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4 thoughts on “Alton Towers, UK ~ Lost Country Houses of England ~

  1. Really a shame that Alton Towers, once the family seat of the Earls of Shrewsbury, has been RUINED – turned into an amusement park (and the rides are apparently not very well maintained as the rollercoaster crashed last year). Shameful! We can thank Hitler for bombing England into oblivion, forcing ridiculously high taxes on the aristocracy to rebuild the country, therefore condemning many of these beautiful country houses to demolition or slow decay and ruin. In a country where a lot rides on tourism, one would think that someone would've recognized the importance of English country houses LONG AGO. Amusement parks are a dime a dozen and I can assure you that I shall not visit even one in the UK, but I will visit as many country houses as possible !!!

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