#965 Where RICHARD PRYOR Set Himself On Fire – Jordan The Lion Daily Travel Vlog (3/29/19)


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Intro cartoon by: Jeff Block (youtube- Cre80s)


well this is how our days starting how's your day going everybody heading up to the old Hollywood sign park all right we have made it a lot of people I hear taking photos today a couple of dogs over here playing hopefully he'll play with them well hello my friends your old pal Jordan the lion you probably noticed yep sunglass vlog today this one's from Mark a Collins this is going to be a vlog about the great Richard Pryor Richard Pryor is his start would come back to haunt him he was actually born he was the son of a pimp and his father was actually also a boxer and his mother was a prostitute and his grandmother owned a brothel so Richard was raised in a brothel in Peoria Illinois and then when he eventually started doing comedy believe it or not through that style of life he ended up doing clean comedy modeled after Bill Cosby and oh yeah days with Jordan the lion begins now so I think beyond being maybe the best and the most famous comedian in stand-ups history I don't think you can find really any stand-up comedian that would dispute that Richard Pryor was also a great actor he was a great writer he did so many things he was one of the co writers of Blazing Saddles he was hailed for his betrayal and Lady Sings the Blues with Diana Ross and Billy Dee Williams but a lot of people really just know Richard from a punchline in a joke the time he set himself on fire and that's actually where we're gonna go today the place that Richard Pryor set himself on fire while freebasing cocaine now despite his beginning like I told you of being raised in a brothel and his grandmother being extremely strict and quite vigilant with the discipline he was a good kid I mean when people would try and pick fights he would use this humor to get out of it and once he got out of school he eventually went into the military where he did end up having some problems yeah unfortunately Richard Pryor's career in the military was marked by apparently he slashed a fellow officer with a switchblade and spent much of his time in the two years that he was meant to be in the military in a prison in Europe the lone wolf so it wasn't till that time that Richard got out of the military that he decided to start trying stand-up he started doing cabaret and like I said he was influenced heavily by Bill Cosby so he was out doing this kind of wholesome not what we would know Richard Pryor for later in fact a lot of people would say the way that a lot of people speak today freely by throwing around cuss words was a direct result of Richard Pryor bringing that into the mainstream and he was also the reason they came up with the five-second delay when he was the host in Saturday Night Live at its origination Sir Richard Pryor started having success as a comedian started playing Vegas in the 60s making a pretty good living until one night one night everything in his mind changed and it was actually a result of the Rat Pack seeing him perform and it's not exactly probably what you would even think it wasn't that the Rat Pack helped his career or saw him and thought he was so great that they gave him gig somewhere else doing something else even have him you know going out and opening for them nothing like that he was performing in 1967 at the Aladdin and he said as he looked out at the crowd and he saw the Rat Pack out there laughing something hit him that he was not being real and something just got into Richard that these people were laughing at him not with him and that he was becoming a caricature a comedy a cartoon and they said something that night just switched and he said you know this is not me I'm not this guy and it's time to quit just being a performer it's time to start getting real and they said he ended his set early like walk off the stage and walked off the wrong side of the stage that you normally walk off when you end a performance and he did it to send a message basically in his mind it was a I'm saying goodbye to this performer and this guy he's dead now and when he walked off that stage the stage manager said you got to go off the other side go across go to the other side he said I ain't ever walking across that other side ever again he was banned in a lot of Vegas at that time by the Mafia who ran most of it they said before walking out on that performance they didn't want to hire him anymore and Richard eventually took off to Berkeley which is where everything was happening and this was 1967 so that was kind of the birth of when people were experimenting with drugs and this is where drugs by all intents purposes would enter Richard's life now once Richard threw all that away and started working on what he thought was real he really had success people were gravitating towards it and he was surprisingly winning over white audiences by doing caricatures of white people which was not really thought of to be the greatest idea back then and he was really going off a lot of his personal experiences from his youth I think Josh got some friends coming so throughout the 70s Richard would make a name for himself in stand-up comedy and in movies and television and he would be a dominant force in pop culture he would become the most famous stand-up comedian in those days even to this day he's considered the greatest of all time but his cocaine addiction went through the roof if you go on YouTube and you type in Richard Pryor cocaine interview you can see him doing a full interview flying as high as the friendly skies will let you fly and one night he took that obsession too far when we leave the park here we're gonna head off to Northridge and I'm gonna show you the property where that happened he is so busted I caught you there he goes and just to give you an idea of how popular Richard Pryor really was in the 70s like I mentioned he was the reason that Saturday Night Live came up with the five-second delay so that they could censor him if they had to but it it really speaks volumes about how good of a reformer he was but they would create a whole new method I bet you that's my dog a whole new method of censorship just to allow him on the program and now that's just a standard when it comes to doing anything on live television they always have a delay alright let's drop off John and head off to Northridge funny I was always led to believe this happened in Beverly Hills growing up unfortunately for Richard Pryor he had a series of unsuccessful marriages and a lot of that would be due to his drinking and he had a bad temper and he also would sulk a lot so if he wasn't happy he would just kind of closed himself off for days and so he would be married seven times to six different women so you can tell one of them he was actually married to twice and after one of these is when he went into this big drug binge and it was he had a divorce in 78 and he would go on this drug binge that he would say himself you know the the addiction to cocaine freebasing basically he said you know you're becoming an addict when you find yourself more and more not being able to walk away from the pipe or like you can't go into another room without it or you're putting it somewhere where you you're absolutely positive it won't break so this had become part of his life it had become an addiction that he said sometimes he would close himself up in a room for like 4 weeks at a time and not go out and see anyone and it was in June of 1980 On June 9th that the famous Richard Pryor setting himself on fire incident happened at the property I'm about to show you so right here from this driveway all the way down to where this white driveway is down here was Richards property it was 2 acres a 6,000 foot square foot house and he was having a lot of his entourage and friends and his the people that worked in the house which was they said about a half dozen people we're all living here so there was a lot of stuff going on a lot of people in and out of the house the Richards property was actually one of the biggest in town as far how much property he owned here and he had an Olympic sized swimming pool a boxing ring two guest houses an orange grove tennis court I mean it was a pretty massive place and one day Richard was in here lighting his freebasing pipe with the room that he was drinking he had 150 proof rum and he was dipping a torch into it and and his girlfriend at the time who would eventually become his next wife said I told him you know you should probably just pour a little bit of that into a cup you're gonna have some sort of accident and so he was lighting this dipping this torch in and lighting his pipe off of it and he was getting increasingly more and more paranoid so his best friend and quasi bodyguard security guard named Rashawn came in and was watching television with Richard so rashon said that they were sitting there watching a vietnam documentary and they saw the part where the monk was sitting there and lit himself on fire and he was watching with richard and he said richard look at his conviction look at him like he's looking up he's not moving and he said richard looked over and said he didn't even flinch when he lit the match and he said richard just kind of like went into a trance watching this and then at some point richard got up walked in and grabbed the bottle of rum that he had been drinking that 150 proof rum poured it over his head and onto his body and then purposely lit the match some people say he did it while he was in the act of freebasing but he wasn't he consciously did this nobody's ever really known whether it was like a suicide attempt or whether it was just him watching that and saying hey I can do that too because he was they basically said he had been doing so many drugs that he was under psychosis and just couldn't think straight and so when he lived that match and it set him on fire he took off running through the house and where Shaun said I saw just a ball of fire go running past me I didn't even realize who it was and what it was and he jumped out the window of the house and then ran a mile and a half down this street so is this street that he ran a mile and a half down while on fire and they said people were trying to hail him down to help put the fires out he just kept running eventually a paramedic would wrestle him to the ground and eventually put him out and then they would put him in the paramedic and take him to the hospital Richard Pryor would sustained third-degree burns on 50% of his body from the waist up and would end up spending six weeks in the hospital as they treated these burns they said could have damaged his organs for life it was possible because of just how much stress that the heart and everything gets put under when that happens but in typical Richard form he bounced back he actually made light of this and started preparing for the live on the Sunset Strip and in that he made multiple jokes about this happening even making that famous joke that I always laugh at the the one where he says pulls out a match and light to match and says I know what you're all say behind my back hey look it's Richard Pryor running down the street so this was the property can't see much but that's best view I can give you Richard Pryor actually became bigger after this more successful after this got more parts made more money after this because he could make fun of himself and laugh about it and screws – oh he ended up finding out shortly after this though that he had multiple sclerosis and people would see him losing weight and immediately start thinking that he had AIDS so he would come out and have to say that he had multiple sclerosis Richard Pryor would go on to have three heart attacks throughout his life after the second one he was confined to a wheelchair but he kept doing comedy all the way to the end he unfortunately passed away after his third heart attack the age of 65 years old so this is parthenium this is the street that Richard was running down while he was set ablaze yep he'd still be running down the street still running walk running they said that his clothes were melting to his skin while he was while this was happening rashon said that Richard Pryor used to do everything to the max including his drugs he said he would do amounts that nobody else could do and in fact Richard used to joke in his act but it was for real that his own drug dealers would a lot of times say man are you serious like like they wouldn't want to sell him what he asked for because he would buy out their entire stock of what they had like they like brush-on said you know a lot of people buy like you know a gram or maybe even like an ounce but they said Richard we're going to buy everything that the guy had and you know drug dealers aren't that stupid they know that if you know Richard Pryor dies he can't keep buying more later but yeah at least they actually trying to suede him from buying drugs all the way up until the end of Richard Pryor's life he was performing at The Comedy Store every night or quite a few nights up until his death and the Comedy Store actually owes him a lot because they originally started in just one small room that's now the original room and when Mitzi decided to take on the main room she was trying to get big-name acts to come in and perform in there to help bring the club to life and people that she had in mind at the time where Don Rickles Jackie Mason and Richard Pryor none of those people would come and perform there because of their contracts with Vegas or some other reason they just they wouldn't perform there except for Richard Richard perform there didn't demand an exorbitant salary and sold out every night that he played every show there were lines going all the way up the street so it weren't for him who knows where the Comedy Store would be these days when to call it a night when to thank ray Soliday for becoming my newest patreon and if you'd like to check out some of Richard Pryor's work of course live at the Sunset Strip is a great one for his stand-up but if you'd like to see some of his movies that weren't so I guess edgy check out the toy Brewster's Millions anything he did with Gene Wilder was great it's just a funny dude hope you enjoyed this vlog have a great night and I wish we could have seen more of the house but lots of foliage have a great night we'll see you all tomorrow goodbye

27 thoughts on “#965 Where RICHARD PRYOR Set Himself On Fire – Jordan The Lion Daily Travel Vlog (3/29/19)

  1. I had to look him up. This Pryor guy was an actor from the olden days. He did a lot of comedies. They didn't know how to make crack using regular kitchen ingredients so they use really flammable stuff and that's how he burned himself up.

  2. Thank you Jordan for another great job on this vlog He was a very funny 😄 guy but Richard’s own addiction took him to his grave and then setting himself on fire that took him to his death .

  3. I use to like Richard Pryor back in the 70s but when he really started getting heavily involved with drugs I didn’t care for him anymore,however, that was a great vlog, very interesting.

  4. Richard had serious issues, obviously. Talented, funny, all yes. Even as an out of control train wreck he was authentic as it got, unlike the phone obsessed phonies of today.

  5. Thanks for the Vlog! I really did enjoy it. I am a big Richard Pryor fan. I remember seeing him on "The Ed Sullivan Show" back in the middle 60's! Funny guy
    I actually thought he set himself on fire "Free basing" I didn't know he set himself on fire deliberately.😪 Besides his family, He's up in Heaven with his old pal Gene Wilder! ^j^

  6. Hi Jordan, I love seeing the Jahster playing in the park with all his buddies. How funny when he got busted aswell. I must say it looks really nice up by the Hollywood Sign. Great vlog Jordan.

  7. I remember ppl making the Richard Pryor match joke for most of the 80s. I always felt sorry for him. I think he had major emotional/mental issues and he deflected ppls attention with humour. I love his stand up comedy. Pryor was definitely comedy gold imo

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