Most of this is so true lol

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stuck in traffic don't like being stuck in traffic make up a song and sing it swim I'm gonna die and come back and fuck your grandmother we got car parks everywhere Donald supermarkets stadiums the fucking m25 to some recent comments I was gonna make my next find a little bit more family-friendly by I'm stuck in traffic the fuck you wanna drive up back God step all over the world people are dying of starvation Africa Asia fucking m25 do you like sitting in the middle of the road do you like moving at two miles an hour all day long come to fucking England people think will British people do is drink tea eat crumpets and talk about Harry Potter all day ain't true we're saying convict traffic there's some beautiful parts to this country beautiful parts where you can just sit for hours and enjoy the view this a fucking one of them due to recent comments I wasn't gonna make any more fights about traffic but look all these darkly fucking lesbians I was gonna do a fine how British people react to sunglasses but then I realized we don't fucking sell them sorry I've made any vines recently um the reason is me and Carly took a drive down the shops so fucking weeks ago someone said to me you change your mind like the weather and I just thought to myself what I never changed my fucking mind then this is British comedy at its finest oh fuck oh it's no traffic the mic screen but hold on it's a fucking lorna come on go you know what I say about people who live life in the fast lane don't know they do not live in fucking England look all these dickheads sitting in traffic traffic's for days fuck this is a good joke it's worse than being stuck behind an owner drive on you selfish pricks got another joke war British people in a statue got in common we literally never fucking move what a fuck do they call it a rush hour slow down everyone calm down it's no race not much in they say if you look at something for long enough you'll start to love it well I'll be shoving my cock you know fuck your bright lights and with mericans drive on that side of the road fine England on this side of the road you sit here I do fuckhead now effect do you want to live in London do you wanna live life in the fast lane good fucking luck here's another joke so this American girl walks into a bar in an Australian guy walks into the bar in an English guy he can't fucking make it British motorways have zero gifts zero crashes zero vacuum movement was gonna make a vine today with something unbelievable happened there's no traffic on the fucking sun's out British countryside sometimes you can sit for hours and look at it also sometimes you have no choice you can't just blame the foreigners for traffic you can't even just blame motorists for traffic sometimes it's fucking sad

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