I challenge anyone to tell me of a better one. There’s even a card on the ceiling! Good entertainment whilst shopping in London’s Hamleys Toy Shop.

oh yeah taking this guy's handkerchief goes inside they had never up the arm around with sleeve in this hand always remains empty watch Stephanie cheaper Spanish give it a snap and amazingly debris appears like sighs family's number one selling toy and it'll make you look like your magician if you've never done it before in your life guys come forward for me choose any card you like result take a look don't show me the card of course but it's straight back there now let me ask you a question would you like to see your card appear underneath it's not here or would you like to see it on the ceiling up there so so on the ceiling you will see all the cards in the deck are completely different just say stop for me whenever you like yeah tell Carter the top card is that your chosen goal fantastic pretty straight back on top of there now watch very carefully for me the top card now is the ace of hearts and on the other side we have the three of clubs come forward for me put your hand over the Ace of Hearts for me because all I'm gonna do now is push this three of clubs straight through your hand and steal your Ace of Hearts what do you have three clubs going straight through your hand to see all the cards in the deck are completely different but if I put your chosen card on top give it a magical wave you'll see all the cards turn into your chosen card or to show you more clearly Sammy's number one selling to

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