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movie we're not we got camera building can't be kidding kill him with the way win yo man as the he will back you boy Mike Mitchell Gino Rico Cam'ron anyway no nicknames shit smiley on the camera know me we talk about NBA Draft let's talk okay man do you guys all the reactions wasn't that the crazy one player have you ever seen while they ain't really go into the the drab one there where they sound like a Bronco high it was crazy it was madness that they just won the championship and Knicks fans took another L listen I was like is it really you know no it's not I don't think so my only comparison for the XP is correct yeah third pick ain't bad it's not bad I'm gonna be on take Barry ball out so y'all convinced that they're gonna take John number two I don't know you know what they got calm all right you got Mike Conley you paying him thirty thirty thousand I mean 30 million years on your traitor your training will go to that 30 million no phone nobody don't say I don't say you you are very you know good play I mean you guys heard about hockey he's like how is he now you gotta be like 30-something right you got me who's dirty and you can't like 30 million yeah I'm a team I'm not taking that contradicts on the contracts like that no I just know at one point my colleague was the highest-paid player in the game oh yeah now I was watching Colin he made it was far-fetched but it's not something that's out of the realm because we've seen players do it but sigh and I didn't have a higher no agent ego Baek do hee could say you know what not even he said listen I want to be on the alcohol pop I'll be on the national team for a year I don't even wanted I'm gonna wait a year he could pull a Eli Manning Kiki Bend away and say Joe my ten no John Elway I'm sorry and say no I don't want to play for who I thought no I don't want to play there you think no babies I don't think the NBA today they're cool LT the NBA wanted Zion in a market like that or even Nike I would say no but you know why not just market in New Orleans no boy listen you go he's won New York no no I'm talking about him being in New Orleans one in the Worland nobody wanted everybody told boy Andy Davis being like a sci-fi lazy woman you guys know speaker let's I'm wrong take no ad adze no but not that's all I'm saying the reason why I would have be good lady trying to implement this new taking the you know I mean rule whatever and I got that I got the perfect solution for that the NBA should implement a nit on the nine tournament tournament you don't saying one game elimination tournament to see who gets normal pick whoever wins is the number one pit you take the on the fourteen remain team who don't make the playoffs how playing a one elimination game on tournament and whoever wins the championship you've no more Pig runner-up gets it no to pick then a three and 40 to play a consolation game and AG determines the three and the fourth picking and so on you don't mean that's now lemonade take it right there in my opinion I wonder like the lottery process I don't like that's not a bad idea that is nobody dope money done is like you just for a weekend or something like that you know I'm in Oh I mean it's give me a week money time I think I'd be a big wrecking stroke it'll really take it eliminate race to the bottom maybe implement that Kevin 101 adding silver hey go peanut head you need to go oh you have to what happened what a woman whatever happen to the one that's crazy seal your channel locks kids whoa oh yeah not Adam Silver man crazy 99 tournament tournament draft lottery tournament courtesy a boy might mix ill man the only that they heard of verse 8 the Ocho but yeah there was a lot of see you think that's out of the realm of possible as far fantasy thing is would you guys blame silently decided it to be for new ones but it's a fast coming yeah the end of the day it is now the NBA another thing what if the wallet says alright Knicks right yep you want ad you want a big tape player give us that third and we'll give you ad if you know what you're doing it you get a young RJ berry young yeah or no one that says we'll trade our number one pick right and then we'll trade it with someone like I forgot that the way he says someone crazy number one thing yeah not not when you have a Zion Williams he's box-office man okay now you sold like what happened I chopped liver was advocate as a Knick fan I think I think RJ berry is a better like prospect right now Sam but he looks more NBA ready understand he doesn't like his size his skillset he's left-handed you know I'm saying that he does for some bad shots don't get me wrong it does you got this true great percentage at all but yo with the training he'll get I'm telling you man he's gonna come out the gate as I was gonna have his highlights but the half-court game was wrong now the thing is like remember Jordan play with North Carolina you know I mean you all know – mogi I'm saying poor Silas field you don't say but ya know what they say about you're the only one that can stop Jordan is the um the Dean Smith I could say the same thing with Coach K hold back Zion man you know I mean Halen played was give cos like scion plate before he had hit it Grossberg whatever he's running point it was a point go and then you know he goes to do you throw him in the black you can't hold it back and that's why I think the cases that's why I like the game opens up an MPF I think I'm going to eat any other motive so you don't get rebounds stills all that so it's gonna be easy for him out in my opinion and it far astray me homie Brody grown man he with you you got the wrong man stay for him already knew it wasn't Howell is 819 you know a bunch of Lakers man you got jumped into the top flow of a yeah hopefully no you're out was sound that was on a new screen extra height before is good ain't nobody can name anybody outside the top three can't read it okay ready to look blue mean I know I'm sorry I barely feel he's gonna be a better NBA pro money in college why do you like he's friendly he spreads the floor somebody and you had you had somebody to know so so basketball dominant with George a bear and then you had to give a design can't read it was almost if you want anywhere else in the country he'd be the number one he went to a Duke where he was the klay Thompson you know he should likely yes Clayton see speaking of clay hey boy is borne out without Katie man oh yeah no I I think it they but they play better team basketball I don't think they're better I don't believe you're a better group without Katie I mean not because it's nuance to Italy I think I think the Warriors are our credit team Katie on my thing like the Warriors top two players play better that's APN they're known today is over they can snap right back in the hole and and I'll tell you what clay you say what you want about how streaking you can be when he when he turns it on in a basketball game this I think is that's just as exciting than when Steph Curry starts making illnesses the level of difficulty in its they can shoot with no room beat last night in the corner no it's me like that he's already started his shooting motion Nick as soon as he caught the ball like he caught it and it was already crazy like all one motion caught it was just and again he needs no neat little shot that he made look so easy yeah it's crazy it's like your magnet just gives it to his release when the balls even is the conference man like hey that's it what's crazy without a right they don't get I don't think they beat Houston without cleaning that first half there was no Kirby you think I make it I make hardened legacy taking hit a little bit oh yeah yeah absolutely your but he's still like yeah 35 I was he shot bad for cynics you did really bad for centers do it cuz like it went down easy game but I'll tell you what Portland plays the way they played yesterday that's how the defense they're gonna play what are you doing running the pick a roll pick-and-roll action and can't tell when the guy was not coming out had no that's all usually the stuff just knock down man but cancer was never considered a defenders and now he tries to come up in and blend it but they won't even coat eisah partly weren't coming up there would be more hedging up it was just okay now and their game to if they try it he not fast enough to off the dribble with clay I mean work stuff would come off of that pick and now blow by him now you have somebody now it's it's just seem like they don't have the answer they don't have answers later than the wide open three you know if he blows by maybe he has some help you know what the back end carry finishes very well I say I rather than around step going to the ragout to a 3.17 I'd rather have this but even it depends on who closes out now if you have somebody that's guarded clay having the clothes they wore I still have clay antique without that shoot I got a question for y'all old man game winner which one was better Kawai or danger I always say dangers because it was a killer well at local disaster he does like we see him do it from the logo for game winning out the game winner but we see him shoot from there Kauai is the level of difficulty then so I over and beat and then they've got like it took two hours to drop ladies think this cream washes are taking the squat when I take me don't hold it away like it look like everybody the slow time down and everybody was like this did that picture it was crazy good so you got cotton drop I have one well yugi-boy please cool you look what how's it a game winner no not I mean we already beginning you think I turned away – now – D – but now told my game would like take sides the poacher would pose at the edge look at the local the boy from the three-point buzzer I'll give it a date so much I think Cal Kawachi was Lukey and that's not because I understand though I explained it perfectly for his last three was short so when he was able cuz MB came up to double-team him but then he didn't cut off the sidelines like we teach our 11-year olds so he let Kauai turn the corner gather his get his footwork right and his momentum so why's it got one last little hop step before you jump through often B's jump that's why he had to lift it off why I had to do was get it nice and high put a little extra in his legs pause to remember his last few was short so his balance was just that was just cheese on the top he's nasty special Dame Dame foot with that being said Dame shot with blue top but not the game-winner but him shot we seen him – sure no he has though but the level of difficulty that shot third George 37 feet you're shooting over 610 cat and yet off a side step you don't then like you know how long of a shot that is and I think that's good you know I'm saying yes yeah all right all right so you thought so by a VP man you give me honest that's what you say we oh yeah I mean I thought you liked in the playoffs so far the last for 14 plus I mean yeah I mean foxes managed to 18 AC here that's why they gotta like they just make it quick work of everyone good you know ladies I think he's just focused I mean who is doing amazing things but to not have a flashy style game he's still kind of flashy somehow I don't know if it's good like see like his hands are crazy you know say like yo he grabs a rebound in the basketball like this big like what what is he playing with you a lot like Jimmy Butler we've locked it this way and mush the ball around and sell the forget out with his other end on this side like a child and they call him the claw right yeah you weren't gonna waddle jørgen abuses now y'all gonna lick the inside me oh not too bad we would like to collect Vijay : you know I would have a bug in your bag little egg right now yeah she probably like yo yo legs like the blade of balloons probably like one of the boxes you know Melvin they got mad filters not been enough for the snappy snappy and all that I don't trust nothing my MBA de same color this time to bring back to the track I probably talked enough about the dress I don't wanna so yo alright who's the big one out I mean I guess if you want don't even say oh the Knicks shout out and Gentry man so celebration F yeah these days man how do you think that team look man I don't have any glasses no so he burns someone here about to say so many okay okay so you new on this right all right you can look at the Knicks we're gonna get the third pick and get whatever crumbs they got or we go to the Lakers and take the full fig which is a huge travel from the third the top three and take a Kuzma I mean it allows the ball and all blood clot even damage English days I'm gonna say if you'd normal as we take it take a big breath I mean mix next package or equipoise wow it mix though all for oil kids a leg is off the pain come on Michael no I'm a huge pelicans are you gonna take the offer from the Knicks or take off from the ladies man yeah I'm a pro man no no your take yeah but suppose the Knicks off third pick and I think like Kevin Knox in and I know what's his face Frank cigarettes as you want to say to Frank Miller Lapine bring Nilla kina yeah it Dennis Smith Jr I think that's one of these a play I think it's bad right yeah I think or you take the Lakers of the for fake which is a big drop Oh from the top three and then you get Koosman on Ingram with your no waiting situation is he might have the Chris Bosh situation and then Mazal ball is you know I mean I put a drop I take those guys or Zion said trade me and they give him that trait but they trade up like to the Knicks would they'll still get their first pick take their third pick will you take a first to third pick for Zion that's what I'm asking if I'm who the Knicks things I'll have none offer to get that first pick already trailing unicorn you got an awful Pelican and pelicans I understand why I write things like your tokens just won't give up ATO easy let go and consider him a top-five player if I'm like if I'm the Republicans I'm like yo alright Lakers you wanna go I mean you want ad I won't look bro oh you don't say I want another top 5 play in exchange I understand why that's not even in the narrative they're probably gonna they're probably anything that 4th pickets are coming to play for ad now do you give up that fourth pick creating you think he's worth that for thing oh absolutely absolutely so now you can get that first pick with sign and you get that fourth pick when the link is at they trade ad they trade a detail Ignis I rather give the third pick from the mixed remove from publicly and said they hadn't really nothing awful mom we talked about to pick a long beautiful pick probably camp I was maybe camp uh yeah I mean oh no oh yeah yeah I know exactly talking about I'd rather have our you know RJ in Zion if I'm the walnuts are taking this if we talk much solely on the pic you know I'm saying tell you it so you say listen Knicks give you a detail is that their pick I think it sounds like Knorr kind of want to describe to the wheels fall open what they they it's always say like you could lose Haydee for nothing but then again you open up a Mac slap when you lose them so you might not get another return but you might get a whole bunch of scraps from the Lakers then LeBron don't want to play with anyway you don't say so I am I will just open up a free cat home of maxbox it's not the Hashemite play was running I really do not see ad and LeBron working well again no for real what did what the pelicans to do people don't realize ad still has another year under contract no they said just be like yell business as usual it's work they drive Scion I'm saying pick up another shooter Manganiello holiday it's fine when he's in his prime yeah yeah it did yo go to work play ball like you know with your neck like all you gotta do is like move like each one more some player there's a marginal playoff for the pelicans to open up a Mac slap so you got ad win side with their own a Mac slap open up to bring somebody else and it got drew Holliday who's almost like on the customer of actually being all-star i'ma write it out of this also today again you got all-star point guard you got sign you got 80 by 80 you guys sit here stool you guys sit here with walnuts for this year and if you leave if he does leave it opens up max contract for somebody you can bring into play with sign I'm moving forward so I will keep them I will not send to no Lakers especially team that's in the West who could be you know I mean a prompt for them you know moving forward trying to actually get to the you know I mean finals what make me think about it when they when they interviewed Scion after hey hey man and I'm gonna keep justified that's how you look Mary oh yeah yeah I usually say you said well you really don't know what's gonna happen before draft day you try sound everybody will be picking one maybe so maybe said that as I said maybe so yeah he looks upset like this big smother any okay you Thomas pay you trial I hold the devil like trying to like you know take a look serious then again it could have been someone at like him being just surprised that oh my Wow someone we gonna know the world it's like I don't like you know I mean you don't about Greece they complained increase for year with the melody bullets DeFrancisco paint Cooper I am good I'm gonna do can just say ow my toe it's all about number two pajama rim shot of God my god no he played in a week conference don't you know saying you think it's gonna translate to the NBA athletic she's a little way to them we go swing you know you really don't have you really like haha yeah you please like a young wait I guess ice that's what I see just that the height the shoe I can see that yeah nigga young market doing wait he has that such a game she like RJ Barrett though right you you say he's game translate yeah an NBA like if you Memphis you can get out my friend actually bleacher important say like you like even give RJ berry it some consideration because I'm say I'll try giving me mixed a smoke because like I'm watching all drive like my pops with big mix man and he wants John read since he couldn't use I am i I'm trying to hold on I've got rankings like Amer JK flip-flop and I was trying to make the point like maybe you know nobody wanna take day on Mike Conley contract and his eyes because we stuck with my colleague paying 37 million a year let's just say gone hey Barry get some bucky by saying report that the Knicks were also interested in Terry Rozier oh she's all about that whoa I like that Terry was speaking his mind and being haunted I mean more athletes you should do that for real yeah it's just I look I didn't like it I've sacrificed a lot a lot of people know I sacrificed a lot I'm not coming back yeah but you gotta you has an argument without Kyrie they they are fine with it 13:03 without Kyrie I think the books got better though you don't say like that I mean Brook Lopez is a bitch being and we gotta understand what two years ago Brooke was a sponsor no no he wasn't yeah I promise to you three years o years ago it was all-star one in Jersey no how long we going that that was like eight years ago I only know it was those recent because I heard it I heard it in the Pelican I need facts Know Who I am oh man can we get the snack guy that guy please knows that guy so forget it shut up Connie ha do some music while we get this together we'll be back toast more and more we go talk some NFL we go no guy you should Kareem I'm wrong right we go talk about a little bit early that would be back now your last time Brook Lopez break hey we are back as the eight of Lopez hey where do we leave off now leave it up to your God pray with us both right and we're both right we're both right about what it keeps my new swooning Lopez being an all-star something you think Brook Lopez was an all-star I said a little earlier Gino was a little later yeah and we've met in the middle because that's where the number was no let's talk about all right we don't pivot up the best boy you should Kermie let's move in here real quick because I got so upset you have a man who loves Jesus Christ who is a top player in the NBA who seems like heating me he's gonna find his brother Justin you mean everybody you know you don't hear too many people say bad stuff about stuff but now you mad because no one's shooting a shot in your DMS why would you want you you got a good man why do you even want that well because they throw at him what'd I just say blew my mind how woman all right woman I'm sorry all right I'm sama say this for a homicide we do not want or whatever he's booked I want a good man no good man is betting right now with this new generation bloody blood then you get one but but why but why dainty shot boom pick one would you never understand one woman don't like women so how we gonna understand woman true I'm not gonna say her name but move explain to me like did you try explain you guys like women like bad boys without because it was like they could deal with the hard times or win play the bad guy is finally nice to look and feel like she facilitating that like all special because this mean jerk ass dude it's nice to me some like daily I don't get women sometimes neither does like although about women oh that's what I usually curry say that if Steph Curry was a rapper if I can do stuff as that curry burning bush national TV si when people see you as were you saying little curry bird and I view the rapido you know instead a step cardi little curry Bert you know be put out all these you know me to spotlight or let you don't say what you feel the same way but now you got like three oh you like the lower for my soundcloud patchy curry to carry the girl be like yo be scared to say like shoot music I would say like she might look at my goody two-shoes right I don't know he's rich you know me don't she's not enough in scandals whatever you know I'm saying if I one of the best players to ever play this game you know I mean if Steph said the same thing that she said he called massage all those you know he's just like the rest of them I just need it would be killing her yeah III just didn't like it I didn't like it so so yeah if Aisha was in W Y no girls of my games oh no now you are good like no no because I like that I like curry film sorry child banjo on two month will saying did she actually say p.m. source you like she don't know there's it against yeah she said there's nobody Oh Mitchell co-op who assholes like stuff you all these groupies and all that you know I'm saying and yeah we got go submitted yeah Steph is like nobody's groupies cuz he's known me a vegetable rock stars she just his wife so I guess like he's hit all the attention she's not getting attention maybe she just said I know to saying like I want people signed by the other but what I seen a mean this head after they seen if you were like Aisha yeah that song back then he ABC hit back wow that's sing it right so I went from cam run to you cover in old man another backer you house all picture them to go they all look broken old honey feel about me take a camera with that dope that Jay brought her mouth what's the whole I thought it was cool but I was super dope yeah Jeff got his line he's very big mess he messed up that hold of us 57 man hey are you guys so many so how you even to even know every single song you have hundreds of songs I chose that doesn't work sadly with Kaspersky me my bleep back up see ya members bleep me in his hype man he had if I'm not trying to do this whole thing went up when they're gonna let a live band yeah me bring memphis bleek up the hump please happy today yeah I don't plug I think it's I think it's still going also it looks sad I think Jim Jones's growth also you know he's doing some great things man el capo May 31st you know you sound the Rockne all right yeah that's crazy no takers like sign of all his photo you know you kind of like you know me loading the sleep polls and sign I'm like all the people you have beef with Jay I mean uh the locks not the lycée time to kiss the rock rock nation but I feel like he respects all those things in a good place to he's kind of happy he doesn't really care about that little stuff anymore but I didn't like oh yeah everybody in this room knows on the biggest J feelings but I didn't like the way he kind of played nods like yet not just do that I'm for presidents to represent me and just he just had an app that Jay was done with his verse that he's told the hook from he just had about presidents to buddy only do black Pope you know I mean they didn't know they just did um dead presidents but I thought it was cause like damn I mean you could've gave him his song and then you come in with yours and then he could do the hook don't I'm just sitting out there he'd even know your verse you know when at the end when neither his first from it the last ring ball chain was doing a little if anybody not a knows that one day anybody you'll be sorry nice next show we just take the whole concert being some of the best songs I like it's like from be signed album cuts you don't say something odds best work Marvin you and I am me god bless the day party was still here be great from I'll do it too lady wasn't be like a go beside artists like nice take ll ll now besides I oh I mean oh I got mrs. Smith hindi deepa sannidhi besides this free stuff that join show top 5 videos that's update your 50 everything I could like the people who don't like realism using everything at kickoff fat man is famine kissing 50 might be like the demon sign ghosts or something like that I don't know like who's a beast I go how I can see pour some gravy Joe slept on Joe button bottom mixtape word he can be handy hit no can't be kidding yeah Lil Wayne yeah Lil Wayne another one he's up there too I know they might look more like a b-side top 5 they're alive or something might have to do a not only dislike in our content in general oh oh we play gave you I'm really hot thing besides I wanna come up with a name I want to do a name that when I say oh that's crazy all right don't you it's well seasoned part you know yo you spit all white teeth good like they hang me out of it [Laughter] yeah get it twisted hey by in the good side since regarding you are music alright you want talk about enjoy Lucas Lucas video so much for that nobody cares about you no no you had to watch this video just tell me you had to listen is enough alright so he did a video like Jordan Lucas and you guys over know about his his videos have a meaning it's always up it's almost a story to his his videos and the music he puts with it so he had a visual of how he would trade like everything he thickened all the good guys you know I'm saying all the good of dying why why isn't that all the baddest to living and he almost didn't like a trade why can't we trade this one dying for this one or this one for this one and the names that he used I don't want to spoil it for y'all because I want you to watch it but he said like I wanted to part I shouldn't go oh right why like Eric garden won't kill them if you hustle why he ain't go but did you get it yo and it was like it was the whole concept and it was just a lot of it was just a good talking like a conversation piece of like how someone and then the visualization the visualization and – handy in the church it's like it's crazy when I first started off like kind of like him playing with God yelling that guy gotta be like they kind of like flipping that there and they say it's all pebbles where he's not bad yeah at first like like 95% songs in the Oneg I like why you taking it sure they take him ahead of uses in so and the pews yeah it's from like like not a connecticut but like close by from like what's worse term a system like this I know a story about I can't say I'm not allowed to say but he's not too nice loser don't know it – its box you know but he has another video um that I've seen where he's playing a perspective of two bullies like like the one that's getting beat up and the one that's bullying him and he's playing like devil's advocate he's rapping as the victim like why are you doing this to me then he wraps us the food you don't understand what I've been through what I had to do this to you it's great like Joey Lucas is dope if you really just take the time to understand I break down when he say when he's not rapping against touring in a great mood dad his music is kind of dope I mean the stuff I heard from like I'm gonna show you how ya feelin yo let's do one album review man what you thinkin the SPT ghost man ghost of all time track what'd you think of that I had one joint oh we're getting kids more that is you know a memory that slippery driving up click to drink whatever in the old way yeah I had to the yeah sounds work man his last what four or five releases just assists only one year how many I think you take a month off add another out man yo he be working yeah you know what I'll manage my White House took all official don't recycle rhymes crazy production hey uh he's always been one somebody to send making mine does a lot of on the racetrack I think he's underrated big-time it's like yeah I respect him when I saw back home in this attic but if you think about it when I hey he can hold his own with Jada mmm yummy funny well anyway that's crazy that's one thing I got give like this to the last norlan they kind of like still sound like good as good as he sounded when you waiting prompt and say like no sound like dated and unlike that I know that you uh I think the seventeenth Sheik is putting out because the album without one mixtape I know so they were pushing is something's for the seventy yeah I'll do it I like sheep and I haven't got her done from chica okay when I first came up she was my favorite and then after I think like kiss and staff is kind of likely frogmen but when you hear him like my god I think it's more like beast mode three or something and you know why I like blocks cuz it was a way to have they will come here and I mean it would just be I mean there's n type of people I like that it's not nothing that's too big for them balls please yeah I mean those places but how you you had some sake like this all I said we just gonna be anything in its last second I do and it fell you said you want to talk about something we missed been in one of the previous episodes man one get that over a big boy what I say are you so fighting tones nor that oh no no I was saying what I think I said it before what I'm trying to find the clip of me saying a long time ago that this was gonna happen range pseudonymous type stuff no I know I promise I promise it it yeah you you gots heard Daniel Jones from my mouth pause no that's not crazy Gina I barely get up this oh it's called it's called klay Thompson oh and also you know we working on some thunder grass we go pick up the Connecticut Sun you know saying I'll open it opening up days of the 25th their first home game on the 25th go out there check them out man on now like WNBA game you know there's people that there's purists that like it you know because they won't see back screens and giving goals and all the other stuff you know I'm saying but I think the WNBA could propel if they had a female Vince Carter or something like that they need a load of rims that 9 feet and women out there y'all need to get offended moving ball plays and I don't need to get offended like yo first off y'all played with a smaller basketball number one so you know I'm evil chuckle Bauer like I you won't be on the same playing field as men then play with a bigger basketball pulls you don't say it and it sound crazy yo cuz I would like to see these big six foot six Candace Parker looking cheeks tokino chicks now feet I've seen you'd be saying what I'm sayin is owed I'll be excited man and I don't think they'll take away from the game I think we're gonna play with nine feet that's funny that's what you want from a city domain like yo I want to see chicken windmill don't you don't say you think this woman that right now that you watch that could do that windmill or not who you think I don't know um go watch SportsCenter Rebecca Lobo Ricky Lobo exceeded with the Jordan marathon Doug Lewis weeping Bradley hey funny story I played against Diana Taurasi and East Hartford pick up basketball after Halle was a cook she wasn't really cooking oh my god baby just for me you know just review everything commercial data are me every move from camarón and princeton 100 no water before we go get your merchandise talk about Oliver today not to now merge loud who's name for the camera camera 101 we got the black we got the own the candy kill got the camera on pink you don't say we got the yo Mitchell Annette snappies on the way they come in fishnet or paws yo on t-shirts not to not size 9 magic and double reviews 19 I ordered yo we got the haves let's say 9:00 to 9:00 on them come in what else we got not to mount waist trainers for your big girls out there why oh my god I need not do not a hug them you know I'm a squeezed I'm feeling like you're dipping weeks I'm up a couple thousand tuck right in back the cheap baby stuff diamonds in the cut maker actress hema sports drugs they're in the team and think I'm

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