2 thoughts on “Ameesha's Awesome Mansion from London, UK

  1. Praise God. Do you wan too know how Ameesha Reacted? She wrote me:

    "Hey!! I just saw the video I have never smiled so bright in my life!!! I'm sooooooooo happy thank you!!!!!! I don't think I could be sad ever again!! And you said in the video that I need to text you because you had a reason why God had a cheesy smile I found that bit hilarious.

    that is amazing!!!!!!! All day I was thinking about how God smiled and I couldn't stop laughing and I really agree with the last bit you texted because if I couldn't even contain myself because of how much I love him and that he smiled I don't know how I could contain myself when I get more spiritually more powerful in him Thanks sooo much!! This has been the greatest day of my life!"

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