not to panic too much or she wouldn't sleep back in Marlowe and things are beginning to dry out but with a hundred thousand pounds worth of damage to contend with for the charity the crisis certainly isn't over Sarah Harris BBC London News

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