Where is the time flying? It’s almost been a month already since my London trip and only now did I manage to sit, go through the vlog and put it all together to share with you guys. As luck would have it I first wrongly uploaded it on my personal YouTube channel so I just had to go through the whole process once again. What a dufus.

Anyway, I hope this long wait is worth it and I do hope to have some time in the next days and weeks to bring back other content in my channel. I haven’t done monthly favourites in a few months and neither have I been sharing any new purchases etc … would you like to see that or any other content? Please let me know in the comments section below.

Till then, hope you enjoy this little walk around one of my favourite cities in the world – London!

❥ Where I stayed: Travelodge London Vauxhall

❥ What I saw:
‘The Renaissance Nude’ at the Royal Academy of Arts
‘The EY Exhibition Van Gogh and Britain’ at Tate Britain

❥ What I did: Airbnb experience ‘Shoot in London’s instagramable spots!’ with Emily / www.emztography.co.uk (Thumbnail taken from shoot)

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you might recognize some personnel today but I'm also planning on having a different show this afternoon just chilly because I do need to relax very much read I'm overworked over thinking my brain is frying of every single second so yeah uh sure first things first I need to find the dry cleanness journey Oxford Street Regent Street great dangerous shopping come to shop early and I just thought why so this is on the way that there yes this morning I actually woke up at 5:00 this morning so thus perhaps through the confusion comes from angles so my shoes – I want to get back to them whatever chillin bits or fresh fresh enough my shoes and have you ever noticed how gorgeous the building is on Regent Street Theatre on Regent Street we just go to dance spend some time so I did of course do some damage Liberty cupcake skincare which angle I soon forget thank you traffic below and I just got the sleeping Turban kind of some scrubbies trying to save money my 30 beats on hair which you can see I'm just gonna walk around the scene is getting someone familiar something they were and then you get gray clouds it's very good landing girl I mean take some work it says this one to design exchange the one next to or close to where you can see it with this one the one which is quite close to me and they let me say some of the prices are really unbelievable all of the goods looking very good sun nation but I don't know I'm still I still couldn't get myself to buy something pretty love because I just wanted to show you how gorgeous this nice is this person just previous spring it's gorgeous then this effected man I should take a photo as well so pretty this awareness is worth taking [Applause] looking down you Bri streets Manning over to pay a portion because at least or hopefully we got to be one of them locations right perfect oh shoot prepare person but reviewers know this is Westminster fresh beautiful airiness confusing one with you new interesting plates this fair as well I could potentially be I'm back [Applause] good morning guys it's my second day here in London and I I think I did not have log anything I didn't pick you up after the after the photo shoot yesterday and I first of all I apologize for that just in case you're interested but to be quite honest I mean it was really raining quite quite a bit afterwards and I just hit it quickly to an apology to buy a couple of things that I had a mind from my last trip here so the slightest herb and and yeah after that I was very hungry I indulged and I'm now paying the consequences I had the most terrible of nights I'm still not feeling like 100% in fact I ended up wearing my white jeans which I wasn't planning on wearing because they have the most give and they are like I mean I would almost be tempted to spend the day in bed right now but I don't know I'll go out a bit and see how it goes and takes from there perhaps I'll have an LED turn hand I don't know I'm scared that I'm getting I'm falling in in with a cold as well because I'm feeling very blocked and very sniffily and I know all of these details might not be have interest but I'm just keeping you updated what else I might go and see a couple of exhibitions I'm playing it a bit by ear today but because I'm feeling a bit the hand also because I want to take it easy I don't want to be constantly constantly rushed what I know for sure and what I have to do for sure is pick up my blazer from just round the corner for tomorrow's event which I don't think I'd be vlogging or but I might show you what I'm wearing before I do so that's it for the time being and yeah let's see how this goes the car it knocked me off my feet Wow stop [Applause] [Applause] Oh like me see the 88 really goes to negative me in critical yes so I'm going to have I can an exhibition it's because they're innocent I actually saw poster cube station in Savannah yeah that's right here okay so [Applause] that was actually a really interesting I'm so glad I made the efficiently I came over I think for the rest they just have a little walked it's very easy I don't know if I do a lot of shopping I didn't know how much yesterday between liberty and anthropology so stick around with me as much as my battery allows me because of course even though I thought replaced when the batteries and I did charge them before I came to London I did bring them with me but I left them in the hotel so typical Marion stuff but anyways I might need to eat something at something because I'm starting to feel hungry I have been walking for about 40 minutes or so just to say you know still some spare I I get I just go to sometimes did I mention I wanted to go to this sir so I wanted to go to this pre-loved vintage designer and shop couldn't sign up in science that and media the influencer I mean yet from sorry I'm losing my house I'm just really not 100% today anyways I'm India from Indiana actually mentioned it one of her last robes and I wanted to like see what it's all about and yeah I wonder but as usual I got cold feet as always happens whenever I am in vintage store in church store or anywhere where there is my stuff which has always been used this streets are you just lovely lovely hostas or pastel colors let's give me one thing I had a good good run for its money I would say I didn't manage to find the pharmacy I got myself some spray because I was really congested so we're hoping that things will be better I'm trying to eat clean to the aid as opposed yesterday's indulgence and I practiced of the threatening every president was quite a few so yeah I'm planning that the rest of the day would also be rather clean in terms of food I can't afford to be unwell tonight as well so [Applause] hello again guys much more glamorous and yesterday's last last entry on this on this vlog of sites yeah so basically this morning I'm going to a very special event yeah so I made the effort and I just wanted to show you my outfit which probably you have already seen on my Instagram stories so yeah I'll just go through it just in case you're interested and I'm trying to link whatever is still available um at the bottom authors of this vlog once I post it so first things first sorry I'm looking at the mirror instead of the screen so I don't know what I'm actually showing ya so ring you're familiar with it that's from Chloe watch is clues and the bangle is Silvia Toledano the necklace is also Chloe my earrings and you see these are my new your shrimp al they're the ones with the dangly bit I felt I needed something a bit more sassy so the dress is from H&M studio collection spring/summer 2019 my blazer is one of my many Blazers like this from Zara back is Bulgari my shoes are ups let's do this my shoes are always some of the tissues and I just love it when a dress code says flat shoes so yeah and my sunnies are from your as well I'd be wearing a trench coat as well because of course we're in London it's sunny right now but then the next couple of hours is going to be nice and rainy so yeah let me go down because I need to meet some others who are also attending and I'm not sure if I'll be I guess some wearing a belt with this it's a it's a Gucci belt and it's more like to create some some shape and lift how to dress because otherwise I'll be tripping minute so yeah so I'm gonna make a move love you and leave you I don't know if I'll be vlogging again later today but in any case yeah I'll see you for sure tomorrow Wow [Applause] [Applause] Oh Oh Oh [Applause] guys ready ready to head over to Kings Cross in progress it's just a few meters away but people leaving I strongly recommend me to come to cold drops yard it was recommended to me also lost loves much less immersed yeah but I just remember yeah they are about an hour works very very much so she's based on her going to have a quick browse because I'm already carrying this massive thing with me and that so I'm exhausted I'm not going to was going to say I'm not going to shop but Who am I kidding I probably shop I'll probably buy something but yeah I can't buy anything too big because I'm I practically can't handle all of this together because I'm not going to share anything about because it was the the wish it will be kept private so my superiors because well possibly sharing everything we do need so yeah yeah let's hear em look there's couple of cases that I wish to leave at work imagine which I don't you follow their media and I'm subscribed to their mailing list so it would be nice to have a look inside I know that there should be a PC I think I so well but anyways I'm wrassling going to make a move because time is starting to depress now and I don't want to be late for my train of course so just in case I don't I might friend of its sake now but just in case I'll leave you here and thank you very much for watching and what this then bore you if your news in this channel thank you very much for something I might want to subscribe and click on well to be notified of any future courses around me so thank you

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