The world’s greatest city doesn’t have the world’s greatest climate. However when the mercury reaches 21 and everyone loses their sh*t you want to know what to do, right? Come this way to find out.

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hello I'm 4/5 gloves you actually had a load of things written on what to do with in London UK yeah I'm now about to the local monsoon language a lot is around always so another mistake sure it was your job being difficult I was going to say to overuse and I'm gonna read it in the Middle East little brick lane I think that's right so today's log we're going to talk about top things in London because summer has sort of unofficially class official site so thing is never ready to do with like technically when summer sites do when we have that big one sunny weekend or two sunny weekend my bizarre yeah spring can sometimes last like a month just like yep summit is pretty much our works so we've got like two points each and with two big things each we recommend someone and see sort of transferable to cities worldwide but also have a bit of specific well I'll pick out that under their fix yeah to do with London but let's be honest very limited in Romania from anywhere other outside of London you want to switch off for an hour well it just comes along well please don't unsubscribe because future model you should not be trying to marketing oh yes alright so first one this should be manases your your cycle which is brief tops yeah so cut a great yet Rincon effectively maybe not what's a great drinking this one is great but do not know Ruth is even better because wearing oh one of the cities are the best with one of the best climbers in the world the only iconic kind of stand out as you can see it all well with friends in the Sun Jochen they're just good like perfect amazing how much better it makes it like it let it cook to the point at a rooftop to into the equations like this the baby yeah sounds bad as it sounds like a classier it does where's-where's it baby books with your favorite so one of my favorites is pagoda on roof and as one in White City I spit industrial but they've got those are kind it's just a little nice light in and like trees and stuff one there just looks really cool and remit on and a bit really good weather just open one let's week actually in paddy nice so as you get out along to that and that's yep all the very modest I think it goes without saying ours is never prefixes or never yeah like vicious saying like the view it had London apps on the lemongrabs yeah city you get the shard you get to get some port in there as well for good measure I don't even or sure I'm not sure from that angle but on the other side you also get kind of like Hackney yeah line of the dog to East London as well so to get certain three sensory overload this good we've been to do some root bark that's why she left pretty good this we do a bit smaller but they have lot more specific nights on my gear and night always like turn up beer and there's more details and it's like yeah yeah and the speakers but I think Dawson reports a lot more specifically so ok next on the list is Adam open s cinema Vanessa more yeah I love it I mean yeah like this she combined on your bed of things watching films that outdoors I've been maybe two or three times and twice it ranked i watch the miles teller drumming film promote what it's calling where we're blessed not quite my temple well yeah and it rained horrendously for a whole picture but I enjoyed it nevertheless and but if you get it on a good day and and go and see a film and you get a good seat and you get a good venue your beer in hand maybe some pop comes where it's a great great year for sure so it's like a few around yeah and there's a rooftop Film Club which is in basi building Hoxton and Kensington and Goofy switching like made even bigger than her up loads of stuff going on and no Garland's happening this and we have to go well is it in the certain films that really then themselves have been watched outside a lot of eye opening without matching little set when you said to others like that's the ten we're in LA hope it's on a yeah yeah they look lonely they got Luther cinema as well which another pop people are more so backyard cinema which is a exciting Calvin but they've now doing this kind of all Miami Beach thing works I can outdoor beach cinema so I've got to get to see Ace Ventura know that and 14th Perry people return a look like a century selectmen away so it's like a somewhere like a tropical feel sure with my big hair will get a spin sure we've got classic film yeah but Ace Ventura here at my first one is this is something that's got hell of a lot better than last 10-15 years in London and as cycling I think personally there's no better way in London on a hot day to going through the sea getting on your bike several reasons for that partly the infrastructure that have been used to be a lot bike lanes bike specific lanes yeah some really good sir like it a little bit more safe on it's a fact there's now you can like see credit card in into Boris machine get out for they get those half an hour free with each trip you do and then kind of there's so many different locations up around the city that used to be very sensual but now you get on pretty well we're pretty far east and likewise south and north also there is a five-minute but that time with Boris flight unlike New York unless there is a five-minute clock period yeah I have excellent idea okay well yeah she mistake so that you always need the pop you do yeah exactly yeah needs a missus but yeah I just think you know get on tube and down on the red boxes or well you get to kind of say nice in terms of actually getting around quickly getting between a couple didn't locations even rent one out or get Boris by it you'll see a lot in the city very quickly and also if you ripped off people you don't talk to you for a bit yeah cycle I that allow that flapping around so I could head up yeah waited in New York because when you do my bidding is what I wanted to know you know remote yeah so if s was I think you kind of forget that London has so many metals could it's a you know big populated city don't expect loads of vessels but there's quite a few so you have field day I just went and we are festivals just reviewing that listen up mister so it so it can the rock there lies venue based vessel around candidate pistols and London sex-wise those who love don't buy the camping experience we all think big fans at camping as best all sensories with very much the courts glass though but if you don't want to do that then London vessels are sort of s yeah absolutely jump there to get the best of all yeah dance you had pizza I'd be one of the best thing to do in London I went again recently was under storms I think yeah it's just so much to do is variance II and like grab an ice cream get some nice views ever from that until now but if it sound like that it does sound good doesn't it yeah one of my favorite things I'm definitely on South Bank is other belly which is like this comedy area which is a bit kind of purple cows can upside down legal energy drinking arrows it's kind of family friendly but also they do you can have like daytime staff evening staffing all that Elmarie there Steven chaos and they got briefs which is when you say they've got them there they look like family travels yeah like they had like a program that runs from April to September and there's other like daytime stuff or evening to these actually the prices are very good it's in a great location I saw briefs there I got taken the briefs and I let you googling sales but I'm not taking degree briefs like three or four times and it was like I've seen enough it is a very good shape yeah we comply move London Underground's recently so it's kind of even the programs even better now so it's worth checking out for sure nice live at once and it won't say South Bank is in terms of views of London if you're not on a rooftop and a beer get that to be on the river looks terrible yeah and talking to him on the Red River is my one on the final one for this quick thing to do in London is London canals and you can get pretty much east to west and not going along the kind of main bit of the Thames but just along the arteries in the Thames just walking along and it's like you're not in the city anymore it's like you're in the north of broads or something like that well and what's so amazing about them is not only is it you get to see all these hidden parts of the city you know with the canal works a little bit more peaceful is the park in the city Europe in it's still like representative of that part of the city so when you're in one of the canals in Hackney it's like that's kind of cool trendy bars like some nice interested by industry oh yeah feel quite industrial you have giveaways like part plan yeah it's a liberal Venice which is kind of like polishing off London type areas really relative so nice like and you don't it's nice things you see it you build yourself how am I not being kind of a minute it's like a minute I've never safety that will here's a little golden they say have my little boat towards the golden star you see almost as well as amazing it's not like just touristy London you see people living there on their house dogs yeah so you go along there's like people like hang out the laundry there's people like anybody with kids everyone is so nice oh yeah there they all want to talk to it I want to know how they live it's not me see I really would work make some six or four my life a definitely fall over I would definitely follow you are very bouncy I guess well I just read this book we can't take inclusive yet everything to do in London and some of that was all but everything we're trying to do but as with anything is there is anything we miss because we think we could have given you the best of events top six that's a Tokyo and are really there's anything wrong be obviously – you and so yeah out there majority all finding city don't see them

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