Not my favorite riding environment, but the client lives in London and is used to this type of riding.

16 thoughts on “Advancedbiker does the North Circular London

  1. Good stuff Alan.I find this type of riding both physically and mentally challenging.It certainly is different to the usual video clips of deserted rural French or Welsh roads which lend themselves to easier assessments and manouveres.

  2. @dippidop used to ride along there in the early 90's when I had my Honda NSR125rr then a 250rr, in Essex now near Colchester, not quite as heavy, I don't mind lighter traffic, it is kind of fun I agree 🙂

  3. @advancedbiker Sounds like a heavenly way to start the day then a hellish way to finish. I have great respect for anyone that rides round London. I'll stick to my long wheelbase Transit. 😀

  4. @instruct2008

    I rode the south circular today, having never rode in london before i found it quite a bit of fun!

    I wouldnt want to be riding through london if i had a deadline to get somewhere mind..

  5. Been a bit of a freaky day for me. First you put up a video of the A507 which I live near. Then you put up a video of the North Circular that I work along and have to go through them roadworks 4 times a week. As long as your next video isn't of my house then I'm happy. 😀

  6. @advancedbiker do you have nothing to say about this persons riding, it was terrible. Practically everything your're told not to do when you are learning.

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