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five sexiest criminals 1 Angie San Clement ringleader of or women drug gang Angie San Clement Valencia is a former Colombian beauty queen and lingerie model believed to be the ringleader of one of the world's largest drug syndicates Valencia 30 was said only higher glamour models to transport drugs from South America to Europe Valencia's operation is believed to be a rival empire to that of her former boyfriend a Mexican drug baron known as the monster she formed their own car 10 after splitting with him Valencia recruited other models whom she is quoted referring to as her unsuspicious beautiful angels as drug traffickers paying them up to around five thousand dollars 3,200 pounds per trip to transport cocaine from Argentina to England by way of hand come her gang was exposed on December the 13 2009 when a 21 year old woman Ariel L was arrested with the suitcase containing 55 kilogram 121 pounds of cocaine at zazie international airport wednesday aires argentina the drug mule made no attempt to hide the cocaine in her suitcase because she'd been told no one would stop her at the airport sang Clement remained in hiding for five months actively engaging with journalists on her facebook account and changed her appearance however argentino authorities found her in a Buenos Aires hostel in May 2010 and sentenced to 26 years and eight months in prison she was released from prison and deported back to Colombia in 2013 after serving only half of her sentence to strongly assault meet shortly the latest hot criminal he's got long beautiful dreadlocks and a hatred of Fox News this 29 year old beauty was arrested after beating a guy dressed as a fox news reporter with a tennis racket on Halloween night Sean Murray was in downtown Santa Cruz when he allegedly saw a person in costume and screamed I hate fox news before grabbing their microphone prop who then hit the innocent bystander with an alanine racket he was carrying it isn't known whether he was also in costume or why he had a tennis racket after a short chase view was tracked down restrained and arrested three stephon build on forty two counts of breaking and entering Stephanie be ordering will steer your heart then your stuff meet Stephanie Bhutan look beautiful burglar who join is accused of breaking into over 40 homes in and around victoriaville Canada it's hardly the stuff of international news but in the era of self eyes a picture can be worth a thousand clicks in August 2014 the Montreal journal published a photo if we join in a bikini in the rest is history blue line has over 100 different charges filed against her since her pictures were published online the Daily Mail reports that social media users have dubbed her the newest world's sexiest criminal for me Aegon Simmons Daniel misdemeanor in 2010 she was the Internet's favorite jailhouse stunner she has since filed a lawsuit against her website for using her flattering mug shot in its ads without permission me Aegon Simmons 28 of zephyrhills FL filed a lawsuit against instant checkmate calm for using her smoldering mug shot in its ads but never paying her for it the haze lied babe was busted for Daniel in July 2010 and her fresh-faced photo soon morphed into a series of goofy internet mom's dubbing over hot convict however the young mom of four said instant checkmate calm went too far by plastering the pic on cheeky thumbnail as for its service one added that bling sometimes the cute ones aren't so innocent her lawyer Matthew Chris claims the behavior was akin to Colgate using Tom Cruise's image to hawk toothpaste 5 Monica Hargrove robbery and kidnapping ok she isn't exactly sexy but she does certainly deserves the title of Miss vanity Monica Hargrove was arrested after she contacted lease urging them to remove the picture from the forces Facebook page the wanted woman put her vanity before her freedom when she demanded police remove her mugshot from the web because she didn't like the picture Monica Hargrove 34 contacted police in Columbus Ohio within 48 hours of the photo being posted online the image which included Hargrove's name and information about her alleged crimes had already attracted 64 shares and around fifty four thousand views Harlow who has since been indicted on robbery aggravated robbery and kidnapping charges was so upset by the photo that she demanded it be removed

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