Everyone knows about the standard tourist spots in London, so we’re talking about the places we love after having lived here for a few years.

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good morning I'm charlie good morning on Jimmy and – down the show we're going London here are some of my favorite places and we're gonna let you know some more is there real time well everyone do that I hope it's really fun just to get reliable I am ready for the day one of them go Charlie go on you have to commit to it more than that people if you're gonna do it do it properly is that you you're possessed I'm releasing my energy I'm loosening up I'm just you know it's just good sometimes to let let just let the body take over let it do what it wants anyway that's not related to what we're talking about today we are we're talking all things London because the question we often get asked the two of us is what is there to do in London or rather what should I do in London everyone knows there's loads to do and but when we do live streams in Q&A there'll always be a question I'm visiting London what should I do what do you recommend at me and greets as well always coming up so yeah we're gonna go through some of our personal favourite places and I am gonna start with the Prince Charles cinema love it have you haven't you've been I have Josh hasn't been but I'm recommending it to you and to you at home as well that's how this works so Prince John cinema it's in Leicester Square yeah so pretty near to all of like the big cinemas in their area so if you around there and you want to go catch a movie check out Prince Charles instead because it might it worked much it won't always have the most recent releases no there are films they well they will show sort of recent issues so if you've missed something in the cinema you can usually check it out there but the thing is kind of more renowned for is showing kind of classic movies either sort of like what I went to go and see it's a wonderful life there that was the first time I saw that movie around Christmas they were sharing it a bunch but they will do kind of more fun stuff as well yeah it's a wonderful life isn't fun it's just kind of more of a classic film cult films often do yes I am I went to go and see I don't have a Christmas one I saw jingle all the way that you told me about that yeah so it was a quota long event and he one of the mote like it was the first time I'd ever seen the film so I couldn't quite along with him it was just a coin come up on screen is it like Carrie oh no it's like you're there with people who just loved the film so intensely and who's seen it so many times that they as a community all know into shadows Bane I'd hate that so much it was driving me mad it was so much fun because it's I hate when people quite films anyway like I think it's all Weldon you've remembered something it depends on the movie obviously like if you're doing that in the what it's a wonderful life like yeah it's jingle all the way so it's such a dumb movie anyway yes it doesn't matter yes it's so stupid being with a group of people like what those kind of events guarantee is that you'll be seeing the film of people who love that film yeah unabashedly and that energy is like it's infectious to me personally so I would strongly record they do double bills they do marathons go to the Prince Johnson tomorrow as well she is pretty cheap but you considering most cinemas on Leicester Square about 30 quid a ticket now okay my first choice is Holland Park mm-hmm so I was originally gonna pick Kew Gardens actually which is a botanical garden in West London but that's kind of a common thing everyone knows about Kew Gardens and it's amazing don't get me wrong but if you can't make it to Kew Gardens maybe check out Holland Park which is by High Street Kensington beautiful Park they've got in there an amazing Japanese garden I telling you about this the other day I had a day off last week and it was so nice over with my friend and we sat and had some lunch there's a waterfall there's a little pagoda lovely places to see it's it's just really really peaceful you were telling me that you were worried it was gonna be like kind of khaki I do it's going to be a bit when my friend told me about Japanese garden I thought it was going to be a really pathetic British attempt but they've done a really good job the waterfall is stunning it's so cool and there are there was a little heron there just by the water there are peacocks walking around a bit of wildlife as well so considering you're in pretty much central London it's quite the find so I definitely recommend it and also around there that kind of Holland Park area there are the most amazing houses in London so it's kind of fun just to walk around the streets and see these houses worth like 20 30 million pounds alright my next one is the hunt arian museum have you been to this one Jimmy I can't believe I haven't you you haven't I haven't been it's I mean it's one of my favorite places to take people hmm we should go yeah we should go I've been they have to go I've been there a bunch of times so this is a free museum in London it's kind of well-hidden as well it's inside it's like a it's like a surgery building or something okay it's not basically in in and of itself but it's it's amazing it is not for the squeamish it is sort of like a Museum of surgery and it also contains a collection by John Hunter who instead of like collecting all the things like stamps or put on pokemon cards John Hunter connect he collected specimens of anatomy yeah so here there is a lot of stuff in jars a lot of weird stuff things with diseases different animals it is pretty weird but it's the kind of stuff that you won't you really can't get anywhere else yes it's very very fascinating I've tried now is there's one I remember in particular where it's like a bird with like a human tooth stuck in its head and I think I think I'm not sure if it was John Hunter or not but it was someone doing experiments because he thought oh if I stick a bit of human in something that will mean my body will want to heal itself there will become a part of the creature didn't work of it obviously but you kept see so just put women for that at my failure I'll put it in a jar yeah those are people see it yeah so I would dare it's not enough for everyone that one but for me it's just kind of fascinating Smithville's is my next choice an area of East London again kind of fairly common tourists go there quite a lot but in particular I would point out Hanbury Street and princeless Street which are sort of alongside Brick Lane Brick Lane is a very famous street in Eastland and there are loads of amazing curry houses down there definitely worth a look but Hamby Street in Princeton Street a very well preserved residential streets with eighteenth-century houses down there it feels like you literally step in back in time it's it's incredible so worth a wound around there if you're interested in what would have been like maybe 200 years ago it's go to the area where Jack the Ripper was up to his business as well so business he's kind of interested in for that as well I'd recommend doing a walking tour of Eastland and if you've got time it's good it's interesting to me because it used to be the the most impoverished filthy part of London but now it's really trendy okay yeah it's like lots of cool bars are cool sharps really expensive houses I you gotta be super rich to live around there so it's worth a look Epping Forest now it's doesn't necessarily count as being in central London is in Greater London or it's near acting but I'm putting it in just because it is for me at least it's the easiest place to get to in London that is it it just feels like you're out in the nature yeah you can actually get there on the tube as well it feels really weird when you get there as well because you end up in in a village that feels like it's completely separate from London and you're just like why is there a tube stop the earth you just like pop up and reduce them it's just it's just a beautiful forest I don't really know what more I can say like I love going on walks and in terms of a place to get away from London if you're someone who lives in London but can't always kind of handle the hustle and bustle of the city of the big city then it's a really lovely place to go I must know I'll show some foes on screen actually the last time I went because it's a particularly beautiful day and yeah if you want a good walk Epping Forest Greenwich Observatory yes we're talking nature talking history got both of Greenwich Observatory it's got an amazing big park that it's on a hill that's why they put the observatory there he kept close to the sky actually my it's my favorite view of London from Greenwich Observatory everyone always says go to Primrose Hill which is great but I prefer the view from identif it's called Greenwich Park something like that Greenwich Park yo I'm getting nod from Josh it's also where they filmed scenes from various films most recently lay miss the film of that they filmed that around the Naval College in Greenwich so it's worth going there's lots of buildings and museums you can pop into but also it's nice to just get picnic and go to the pot is Wednesday which means that these Skype game is come up in just a second but I know you're thinking you thinking do me Charlie how'd you make cereal time well a lot of hard work and you guys as well because you support us and help us by our making the show by donating on patreon we got patreon page if you'd like to help if you've got a few few quid you can spare go to patreon.com/scishow and in exchange for your very generous support we offer a number of perks so go have a little look if you can't really fancy if you don't worry that's fine there's something all about the word perk ha will give you a perk so really sexual isn't it anyway that's just me let's play the Skype game then do you order Cuban it's time for Eva so loud oh yeah yes and joining us on the line is Belen hello welcome to the show how are you doing I'm alright how about you guys yeah pretty good very good we're good to do some gifts I think Charlie's deafened me in my right head that was pretty loud as a pretty loud one but we'll press on so the way this works by then is we are going to show you a lot of images and you have to describe them to us we can't see them we just have to guess that will sound good yep alright let's jump right in one minute on the clock starting now hit me baby one you have the ultimate version and you throw it it's like a boomerang but it doesn't come back for you take this to parties a long car a lot of people fit in it um she's a youtuber she does star reviews she has a book zoella no American oh so big yeah Oh like the one before but this one does come back when you through it oh it's a boomerang it's the device made by Apple iPhone it's an instrument very popular in rock a bird there's they're famous for talking back parents Mexican food comes from region v-shape oh very posh plate with clothes gone was that gonna be crew okay god that was really good so then you're right I was good that was bloody amazing ngratulations all right flying through those trees just tallying up the scores just shout out when we know these he's got a lot to count complex algorithm that does all of the calculations nine wow I think that means you are in the lead you are in the lead and it's very very impressive we've not had a nine this series so you are going straight at the top of the board and you are right to be excited this is a big deal we need to reorganize this it's a bit muddled as we can do that another time but but learn your own support thank you thank you for having me out so much fun well thank you very much for watching do let us know if you decide to go to any of the places we recommended and recommend some places yourself either in London or just a cool place wherever it is you're from give us some rex peeps yeah give us some wrecks and also just a little reminder we're going on our June holidays just really want to let you know and I also am so putting this out over and over again to be like you guys need to be going on your June holidays as well you've June Christmas holidays yeah it's a thing so we'll be off and we'll be back on the 11th of July after this week is done we certainly will with some banging episodes banging we only the Twitter thought of the day is from Ryan who says the late bird also catches the worm as there are likely to be millions more worms than birds Ryan mate that's not that's not what that turn of phrase that's that's a metaphor sighs that's not it's not literally about worms and birds when people say the early bird catches the worm it's fine Ryan okay thank you guys for watching and we'll see you tomorrow yeah bye

39 thoughts on “6 Alternative Things To Do In London | Cereal Time

  1. Charlie, I remember seeing you at the Prince Charles Cinema one Christmas Eve (I can't remember whether it was last Christmas or the year before, I go every Christmas Eve). I didn't want to interrupt you to say hi but I agree, it's the greatest place in London!

  2. I used to live near Virginia Park (near Staines and Windsor) and the sights there are beautiful! many films were also filmed there, one of the more recent ones being Into the Woods.

  3. The Wallace Collection!! It was one of my favorite places when I lived in London. It's an old house still set up in 18th century style, with tons of old decorative arts pieces, paintings, armor… They also have a LOT of French decorative art that was picked up after the Revolution, including Marie Antoinette's writing desk!

    Also the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub just off Fleet Street. Some of the most delicious and least expensive pub food I found, and the pub itself was rebuilt after the Great Fire of London. In the dining room upstairs, they've marked out Charles Dickens' favorite seat. 😀

    … gosh I miss London.

  4. Richmond Park is beautiful! It's in south-west London, free of charge and it's also pretty easy to get to by train. Generally, the area surrounding it is really nice as well, with amazing views of the Thames, lots of high-end shops and good food.

  5. RAF Museum in West Hendon is good if you're into aeroplanes.Neasden Temple. The largest Hindu temple outside India.Walthamstow Market is apparently the longest market in Europe.St Albans, Hertfordshire -which is a small city just outside of London, and very quick to get to on a fast train- has a lovely cathedral, interesting roman ruins and a dizzying array of fantastic pubs, including the disputed oldest in Britain.

  6. when I'm in London i do a walking tour practically every moring! there so much fun, very interesting and educational! and it really gives you good ideas for other stuff todo wile your there all over the London era.

    one of my favorite memories in London is a restaurant called Dans Le Noir. you eat in pitch black and all your waiters are blind. it was an unforgettable experience that enhanced your other senses.

    when i was younger my favorite place was Portabello road. but these days its more packed then Disney World in its prime hours. I'm very happy for the venders but its very sad its not how it use to be.

    and of course i go to many plays wile I'm there.

  7. If you're ever in California, the California Academy of Sciences and the Tech Museum are extremely fun museums especially if you want to entertain children. Also, the Golden Gate Park is beautiful (it was when I went there 7 years ago)

  8. You guys forgot to mention that the Prime Meridian is at the Greenwich observatory! It's so cool because you're basically time traveling by stepping over the line. 😀 Also, they've got interesting exhibits and presentations on the history of time zones.

  9. if you're ever in new jersey, asbury park is the city to go to. the boardwalk is a ton of fun. I also love this cute cupcake place called confections of a rock star on cookman. In fact, all of my favorite places are on cookman. There is foolish ginger, shelter home, mogo, a cute european dessert place that serves the best gelato I've ever had, and my favorite pizza place, crust and crumble, is on the street just south of it.

  10. omg greenwich park is one of my favourite places. if you like animals, make sure to take monkey nuts (the squirrels will climb on you and sit on your lap) and bird seed (you can get great tits to land on your hand to take them). Also there's deer and a pond with loads of ducks an geese 🙂 Greenwich town also has a nice market.

  11. Aww I love the view from the Greenwich Observatory as well. I can't really explain why, I just do.
    Thanks for the recommendations guys, it's very useful ! I'll definitely try to check some of these out when I come back to London for SITC 🙂

  12. Twitter quote of the day was once a tool for inspiration and is now Charlie and Jimmy agreeing/disagreeing and explaining why the quote makes no sense or if it does make sense. I think it's quite funny though 😀 You guys do an amazing job with this show (that includes you Josh).

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