I am so excited to share with you part one of my London vlog!! It was Gary’s first trip to London and we had such a great time and were so happy to not have our very own version of the #fyrefestival. Stay tuned for (Part 2) the journey behind one of the best days of my life❤️

0:01 – Previously
1:02 – Krista is a twin
2:00 – Gary Spotting
2:25 – London Baby
2:44 – The search for breakfast
3:40 – Plane Ride
5:58 – Emma’s from Scotland
7:30 – The Jonas Brother Reunion
8:53 – The Journey to the Uber
10:30 – Arriving at the Airbnb
15:02 – Out on the Town
16:28 – First Dinner in London
18:00 – Event Prep
27:35 – Let’s Go Shopping
28:20 – I Forget My Phone (again)
29:10 – #PerfectHusband
30:15 – Run Away With The Circus
31:10 – Bumping into Chantelle
31:51 – Tourist Alert
32:55 – Shopping
34:00 – Lunch Time
38:00 – Date Night
39:40 – Jonas Brother Listening Party

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we are freaking out we booked London like I think a week ago and we're like oh we should do a meet-up because I got a few d-ends asking for Amira we got over a thousand RSVPs which is super amazing and so humbling but also the area and I realized that we will not be able to accommodate a thousand people like at all so we decided to have a page where we actually charge for the tickets and we're giving all of that money to charity I found that a great cause we got now about 300 people and again don't have a venue I'm just trying to stay calm and we're trying to call everything and everybody that we know nori I'm gonna I'm gonna run away provided I'm Krista how are you binary and so fine yes it's on taking it very seriously and this is a lesson to be learned Chris does a twin I did you don't win brother your Instagram profile in case anything bad this is no girl who killed no just like in case like with this girl and Gary blue think it's like a fan yeah it's gonna go into like a thousand I hope there like a wake imagine they're not even on the same flight is this it's the right day right yeah hope they're not gonna be late yeah to the left that was like the meant to be oh wow the sun's rising go in that side and spin around give your arms up and be like that's scary morning my kids are safe good evening Australia you guys made it I don't have a battery why no I have okay let's stop complaining and let's start eating can you open in there Krista wouldn't do it there we go I'd say London oh there we go take notes Krista what food over here yeah and there's also a lounge like right over there good board in half an hour yeah I gotta beavers sit down here's that the food court who said the chef sounds good I'm on caucus so bad it's so bright look on his screen oh I look on his screen and I see a big guy acts like a minibike we have a really good view [Applause] random baby Allstate is that offensive why is it it offends little your bad English accent it's not bad I sound just like them don't think I'm one of them I don't know where they're know what yeah I want to say something Gary died his beard and I want to bet $100 that is gonna get infection and I'm allergic allergic and I but I carefully just put it so many people crying he keeps trying and it always always gets infected when did you do it are you shining I just don't want to let her die I'm trying to improve myself this is like you don't really want me I just say like embrace who you are and where you sit in your life just because you don't color your hair doesn't mean the rest of us are so naturally blessed with coloring I'm gonna go great I'll go I'm just setting all of these now in case the silver silvers and okay where's their yellow suitcase I'm so scared too gonna look like that one all taped up I hope you tape it no but one time this happened to me where my suitcase exploded and then I show up to like the belt and it's they threw it in a clear garbage bag in it I'm just sending you guys know that our Airbnb is like a four-story walk-up this is true she's not lying I had to like that for you you have to use that Scottish and my family's from here as well no but you're Irish but you don't have enough no I'm British but you don't have an accent no I know my grandparents are all from the UK and then my dad sides from Scotland yeah your favorite color this is Emma's been break we're almost an hour away from where we need to be you know what's peace you know it's funny yeah I see like strange things in Toronto I attribute it to the individual I'll say oh that's a strange person but when I'm in a foreign place and I see something strange I just blame the whole country as hell oh yeah we were gonna rush out here and pretend to be your fans like but it didn't work out also do you think I wouldn't recognize you know what we should do if there's like one of these techy stores we should get the plugs well yeah that's a really good idea don't say horse they say first so when you're talking to somebody and you see Lincoln I have like a police horse you come up to the officer and say that's a nice RC that she literally tasked me she's like throat only like five hours and then the Jonas put this got back together within that time she's like you don't even understand what did I miss I was the biggest fan in the world like what movie were you in of theirs Camp Rock – and Jonas Brothers 3d you didn't tell me that yeah and how many how many times did you meet them six seven eight yeah and I get my uniting there's the song coming out you're doing a listening for that they're all married just got to go chase him around the world again that'd be like wish that we're back like 25 now like oh my god wait what do you mean how the licorice bars are better here we were all like 13 Wow I'll never know when I knew so New York it was the same like I had to move all my bags up all the flights of stairs and I was so I know nothing about her it's not interested Jonas she's married to Kevin Jonas nobody's it they're all married I don't know I know this at all I think you were maybe a little super fun – we didn't know one stop I'm hot yo calm that's Katy Perry terminal 2 minicab picked up worst criminals are we in terminal 2 yes yes it's privily to now now we'll need the mini Caffrey the British let's go clean it no you're joking around what is it called it's their minute our fearless leader go up all work together I refuse to think when it comes to like things like this yeah I can attest to that they go from the other side to just push himself there's no buttons Hospital thank you doing that yes oh my god they drive on the other side yes [Laughter] yes there is an elevator I was gonna fill my suffering yes top-1 follow our voices this is just lucky Oh yes but they're glass oh my god this is scary oh wait no I think the bedrooms are here oh there's like so many mirrors I'm so this is so cool this is the bedroom level okay do you guys you guys like debate over who gets the sleep so Q can I watch you on this one you assign us I don't stop it oh my god this is really we're the new people in town look at from here you see this huge open said there's more Keys there's two more sets of keys so awesome you guys you have sex Kristen you have a set guys this is like freaking me out nobody walk around at night or just turn all the lights on thank you I don't like Heights so a lot of guys lift the handle and then know we have these doors on my house but yeah cuz I'm British but he's just like on the town I honestly feel like every restaurant is closed so I'm not sure where we're going so they're closing welcome to Leung that's the spirit there it is no fish okay thank you these are all like little cafes I felt like a nice restaurant will be open feel like Gary's like is like he's wearing a Nike tracksuit I feel like he's ruining our vibe I feel like that's an and again I'm an econ I think the British pub have ever seen the book and we're not into it we'll definitely come back we have no food wait till the daytime your dog I'm gonna freak out what you're like this is so fun nothing rain this is the cutest thing I've ever seen you want to spin in the street [Applause] [Applause] without joint follow the marrying is it cool now we just got here and we were like five minutes ago we're walking down the street [Applause] pretty good I'm working on my I can't say the word cue cards it seems like such a weird word you know cue cards mitts nice the canon g7x battery charger okay thank you so much okay have a good write-up speak to you I mean so the total this is the package that means offering us went into the two security scanners basic lighting package and the presentations Bernie will you use a presentation screen without it no I don't believe me throwing it now you make me feel as this is going to be a tech talk and I don't want it to be a tech talk let's get the two ones Mike the way a visual similarities the security game is with the ones the in Exodus start David because it's going to take time to get through to other people in and like scanning the ball I want people to the back side okay I'm ready I'm already nervous why I need to like I need to watch there's this stat talk about this guy who's talking about how to make your nervousness and to look excitement which for like you art instead of giving you anxiety I am so Who am I looking at can you all be like close together because I want to make sure that audience hi guys so much for being here this is real isn't she gonna be one babe if we're gonna continue I'll never do this I am so happy you guys are here today and this is my first ever meet up and I feel super honored to share this journey with all of you here today so like seven countries about the amount of arms I'm doing wait I totally I know mm-hmm I know I know okay so okay okay so I had a pretty happy childhood which up until then so I don't remember what's next so here's so here's the question I have yeah it's it may happen that when you're on stage and you're you're talking you may forget what's next yeah so we need to figure out how to kind of get out of that situation yeah yeah okay okay I'm gonna do this a few more times and then the cue cards I'm gonna add a few more things that will trigger where I was going I want you to stay calm oh you're on stage yeah this you're not doing with a formal keynote yeah this is casual yeah you lose your place you can sell the audience to take guys I lost my place [Applause] with Raya she's like a public speaker right but she shares her journey but she's a very much of a career yeah so the way we structured it was through her professional eye what did you guys feel was missing oh I don't know I really do because you talked about yourself but then know what you have to say yeah yeah I agree the Q&A I do because I'm kind of it'll take care of itself absolute you don't have to come they're like solve everybody's problem immediately but what do they want away with you know what their security people love you and your audience loves you not because you're giving them something unis structure thing you're not they don't care about your structure that's not why they love you you need to get up there do your structure thing but at some point throw away or two cards and talk from the heart what do you want to say these people you don't need to be comics on the finance structure yeah just be you be that silly goofy awesome girl that's it you you you like you you already have it you won't believe you have it just just get up there just sing what's in your heart also a feeling that they no matter what you say I love you and they can see you're confused right now because they see her eyes are starting to swallow okay babe I'm not saying for this distress you I'm saying okay I just want you to let go like I've done enough of these things and where I've spoken I've had all this structure and I'm telling you like you have such a unique gift in your ability to connect human me specifically with this demographic with young women who are kind of you know coming into themselves coming of age under structure I'm not saying you shouldn't do it I think it's great that you're gonna do it from your heart I just feel like okay can you tell me if there were any parts there's something that wasn't like no you had you were brilliant if you think we're right now being a bunch of display yes men it's not the case I can tell you it's not the case because I feel good right now and I know that they're live night no I I you know I've known mo for a while now right now but what I'm saying is is that I trust I trust them right now that they're telling us the truth Lee I don't think they're doing it just to please you I don't think they would do that my favorite parts are when you're not time and sugars and I was like oh that's really real and then I had to hear that help me tell me what she liked it became such a lake but it's not monster in my head it's not it's only in your head it's a monster all the people I know but all of these girls are coming because they love you where these are your people you're going with rescuer people what are you worried about you have nothing to worry about you have to understand that silly is when you talk to bed in a silly you see how to do there's a monster in his closet and you know it's not the case by the way I check the closet just in case because you never know but this like that once there's not real this monster you're dreaming up it's not real you own this this is you talking about yourself you know chilla let the bloopers – it's all good everything is good you gonna do completely sugar the relax everything is awesome we're London within this view look this is it does taste like you I'm Chris I think we talked about the so Chris is gonna come up just and it's up to you whatever you want and then you introduce okay you guys have your guys I love how everyone went to the apartment because I forgot my phone and they forgot other staff did they want like Christopher garner sunglasses what is this frizziness right now Shh give yourself we're in London but I'm just here living my best life putting concealer on yeah you do need a coat you need a cold just do it I'm told hashtag perfect husband god noise having to answer yeah Jake here's your mom yeah I heard that it wasn't so good did you puke at night yes yes I can't hold on a sniff he must know like a father jakey do you still love papa hi baby hi my love you guys are you guys okay okay all right you helped to make sure that everyone's okay all right I gave him what to do you know he's good shopping or eating what is that so Sarkis goes on but it bar restaurant and pop-up performance well this is a circus and I'm running away right now I've already done it circus is here so cute what love are you going for 4G eventi no no it's G to shop for the event things well yeah because I was 31 I go you're so wonderful we're all so wonderful I'm just excited the beach this is so cute No Oh Gary no but seriously just walking by yourself I'm not stalking you or anybody just walking this morning oh we're just gonna go look for other outfits and then we're gonna grab lunch [Laughter] we are you know what I'm doing that go in the phone yeah let's do it oh wait can I do it on your social as well would you mind grabbing me oh my god cute thank you all right onward I don't know that story it's like an age in them but like better yeah people do terribly kind of like people are diving out of the way yeah there's yellow everywhere oh no I like this yellow dress rocket so cute but it's not like we're not there yet it looks like a dirty wife right it's all seconds dirty not like it's like a taupe you can stay that way and I think there would be some okay watch for traffic trying to find place your lunch well the girls don't walk into a pulpit Thanks what's this rs.100 people driving really fast down possible that just means none loose no boots were hard so I hopefully we won't get any anybody upset I thought you wanted to know cuz Gary started singing I'm addicted cheerio what is that even – there we go tie it in that's phone oh please how it's all connected Emma it's the universe's funny ways you're scaring me right now I know what is it from that hot sauce I think there's like a lot of hot sauce on that and you make me feel I think yeah I think also like the jet lag is coming in oh yeah [Laughter] Thank You nobility Oh Nelson house inside I don't know I don't know we decided to name them now there's something there that's this is for sure Bianca honestly yeah I did maybe a little bit more masculine I know they don't have real radio here no they do no they just just do net it actually adds to the vibe BBC Radio 1 it's really good I was filming went do when she saw me at the corner of my eye I was like my own well actually I'm scared for a second I wasn't paying attention because I was filming and I'm like she grabbed me it's this like where you buy groceries yes absurd keep market I'm ready gary said there's a good day in the markets didn't so nice okay so we got something we got yeah okay so yeah the Mike died yeah no they're good they're all in the charters I'm prepared okay guys I got my nicest hand sock on for our dinner tonight see that I chose this one especially for the shade of the white I have a black just a leather jacket yes I brought five coats and Krystal called me crazy just maybe you'll like hopefully this will suit you I mean just a little kind of smallish anything any Goods pockets are so small cut nothing in them okay they're so special I mean you're looking at what you eat the wine bottle yeah goodness madam I hate this so scary hey bye ooh Cristo I wanna play Domino's maybe what we do tonight Chris is gonna party the Jonas Brothers all night we're actually gonna listen to the Jonas Brothers now how did you turn the thing literally yes I am literally made you know I'm gonna show you so embarrassing show me show up here you show me then I'll find me okay oh okay no I made like a video to this video girl song once in my room and I was like a lone dance thank you no no it's not been long enough like I think I was like kind of old I was like maybe like 14 like shouldn't have happened [Applause] [Applause] today is the day I woke up with a sore throat so that's fun okay does this find insanity guarantee did you think this is gonna look this way no like show everybody we're this I'm not coming out to a song right maybe we're to get a little too far here No [Applause]

49 thoughts on “Avoiding Disaster And Meetup Anxiety | London Vlog Part 1

  1. ıt's so sad to say these but ı think you are very tired and have a low mood Valeria. This is okay, sometimes it can be but recently you are creating simple and not dealt contents 🙁 Also shooting quality is steadily falling….

  2. Just trying to be constructive, i couldnt get to 15 mins because i felt like throwing up from motion sickness. Please be more aware when hand holding a camera.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA #fyrefestival cracked me up 😂😂😂😂 SO happy it all worked out so amazingly, I had the BEST time there and met so many amazing girls, it was so lovely to see this community in person!
    I have rarely been in such a supportive environment of girls lifting each other up 😍🤗

  4. i feel like emma is sabotaging the quality of this last videos 😅 cause honestly the first ones were soo much better in quality than the ones right now, and i thinks its supposed to be even bettter right now with the years of experience and practice… its really annoying the fact that it was soooo shaky i was really looking forward to this vlog, i hope that part 2 is not gonna be like this 🙁

  5. Gary is the star of this vlog! We all learn so much from Gary so, thank you! (also, he has just the best social skills – always so inclusive, kind, courteous, makes everyone feel so comfortable & so quick-witted!)

  6. I wanna watch the whole SPEECH ON STAGE!!!
    PLEASE UPLOAD IT…. I really hope we all get to be there and see you at least through our screens!
    Don't wanna miss a word you and Gary spoke that evening! ☺️💝

  7. I feel like the beginning of this has been sped up just a tiny bit, you can tell from how quickly everyone appears to be talking and the camera shake has given me such a headache I might have to watch the rest later lol. I was meant to come to this meet up, but ended up being sick all day 🙁 xx

  8. OMG it was like The Blair Witch Project LOL! I had to close my eyes a couple times to avoid motion sicknes 😛 Besides that I need to say that Emma looks soo nice she is my fav member of the valeria Inc

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