DAY 3: My parents and I travelled on the Underground Tube through the city of London. Some of the main attractions we go to see were, St. Pauls Cathedral, the Tower of London, and Tower Bridge.

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she's a dragon that's a dragon that got converted over to the dark side and game of throne it's pretty dope wanted to so that would be so now we're gonna go in and just to play make the dish you planted a circle circle line one of those lines I know it's a green light they're gonna head over to a black fire and then we're going to see the st. Paul's Cathedral after that we're gonna head over to our lark fires with – but now we're gonna walk over to the st. Paul's Cathedral guy says right around the corner see about that so far everyone every time I ask someone where to go they always tell me to go somewhere and it's like the wrong way like three times already now or maybe I'm just not listening correctly it's one of the other it could be definitely correctly there's a lot of mistakes why did I go away again so ya see we're here in London it's hot I'm sweating balls here in London and tomorrow the temperatures supposed to be even hotter it's crazy in London really but I have to say it's beautiful when it's when it's all the weather's like this I have to change my opinion of London for the first time I think it's pretty nice here really nice how can I live in London I the hell no but if the weather's like this whoo I could definitely live here it's awesome Lennon you go man you go and they got Krispy Kreme Doughnuts what all right he's up I don't do coffee but they got Starbucks here right now we're about to go into st. Paul's Cathedral let's see what it is right okay so we wanted to go into the cathedral but they says that we cannot film inside which is understandable so we decided to and let's cross OS two seconds so we decided that we're just gonna go and check out the Tower of London now and enter into there and film inside there right mom okay so yeah I guess we'll check you later I want to take the elevator we're here again at our Hill yesterday we came here and we didn't go inside the castle but today we're gonna go inside the castle mama wants to go inside the castle and today's a much better day it's actually warmer so it's pretty cool my dad's buying tickets for us to go into the Tower of London that place is huge I think we're gonna spend the whole entire day inside so my parents my mom and dad bought something for Devin and kami check it out this is for David they're in a nice blue and this is poke Amy don't break it they're gonna break it okay so if you look behind me that is the mighty white tower that is the main attraction of the Tower of London I think if I'm not mistaken so we're gonna go inside and check it out pretty excited alright peace out we'll check out later but we're gonna wait a little bit for another couple of minutes because they're gonna have a presentation on how they attack the mighty white tower so we're gonna chill out here for a little bit then we're gonna go into the mighty white arrow and hopefully it's cool I mean they call it the mighty white tower so it better be cool inside alright peace out anytime okay so we're going to walk up the mighty White Tower now the thing is there are 204 steps in total Wow are you ready mom here we go let's go so here on the final destination of the tower all right so we're gonna be heading down now I thought we're gonna go like the top top and then we could look over to see the entire city but no this is all weekend I was here yesterday and I actually called that thing from the London Bridge and then I had a lot of people write me a gantry that is not the London Bridge it's the Tower Bridge so I had to come back here and correct myself so that is the Tower Bridge the original London Bridge was sold to the Americans it's in a city somewhere in Arizona really it's the original London Bridge thank you appreciate it okay so you heard it straight from the man himself all right so we're done just gonna take a few more pictures and then we're gonna go eat and we're done for today we're still alive almost there I think almost there I hope so


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