Join Si-finds as he goes on a mission to find a WW2 shell-case. Go back in time to when London was in the middle of the blitz and discover what is amongst the demolished buildings that still lie on the foreshore, including a real used artillery shell!

attention all my brothers advantage today on the Thames full Shaw looking for one thing today and that is the big artillery shells I mean much camo so hopefully they won't see me coming and I've got my metal detector as well so up a wink lay out all the brass amongst all the iron so yeah let's glad 7.1 so June second world war a lot of the buildings that were demolished will need to be thrown on the Thames and here we go this is an example some of the bricks that we find pick heap of them all from a certain area there's absolutely annihilated in the Blitz by Luftwaffe and all these are house bricks there's so many of them and hopefully amongst this there might be some artillery shells we just got dig deep and be lucky but my wonky spoke to me today don't you take a spade out with me but rubble this one out and they'll realize when I got here just got a whopping great cracking in so I'm not sure if this is gonna be any good for me today it bends like anything so yeah I'll have to wait and see see how gloopy is down here as well not much to say that's alright though because we might love is we don't want to be a mud that's where the good stuff is all in the mud it's got to be prepared to get dirty now if you look carefully you can say this is the impression of where one used to be it's still saying I think some markings wear you know a bit like where you get a coin in the clod and sometimes you can see some markings where that would have been the base of you there and that's where the trigger mechanism was so I'm pretty sure I'm in the right spot where I found it last time and if I can find one it's gonna be awesome so much there's a few tricks we can do put the day up a little bit we're going up discriminating out the iron hopefully there's pretty good hey quiet down a little bit see a small cooler helps down here because you've got a big coil you'll just get signals all the time so little call helps get amongst all the rocks a large bits of iron that you want down here I need to get between Ian's upon the good stuff there's littered we've bounced another bits of metal iron we don't want any of that felt there as well loads of stuff lift like to put the days when there was factories as she goes everywhere absolutely to do this are we gonna get a lot of full signal stay has to be drill bit stuffs everywhere so it's gonna be hard give it a go right guys who I found it's not an artillery shell it's the right sort of size and it's made of metal this is the big lump of iron it's actually a lot splitter it's a beauty lovely bit of metal there solid iron I'm getting a lot listen I've got some big big lumps of iron I'll just show you the profile there look so you've been hit on there hit there quite a lot and this would have been used to split split the locks for shoot building or building the wharfs anything that's a big old lump of iron it's lovely what first fire detector is little musket ball now this isn't what we fight we want to find really you see where a musket ball or bit of shrapnel from an anti-aircraft shell a bit hard to really identify this one hasn't got C Mon so you can actually be part of an anti-aircraft shell so must be in the right area my guys didn't spot the find and you see it I'll zoom in slowly there he is we will call it on its side just poking out in the sunlight there we go big old penny george v 20 19 20 yes it's 1920 that's pretty good but we're not looking for that little bit later who looking for something in there during the Second World War big artillery shells right down here Volvo I'll take a coin sonar signal yes I'll come on look at that that's brass that is brass can you say that oh that's got me sound good it's gotta be a shell casing come on well I don't want to scratch it so I want to think what I want to do I'm gonna kind of dig around it change we get the big knife got the big knife out but we're gonna be careful not to scratch it we're going to take away bit by bit there it goes there's the bass it's still here you think doing this bit left filming left and I'm thinking with my right home so keeps going I'll scratch nearly all be there it will polish out a little bit of tea time at me right there brass I know kind of lovely that's a lovely size as well my other one off down it's smaller than this one and with a bit of love well I'm pretty sure the base might be stamped up we can sell all areas as well in there let's hope it's not live otherwise it could go Bank no it's coming out lovely color on that underneath some talk as well happy where to be a lot of these got sucked in so in night seven Riley she's a big one it keeps on going yet keeps on going I'll pull this back as well take them right before story I'm excited man good it was worth coming out in the rain come on on in now right the con used to fade I don't want to even this is more of a excavation as opposed to a deep did not keep it out this is what the big nice for we have reached the end you can see that those the end there and look the sun's about the sun's come out today there that's got to be sesame six twelve twenty twenty inches there and you can just see there that the room like there's a little room where so that's not live so there's no shell there's no them it's not yeah not like so embedded camera down why I think these British cannot do that one hand either so I can say things you wake up inside that freaks a flight announcement we go the grand half of it over the nozzle in you ready guys it's the first time it's gonna come up in 80 plus years here we go wait look at that see the look at the bottom there and give that clean up and see we can reveal any markings hey yes we done it we go guys let's see what it says on the base because basically is where it holds information that's where the primaries OOP excuse mud off 19:42 see that you thought you'd say yep and then stay there as well 42 number 15 15 so happy that's a beauty those markings nap you there's a little Broad Arrow there turn use military gun fool to cf1 ain't for teh both baby Wyatt 11:42 and I love a little triangle marking there so we'll see if we can find out where this came from what these markings mean obviously we know what 1942 means another board arrow their lot not three eight eight absolutely fantastic there's another little marking there 6pr CW and all these all these different markings tells you where it was made war factory it came from probably where is intended to go beauty now is the ugly job of getting rid of all work muck call the gunk coming out of it that black mud in there for 80 years and there we go guys one beautiful brass artillery shell considered fine one didn't I well done he finally got one what's written lovely there that was not nice what we – yep we're small me yep do you might wow that night I just recorded your reaction and I won't put on YouTube

24 thoughts on “AMAZING WW2 artillery shell found Mudlarking The River Thames – London

  1. Hello Si Finds. I understand your excitement for Mudlarking. When I go out and walk the river bed after it dries up I get the shakes I'm so excited. Seeing a pristine gravel bed is like heaven. Is there any way to send you some email pics of some of my discoveries?

  2. We had a couple of 3.7 shell cases eitherside of our fireplace when I was a kid in the 50's. my dad bought them home from the war.Also two Oerlikon cases on the mantlepiece. He was on the ack ack guns.

  3. At last someone who makes a great video, as it is without any stupid dancing and faffing around, no stupid music and no bigging themselves up. Brilliant mate keep them coming, I have subscribed to your channel. Great finds by the way.

  4. My Mum lived and survived the blitzes of London. She had told me so many sad yet fascinating stories. Funnily, seeing all the bricks, made me tear up.

  5. I would not attempt to dig up a shell not knowing if it was live, you would have to be retarded to do so. Fortunately there is little chance of finding one where I live. I did find A spent flare on the beach. public warnings state do not touch them, but report them to the authorities who will safely remove them.

  6. This is excellent. I used to go looking for old ww2 stuff around the countryside near maidstone as a kid in the 1970s with an old fieldmaster F33 then a cscope vlftr770d . Had the added bonus of being shown where all the AA BATERRIES and barracks where as well as some ammo dumps by my ww2 vet uncle. Gave my whole collection away to a bloke dressed like General patton at the war and peace show to put in his private museum. Again brilliant video.

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