The pastor is said to have been found in bed with a woman believed to be his church member. The man claiming to be the woman’s husband rained blows on her as shocked residents watched. Ian Wafula reports on the incident that has rattled the Anglican diocese in Nairobi.
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37 thoughts on “A pastor caught in the act – pants down

  1. I love it when Christians are caught being animals. We are animals you know. Fancy animals desperately trying to prove to ourselves and others that we’re not. We’re special. Christians used to think we were the center of God’s creation. I wonder if they now think were the center of the universe. Israel is not the center of our planet. Our planet is not in the center of our planetary system and our planetary system is not in the center of our galaxy. What do you want to bet that our galaxy is not in the center of the universe?
    Exodus chapter 21. The epic of Gilgamesh. The stories of Genesis are found in Sumerian and Babylonian texts, over 1000 years before Moses. Christians like to say that you cannot make something from nothing. You can’t call the mythologies of Mesopotamia hogwash and then uphold the book of Genesis which contains many of its mythologies LOL!

  2. Useless Nigeria television stations quick to read stupid senseless idiotic news but can not read important Nigeria news what our Nigeria leaders are doing wrong looting stealing money oppressing tormenting killing innocent Nigerian citizens
    Can not read about AAC sowore that want to bring a change in nigeria

  3. If you really believe in GOD, one of the things we need to understand is, do not judge others, we need to pray for them. Perhaps, one day we could end up doing worst things. We need to pray for each other.

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