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who knocks out everybody and no one can whooping making a city trip can quickly turn into a hustle especially when it's your first time visiting for that reason this small video series is supposed to serve as a city tour TripAdvisor guidance or London I know that many people visit London for a couple of days only so here's my advice of what to do on a perfect day where to go what to eat where to hang in London first place to go the National History Museum now I know there's tons of museums in London but I just love to see dinosaurs well let's start from the beginning the museum a century located surrounded by many other sites in London which makes it a perfect place to begin with according to Google it is best to come during a weekday however I did go during a weekday and it was still full as entrances for free how much you donate is up to you I know guys it looks like it take you forever it only took about 10 minutes to get in once you're inside you get to discover their collection of space oceans human evolution wildlife dinosaurs and many other collections there's so much stuff to discover guys it's unreal all in all I think is the perfect place to begin with what's next so there's this Italian Rome style pizzeria that apparently makes one of the best pizzas in London TripAdvisor says it's in the top 100 restaurants to eat in London and also Google rates four point four out of five and the best thing about it it's only a walk away from the museum the vegetarian pizza I had costs 12 pounds mozzarella spinach mushroom and licks peppers this place is usually packed with Italians so call before you get here I [Applause] looked online for like the best pizza place around yet and I wasn't at the Museum and that's all these are gonna have like super good it's Rome style pizza comparable to broccoli nose in Brooklyn New York I raided eight out of ten I'm more of a Neapolitan style pizza fan if I love Rome Pizza I'd give it a nine pretty damn good pizza you know what else is pretty damn good place three to go what like the best place to see the view The Shard is London's as well as teus highest building its Observatory Tigers on the 72nd floor giving you a 360-degree view from 244 meters something important to notice you have to book your tickets to go up in advance which will cost you around 25 pounds summary Museum for free pizza including drinks around 15 pounds and the shards 25 pounds sums up to 40 pounds for an awesome day in London if your favorite place in London is something completely different then let me know in the comments below anyways I hope this helps you for your next journey to London links to all events as well as a currency converter can be found in the description until tomorrow Aloha

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