A look at Sunday’s newspapers with Camilla Tominey from the Daily Telegraph, Anushka Asthana from The Guardian and LBC Radio presenter Tom Swarbrick on Sunday 26th May 2019.

News featured includes who will replace Theresa May as British Prime Minister after she announced her resignation on Friday.

politics is not a notably nostalgic or sentimental trade to resumes tearful exit just a couple of days ago and already we are straight on to the next thing our text is sort of set by The Sunday Telegraph the race is on the Tory leadership of course the race to be the next prime minister and they've got they focus on Michael Gove campaign in their main story but there we have Boris Johnson and Dominic Robb peering at each other across the top of the paper there and if there's one word that occurs more often than Gove it's Boris get Boris Gove challenge rifle again says The Sunday Times there's the Express Faraj you can't trust Boris over brexit says the man leading the brexit party the Sunday Mirror Boris wants a quickie it says hohoho p.m. race turning toxic already that's certainly true The Mail on Sunday and then finally the observer there is again Boris Johnson Tory moderates open battle to block No Deal brexit and you might gather from that that at the moment the race has just started but already Boris Johnson is out ahead he appears to be the man to beat Tom Swarbrick let's start with the observer there is your former boss going back into into number 10 some nice writing about but not an awful lot of writing about during the paper no it's amazing how quickly everything moves on it was only 48 hours ago unsentimental yes quite everything moves very quickly Chris Wilkins who is my former colleague who worked as an advisor in number 10 – Theresa May uses Theodore Roosevelt's man in the arena speech which is actually framed in number 10 it is not the critic who counts the credit belongs to the man or in this case the woman who is actually in the arena whose face is marred by dust sweat and blood she says that she is in many ways a simple unremarkable person there are lots of commitment from the prime minister to a Saturday morning routine when she would go and collect the shopping or she would go to the gym he reflects and I can reflect to robotoid anyone who tried to get in the way it all ended literally in tears but how do you think history will remember to read something on don't know yet let's wait and see how how the present let us say at the moment it seems that it might be a little unkind but it depends on this success of her successor I think it certainly does well let's move unsentimental e on to the next thing asana you've got the only time is the sunday times and I am just going to mention treason a once more before we move on because it's an interesting piece by Tim Shipman hear about her Premiership it's easy to say she was played a bad hand and that's why she's ended up where she is but what he's basically saying is that cabinet ministers and others who he spoken to have put out five clear mistakes that she made from her red lines on brexit to triggering article 52 early to a general election her checkers agreement and allowing the EU to dictate some of the terms of the deal I am anooshka but isn't it also the case that she was trying to do something which might be impossible which is to leave the EU after 45 years with no embarrassment no friction no economic hit and carry on justice just as things are at the moment and that that way of leaving you is possibly not doable arguably that's not doable but the other thing that is arguably not doable is to find any solution that could possibly bring together the two sides of this incredibly divisive debate and it's good to be divisive campaign as well Camilla you've got the front of the Sunday Times there that's right so as you say Boris featuring in most headlines but also Michael Gove who's managed to get himself in most of the papers this morning by having not given an interview necessarily he's doing a podcast me Robinson at the hey literary festival is a very Michael go frame starting accounting way to launch a campaign and so he's obviously going to be talking about his details man credentials in the face of criticism that Boris is not organized enough this was what came unstuck during the two hundred 2016 leadership election this idea that go over band and Boris because he didn't think he was up to the job once again that rivalry is coming to the surface and it's interesting because some of the supporters are go over talking about this idea that although Gove is less electable and doesn't go down particularly well in focus groups compared to Boris who's the outright favorite of Tory Party grassroots the Gove arguments going to be well you need the best the most the brightest man in the room to negotiate with the EU and if a Tory leader can get brexit through then the Tories will have a better chance in the election anyway and therefore I can be more competitive against Boris I wonder we feel here about his view of No Deal because he's always been very very hostile to the idea of no deal very worried about the economic and and political effects of that yeah that distances him from Boris and also a lot of the attacks now on Boris Johnson Johnson we can't be able to familiar all of the attacks that on Boris Johnson at the moment and they're being led by so-called dive bomber Rory Stewart are about him coming out in Switzerland in the week and say I will deliver brexit Deal or No Deal and some of the candidates hunt Stewart and Hancock is saying No Deal can't hunt less so to be fair because he's always positioned himself as a believer but saying that we can't possibly leave without a deal and Johnson's main argument being actually we need no deal to be on the table in order to renegotiate properly can I just pick up on this familiarity because I think it's really interesting I mean basically all these headlines are talking about Gopher ahjimmae and then they're talking about Boris and and we've been thinking about this because why do we describe him as Boris he should be sorry you say that word everybody knows who I mean because he's seen is this big electoral asset who has something different to the others but one thing on that you know Tory MPs might decide he is an electoral asset and the fear of Nigel Farage means we have to have him but he has changed a lot I was reading something that said when he was London Mayor people called him the Heineken politician reach parts of the electorate that others calm when he backed one side of this very divisive campaign he became the Marmite politician and that could go against him as well there's a very important point made this huge amount of commentary of course over all the papers but iandale in The Sunday Telegraph makes a very interesting point he says there really has to be in the Tory Party interests a proper campaign going on and on for week after week after week with hustings and TV interviews and questions from the public so they can really test the credentials of the candidate she's clearly not in one would have thought the interests of Boris Johnson to have a short campaign and have a coronation might be the way he wants to to get a get in to number 10 I have to say I I completely agree with with the ins piece and it's got to be the way to have a proper contest so the public can see the membership can see and we can test the candidates that have brought forward because the criticism of Theresa May of course is she was never tested out in that environment you can have him an LBC and you can have the Andrew Marr show although the other interesting thing that Ian Dale says which I think is something people should think about quite a few of these candidates are saying we have to leave by October that the he points out this will be done at the end of July the Commission will be asleep in August a new Commission's not in place till November the first he thinks the sensible candidates should actually say we'll ask for a year extension and we'll do some proper no-till planning kamila you know the Tory party pretty well do you think a candidates who do that kind of thing has any chance at all in this election because Rory Stewart for instance said on this sofa on that that chair it's not the sofa last week that he wanted to rule out no deal possibly by law straight away if he became Conservative leader a lot of Tory voters think that that was a catastrophic decision that Teresa may made or at least you'll speak to the Chancellor about it later which completely compromised the negotiations from day one I think it's more likely that the candidates who have the best chance of going forward and leading the party are the ones who might say actually there are some good parts of the withdrawal agreement can we read apt it can we take out the hated backstop to win DUP support and modify the negotiation that's taken place for the last two years I think it's going to take a very brave candidate to say we're tearing up completely but that no deal on the table factor is important and it's all very well for Roy Stuart to come and say this but a lot of MPs who might not like the idea of Boris do not like the idea of continuing well they don't Boris Johnson do not like the idea of continuity may either this idea that the brexit policy can be all things to all men just just on the point about No Deal David Gork who is not running for for leadership which makes him unique really as a piece in The Observer today saying we the next leader needs to be very very honest about the choices ahead he says we should not pretend that leaving the EU without a deal will be anything other than enormous ly harmful to our economy weaken our security relationship threatened the integrity of the Union and it can't be appoint lost on those who are advocating not necessarily just for no deal but also for a deal if they were to take us out on to WTO terms how long would that be for in order to get the free trade arrangement and as Simon Cove knee from the Irish government has said in the last few days he says as soon as you have no deal and you start negotiating the Irish will demand it goes to the backstop absolute Teresa may say not the case but also there is a sort of realistic point here that Roy sphere is trying to make which is the parliamentary mathematics do not change because Theresa Makos that's very important Camilla well I was listening to you talking about your ideal candidate the words Dominic rob came into my mind because you were saying you want your money somebody go to credentials and no deal chose a tough figure who understood Brussels well I think that there's some fear in Brussels of both Rob and Johnson in the sense that they know that they're going to be a lot tougher I'd also make the point about the parliamentary arithmetic political decision making of course with regard to supporting deals or not isn't just about the cold hard numbers it's also about leadership a lot of MPs didn't support the withdrawal agreement because they felt that Teresa may have been duplicitous and lied to them therefore if they are energized by a leader who they think can take them beyond brexit and actually beat Corbin that might incentivize a few more people to support particularly if the deal can be tweaked this is my ask ask one other arithmetic point which is that the Telegraph has party membership saws story party membership by thirty six thousand as he prepares to choose a new leader but this is a very strange moment for the country hundred and forty thousand people wherever it is get to choose the new prime minister and one of the big questions is are they all traditional conservatives or is there a crossover between people who are voting in campaigning for the brexit largely on the one hand and the Conservative Party because you think you can't join the Conservative Party unless you're a Tory if you're a member of any other party but the brexit party doesn't have members quite and the Conservative Party for some time has been from CC HQ and the stories we read about it have been dealing with this issue issue of entry ISM there is a block of about 60 MPs within the Conservative Party who are trying to be a drag anchor on the party moving to the right via their ISM going on even without it all the polling showed that Tory members are way more in favor of No Deal than the general population way more in favor of brexit than the general population so whoever is going to win this has to have a position that will get through that membership and overhang this whole conversation we don't know the results of the European elections we can't know the results we can't talk about the results because we don't know them but what we have seen is the rise and rise and rise of Nigel Farage's brexit party big big rallies all around the country enthusing quite a lot of people who were and perhaps still are part of the conservative family to what extent do you all think that is going to shape that that event is going to shape the conservatively not least because there are a lot of liebe lay believers who have been at these event I was at that feather Simmons working club for the brexit Party rally where Ann Widdecombe gives was given a standing ovation completely unprecedented scenes the polling is suggesting that the swing voter wants a year a skeptic leader who might have more social justice agenda so what's interesting when you look at mr. rabe who you go to speak to and in a minute and then Johnson is that battle for the center ground because of course Johnson wants to package itself and is a one nation Tory with a strong brexit Bennett that seems to fit into some of the polling which is yes that's what the swing voters are looking for isn't the treasurer to the point you were making earlier that that some part of the withdrawal agreement is going to have to go through and the irony might be that something very close to what the reason they agreed but couldn't sell actually gets voted for by a prime minister who is Euroskeptic and says well I didn't do this but we've got to get through this let's get through and I'll make the best of it although and that's why Faraj here is attacking them from the other side of it saying they did vote for the withdrawal agreement that's why you can't even short and and underlining that we are guessing at this moment do we expect a really really bad and grim night for the main parties yes certainly for Tories but I think because that's already priced in labor could be the story and it's amazing the quotes from Tom Watson the deputy leader in The Observer today basically saying that his party is going to be punished for not taking a firm position over Breck so absolutely it be the local elections all over again perhaps all right well thank you all very much lots to look forward to and watch all day today it's been sunny

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