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really who's the one who's the fool now I when he's not achieved any of these objectives and he's taking the clamp off me bound and when he damages me van I'll be I'll be making a claim against him what do you think about that then Steve we will see okay you old about as much power as me male fruit okay so next time you come trying to harass me don't damage my van don't damage my van Steve I've got all day my days months and years mind you don't damage it because I'm filming you come on the boots on the other foot now don't damage it don't damage it you're gonna damage my van one bit off mic you don't damage it Steven watch got the lock don't damage it before so call the police you should be doing criminal damage Steve told you I'd use the labor the Lord in Oh Steve told you I'd use the letter of the law to get the compound days months and years I'm just gonna check you for damage in a minute Steve okay and if he's damaged might you get the bill a look next time I might Jonathan thoroughly George's I think I may just put better prove one thing doesn't it possess you know above the law might have a good day you have a good day

21 thoughts on “Bailiff fail trying to collect congestion charge.

  1. Steven!! STEVEN!!! STEEEEVE!!! Steve Steve Steven steveeeeeeee baby steeeve Steve FUCKING STEEEEEEEEEEVE!!!
    (Lovely hair Steve. You look like a fucking Worzel)
    Steve steeeeeeeve Steve.

    Steve is a Knobhead 👨‍🌾

  2. I think Steve just had his arse handed back to him. What a muppet, anyone know if he's still clamping or is he yet another who have long since hung their body cams up for good?

  3. great job bud under his breath he must have been calling you all the cunts under the sun priceless.cut my last one off with angle grinder and the muppet knocked my door next morning asking for it back.replied I have no idea what your talking gonna get the police he said I told get who the fuck you want.police never came and never saw the muppet again

  4. Cos I jacked it up to take the clamp off, but the police came. So he thought they were going to save him so he undid the jack and it landed on his clamp. When the cops went, he gave me my jack and keys back. But I wouldn't give him his clamp back 😂

  5. Gongestion charge, I clamped his van and he called the police. Then 7 of them turned up in.5 cars. Luckily 2 previous weeks before someone crashed through my front garden duty cop saw it and gave me.his number for when I called the police. I did so and they didnt come. So when 7 of them turned up to aid him, I.went ballistic at the sargent and asked them all for there oaths. They then went and it left just me and him. He thought the police were going to aid him and they didnt. When they came he dropped the jack on his clamp and took my keys. I got the spare out my house and just waited it out. Then he tried being nice and said he was going to remove it. This is the end of it all.

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