#762 LONDON Tour of Oscar Wilde, Bob Marley, & Buckingham Palace – Travel Vlog (9/7/18)


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well hello again my friends that's right it's your old pal Jordan the lion we are leaving Las Vegas like I told you yesterday and we're on our way to London let's roll days with Jordan the lion begins now all right we made it through security let's go find our gate well you're probably wondering Jordan what is the plan when we get to London well we have another like four or five hour layover and we get to London so I'm hoping to go find some famous homes I'm gonna go see Jimi Hendrix last apartment well not his last part of it one of his apartments in London I want to go see Oscar Wilde's house some Bob Marley location so hopefully that will all work out we'll get over to see it all well there's my ride next stop London all right I'm pretty close we have arrived so that right there is exactly what we need we're going to go over to the South Terminal and catch the the train to Victoria alright gang so here's the deal we're gonna head into London and we have about a five or six hour layover so to give us enough time to see a little bit today and then we're actually flying somewhere else I know you're sitting here going how many flights are you taking a lot but our next one will be our last one for the next few days well looks like we're gonna have about an hour ride so our next destination well this house in front of us even though they're doing a lot of work on it has a lot of history here for me in London or at least something I'm very interested in this house in front of us in 1977 is where Bob Marley moved to after an assassination attempt on him in Jamaica basically what was happening was Jamaica was a place of a lot of unrest at the time and it was a lot of violence so there were two political parties basically trying to take over and Bob was really Bob Marley was really just neutral he didn't really go for one side of the other but he wanted to throw a concert called smile Jamaica and this was basically just a unity concert and two days before the concert in December of 1976 seven men raided his place in Jamaica shot his wife Rita in the head while she was in her car shot Bob in his chest in his arm and basically also shot his manager and basically tried to assassinate him it was an assassination attempt now Bob refused to give in and did perform the concert but in 1977 in January a month after he decided to move to London for a little bit more safety now what I found out when I read a little further was that um people accused the United States CIA of being in being part of this and when the guy who wrote catch a fire went and did more and more investigation he found out that that was pretty much true he said that they had basically hired a group of thugs they said that the CIA hired a group of thugs to come and assassinate Bob to to create more unrest now when he moved here in 1977 he brought the new band of the Wailers the new guys and in fact when the assassination attempt happened his next-door neighbor said she had heard that that Alvin his new percussionist had said that he recognized one of the guys and then the guy his name was Jim Brown he was like a coke guy and so so the Wailers and Rita and Bob all moved here and while they lived here they they befriended the one of the Ethiopian royal family and they were in exile here and Bob became really great friends with them and they gave him the the ring of Judah that he would wear pretty much for the rest of his life and if you want to see that that Judah that that line of Judah that he wore you can see it on the cover of the legends album so pretty cool to be here and even though they're doing work somebody just came out and saw me doing my thing out here and I'm like yeah Bob Marley's out he's like yep so here was a bob actually had a history in London long before this he actually came out here way earlier in the 70s but this was the house that he came to after the assassination attempt you you're wondering what part of London Bob was living in he was living in Chelsea at the time it's this one right here covered in green what a great statue huh now here's our next address and unfortunately our plaque will have to do the work for us on this one because the house isn't here anymore as you can see right here it says King Henry the eighth's manor house stood here until 1753 when it was demolished after the death of its last occupant Sir Hans Sloane it was built here on its site in 1959 65 the old manor house gardens still lies beyond the end wall of Shane Mews and contains some mulberry trees said to have been planted by Queen Elizabeth the first Wow but it is no more now we're not too far from our next two stops actually so should be there in probably the next five walking minutes now it's interesting about that Bob Marley story that I told you was that uh one of the things that I found as I kept reading was that Bob and his manager actually got to go to the trial of the man accused of killing them and he was tried and he was executed and he did admit I guess during that trial that he was hired by the CIA to assassinate Bob Marley I mean that's what I read so you know I'd never heard that story before but that's what I read well we found our next spot well as you just saw the sign we are at the former home of Oscar Wilde and his wife and two sons now a sad story of Oscar Wilde is that he was maybe one of the most brilliant playwrights authors humorous thinkers of all time and pretty much had his life destroyed because he was accused of being homosexual not very well could have been the case but Oscar was a very complicated man he was a man who loved aesthetics he loved indulgences and so even though he was married his wife would put up with this and he found the comfort in younger men now what ended up happening was one of these boys that he really liked his name was Lord Alfred and Lord Alfred father was the Marquis of Queensberry and hated that his son was involved in Oscar Wilde because they were so blatant about an Oscar had no shame and pretty much would go around London holding hands and kissing and just basically displaying love and so the Marquis of Queensbury his method to getting retaliation on his son was to attack Oscar Wilde publicly any chance he could out in the papers on the streets and so Oscar decided to sue him for liable now what it ended up happening was in the defense they were able to provide new other men that Oscar had affairs with and once that started coming out Oscars lawyer withdrew the plea and withdrew the case but by that point they had pretty much proven that Oscar was considered for those days indecent and so they then put him on trial for indecency ended up throwing him in jail and eventually he was penniless and they sold his house and actually auctioned off his things right here on this sidewalk right in front of his house they said they literally had a crowd full of people out here would have been right out here and they literally auctioned off all of his belongings now you know what it's crazy about this story is that Oscar lived here at 34 tight and down at number 50 I believe it is is where the judge lived that sentence him how crazy is that just imagine all the great thinking and great conversations that would have been had in there this was a very important stop for me to make today his wife did take him back and unfortunately she ended up passing away a few years later now when I say that she took him back I mean that through letters while he was in jail she forgave him and they even talked about getting back together and reconciling but then she passed away and the two boys went to live with her parents and they refuse to let Oscar see them any longer and changed their last names away from Wilde to mask the shame that Oscar had brought to the family which was that was mainly the big issue was that the whole court trial came down to just being ashamed of his behavior and right here a 58 is where the judge lived literally right down the street on the same street as Oscar now I'm hoping to make it over to the the old courthouse location where the court trial took place of Oscar Wilde because even though it's not courthouse any longer what I understand is that they have a few mementos from the trial still they're on display well we made it over to Buckingham Palace can you tell oh wow I feel like the music should be playing shouldn't it pum pum pum pum pum pum pum pum pum way cool here are the front gates you can see there's about a million tourists here trying to get a sneak peek and I believe the rule is when the Queen's here that the flag is up is that the bet the deal like very much and you can take a tour of the staterooms but I just don't have time today it's good to take a look at all this check out some of these statues this says the gift of New Zealand he's got like a big leather apron on Wow guys are here we're actually in front of Buckingham Palace can you believe it two years ago and we started this we would have never thought of this I never thought we'd make it here in two years only that she's got like a sickle in her hand and if you look up top you can see the flags out she's here she's in the castle she's home the Queen of course if you look straight ahead you can see the red carpeting so I wonder if that's like the main entrance all right let's head out to our next stop this is actually the entryway to a park now we just made it to our next stop this is called true Fenton Hill and the reason I wanted to come here is because this is where Oscar Wilde used to get his hair cut and get it shaves and it's also considered the oldest barber the oldest barber shop in the world and if that's the case that you can get a shave and a haircut here I think I probably should get one don't you think let's go let's go check it out we'll see how much it is gonna get a shave and a cut yes perfect yeah all right well we're done and it was definitely pricey but it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing for me you know I just want to see what the experience was like considering the Oscar Wilde and so many you know notable people over time have gotten their hair cut here they definitely do a lot they put a lot of oils on your hair a lot of oils on your skin and things like that there's a whole process to it so it's not just a hair cut in a shave it was a lot so totally worth it but yeah definitely pretty pricey so now I can say I've gotten my hair cut where Oscar Wilde got his hair cut see a lot of people using the park today now we're at our next stop and this one won't tell you much but if you're an Oscar Wilde fan you might find this interesting this apartment here was what the inspiration for importance of being earnest however an ons apartment was right here and that white building right there that's the other top part of the apartment that was the inspiration for importance of being earnest so it looks like this is our next stop this was the former apartment of robby ross now Robby Ross was actually in the Oscar Wilde story even you know it's a true story but in that story he was considered Oscar's first boyfriend and and when that fizzled out and he started seeing Lord Alfred he remained friends with Robby forever they became best friends actually and in fact when Oscar got out of prison and he was penniless living in Paris he would write to Robby and Robby would often send him actually send him constantly money to keep him alive keep him with a place to live and clothing and yeah he was just pretty much penniless now the I guess maybe the interesting thing about this story is that when Oscar was buried he has a tomb in pure flesh a Robby Ross's ashes were put inside that tomb with and when Robby died Robby really saved Oscar so I wanted to include him in this vlog I'll check this out they have a bench here with statues of FDR sitting with Winston Churchill pretty great details too they've even got the flower and the boutonniere and everything and it looks nice didn't expect to see that well we've made it to our next stop and this is called Liberty this is a this is one of the most chic and most famous clothing stores in the world and this is where Oscar Wilde used to buy his clothes Liberty has even got a skeleton right in the bike and you think you've seen everything well this big building here's what I told you guys about this was the courthouse this is where they had that infamous trial that pretty much ruined Oscar Wilde's life let's go see if we can find the the mementos they have from the trial it's now a hotel so here's the deal guys they actually do have the judges bench and a few other things on display however it's in the restaurant silk and they're having a private function right now so they actually walked me to it they said if the functions over they would let me go in but the function wasn't over so maybe when I come back next week I will I'll be able to pop in and if there's not a function going he said they would be able to show me the stuff there then what it sounds like online is that they have the judges bench the witness stand and dock are still in the hotel on display so I'd love to see that well from London I'll see y'all tomorrow good night

38 thoughts on “#762 LONDON Tour of Oscar Wilde, Bob Marley, & Buckingham Palace – Travel Vlog (9/7/18)

  1. Again on my 1980 trip I witnessed the Changing of the Guard in front of the Palace, and I yelled out, " Thank God there our Allies!" A woman near me said, " You got that right ducks," And another woman said, " That's right love." Great days.

  2. On my first trip to London in 1980, stood in front of Oscar's door 34 and read this The Artist 1881 by Oscar Wilde; " And out of the bronze of the image of the Sorrow that endureth for Ever be fashioned an image of The Pleasure that abideth for a Moment."

  3. Thank you so much for being so respectful of Oscar Wilde. I think he summed up his life in the lines from the importance of being earnest…and the bloody sweats and wild regrets none knew so well as I for he who lives more lives than one more deaths than one must die.what a great man.

  4. Have 2 revisit… these vlogs r too awsome to watch once. There will b a lot missed on the first watch. Oscar was his own person en audacious with i recon. G8 minds r lonley people i think cause there sterotyped an misunderstood.

  5. Oscars Wilde's house was beautiful…even nicer than the judges lol…Jordan if you get the chance in London again you must see the tower of london, and Hampton Court Palace…well worth the time

  6. One of the greatest feelings in the world is a shave by a barber with a straight-edge razor. Words cannot explain how relaxing it is, beside the fact that you don't need to shave for days after you get one. I can only imagine the incredible job an establishment like that with that type of history does. It's these add-ons in your vlogs that make them so awesome!!!

  7. I have to get a move on and get through all your European vlogs before you get back. Loved the intel on Bob Marley,,,no doubt the Deep State tried to kill him. Im guessing the cost of a shave and cut to be 110 pounds.

  8. There is a huge market for haircut and shaving videos. You should re edit that footage and make a whole vlog out of it. You never said how much the haircut and shave cost?

  9. Glad you made it here if only for a fleeting visit this time. I originally come from Reading where Oscar Wilde was imprisoned and where he wrote The Ballad of Reading Gaol. The prison closed a few years ago but for a while they did tours where you could visit Oscars cell.
    Now in Portsmouth which is the home of the British Navy and also where Charles Dickins lived for a while. Come visit one day

  10. Awesome vlog, Jordan! Your shave and cut look great. Of course, you have a gift of looking sharp, with or without. Sincere complement. I called my home, "Barkingham Palace", for my dog, 'Princess Snowball' who passed away in August, so now, I call it, "The Dog Mahal", for my dog entourage. Safe travels, Jordan. Very enjoyable, so far. โœŒ

  11. You've come a long way in 2 yrs and that's because of your dedication to what you do. Your perserverance of the interesting is one of the many reasons I tune in. Can't wait to see more.

  12. Jordan, this is a wonderful video! I have enjoyed watching it immensely!! Thank you for sharing your London experience with me. I look forward to seeing more of London with you next week. BTW, I thought about Jah when you went by the park. I know you both are missing each other. Again, thanks for sharing London with me-a place that I've always wanted to visit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Kudos to you Jordan! Tons of research and planning done for your trip and the leg work!ย That's why we are here. We know the hard work you put into your vlogs and travels. Enjoy! Loved the shave and haircut part.

  14. Loved This you packed a lot in in five hours good job ! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’™๐ŸŽฅ๐ŸŽฌ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  15. I never knew this about Bob Marley. I was young then not even in my teens. Such a great musician love his work and that it still lives on. Iโ€™m with you on what conversations was made in Oscars home. Despite all that happened it had to of taken a toll on him to have his sons taken away. You really did great showing Buckingham Palace! I felt like I was walking right beside you! Beautiful! Your worth every cent of your Barbers experience. Very Handsome! I love having someone wash my hair. Looking forward to our next adventure ๐Ÿฆโค๏ธ

  16. Who was that masked man at the barbershop? ๐Ÿ˜‰ You look so different w/o your trademark smile…quite the serious lad. I watched "Sweeney Todd" the other night, so when he had the straight razor on you, I tensed up slightly! Great tour around London…waiting in suspense for the next stop on your magical mystery tour!

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