A great news clip from BBC London about the archive of ancient film of the Capital that was being made accessible. Includes some lovely footage of Petticoat Lane Market in Whitechapel.

century are few and far between but some rare moments captured on film are about to go on show at the british film institute's new media Tech Center all this week and a special series a century revealed cut bowling will be going through the archives with some of London's oldest residents and he starts today by looking at the earliest existing footage of the East End probably all the people in this rare footage of Petticoat Lane will be long gone the lane back then was the hub of Jewish London I was born right in the heart of the East End of London it was a very very really hard life I used to make myself a little barrow and those have tunneled that down to Spitalfields market and early in the morning and I used to look upon the porters there to help me and I used to go up to him very kindly and say you know have you got anything spare that I can take him for you know for my mother so she can have it in the kitchen for making a meal up west – in the heart of Soho the district around Barrick Street that attracted Jewish traders and their families we lived in a little cold affect and 90% people were in the mid conflict we choose and from living from the thing of like that everybody borrowed each other's finery jewelry or clothes or things like that there's a lovely atmosphere despite the hardships the markets of East London provided a source of survival gossip and community I used to go there and better bean market to do my shopping that was before inflation started and you could do all your shopping and still get change from a pound the stall holders they had friendly faces and you walk along now and it seems an air of suspicion with everyone in that footage from 1903 one of the things you notice is the sheer numbers of people on the streets of Petticoat Lane times have changed the markets changed the Jewish community of course has moved on you see you've got a look at him the Jewish you've got one why could it was the Jewish market they've got one way of talking and it's not by done by we don't just have the small we have the Hanes the gesture hello doll I use ma'am happy are you going you make the person wanted you give that happiness to the person the goods a secondary and then the customer cousin asthma are cots ain't no fear mama there are now only four Jewish traders left on the lane during this chapter in London's story slowly to a close balling BBC London News and that syriza century revealed continues tomorrow when Kurt bowling will be taking a look back at commuting in the capital Edwardian style

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  1. Sadly the london markets are not what they used to be. I can remember living in petticoat lane and the crowds flooded in from everywhere, believe me it was like Wembley on cup final day.
    loved those times.

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