In our unique ‘Money In London’ documentary, we capture an evening with Floyd Mayweather. The undefeated boxing legend shares tales from his glittering career and allows fans in the audeince to ask questions of their own. With never before seen footage, we witness the visit of the superstar in our nations Capital City.

**Due to the noise level of the attending crowd during the main part of the evening, the sound quality during this production is out of our control**

One thought on “An evening with Floyd Mayweather Documentary 'Money In London'

  1. The background noise is really annoying.  People can't STFU. The interviewer shouldn't have to mention that.  I was at an event a few years ago where an excellent entrepreneurship was trying to give a talk.  Unfortunately people like myself who wanted to listen could barely hear a word because all the tables were full of drunks talking absolute crap.  I was astounded.  I mean making an effort to go to an event and then ignoring the speaker.  I'd have been furious if I'd bought a ticket to Mayweather's event and people were talking over him.

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