This is our final segment of our London River Thames tour and you get to see old pirate ships, the devils tavern and other awesome sites around london!

Hope you enjoyed our mini series on London by the River Thames on the city cruise tour boats!

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Every blessing


Shot on Fuji x t20 with the 18-55mm lens and the rode stereo video mic pro.

Music by:

Music: Capital – Silent Partner

Music: Festival – Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

well I've got to say I'm not a Brit but I'm married to this beautiful British girl and just exploring this beautiful city of hers and I say belongs her heritage you know who it is she is descended from royalty there is truth in fact in that statement but beyond that just for the sheer fun of it this place is really awesome so beautiful we timed it perfectly the weather is fantastic I don't even feel cold in fact I feel a little warm you just made it weird but uh you know what a beautiful day big thanks to Nana and granddad for making this such a fun holiday and excursion so where are we going to next baby Greenwich so what happy sighs oh baby because he thought it is a boat all right okay I'm learning Oh Timothy train it was involved in t Trading Royal barque ITV and the world okay we're going to check out the Royal Maritime Museum this sounds pretty awesome so back onto the River Thames on to the next adventure like don't leave me okay on to the both month again all right we're chillin here with the coolest cat in the city Kobe obviously how you finding this so um what's your favorite bit so far the both is well right here yeah it is really cool and we're going to head off again that way Yemen Yemen yeah boy Wow cuz I hope you're looking at the white building dates back to 59 the nickname back in the day was it devil virus is it a book favorite part uh t-top that Brody spoke about earlier oh the transported sea pretty awesome bones the Royal Naval College okay well we're taking a little stop we have a 30-minute break here off the boat so we're going to go to see if it's grab a coffee and see what we can see in 30 minutes before this boat heads on back out just walk on by here is the country chart for thorough okay you will see behind me the Cutty Sark this is the infamous boat that took and delivered tea and but what's even more interesting around here too is that this is where the Royal Navy College is situated and yeah again another awesome sight the phenomenal history it's just so beautiful the architecture here is amazing the preservation that they've done it's phenomenal anyway I've never even been to the parts of London and I lived here for 20 years you know in England and you've got to come and visit these areas get on that riverboat cruise and just stop off where it stops and just have a look at what it has to offer for the awesome anyway you probably can tell I'm a little excited and happy about this little Curtin it is cool anyway that's my two pence worth not cents pence anyway it's just a little car envy the g-wagen would work well in the Philippines I'm telling you love that color g-wagen needs to cut be stars interesting that all right we're back on the boat the whole crew over here oh yeah they might myself what's the OP divide yeah chillin with Nana no Michael not now the growth within the caramel long day in London thousand five hundred well and well well well the excitement continued we are we missed our train by like 30 seconds so we're here at Victoria Station we're waiting for the next ride which hopefully is coming about and pretty much filled our London debt been a beautiful day this little guy leaves out understandable and now we're heading back in a wonderful day find it out that blundin finish [Applause]

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