As a riot breaks out in Tottenham, London (England, UK) over the death of local man Mark Duggan, groups of youngsters escalate the unrest by setting fires as looting as the police employ violent retaliation.
ABC News – 07.08.11

the overnight rioting in Tottenham erupted less than a year before the start of London Summer Olympics and as Charlie d'Agata reports had many Londoners again questioning police tactics that began as a peaceful demonstration blew up into a full-scale riot several hundred protesters fought pitch battles with police in the gritty North London neighborhood of Tottenham torching a double-decker bus police vehicles buildings and businesses looters ransacked stores and made off with their booby it took riot police hours to bring the situation under control two dozen officers were injured more than 50 people are arrested the trouble was sparked after police shot dead Mark Duggan a father of four and police suspected of illegal firearms possession demonstrators gathered outside the police station on Saturday and began asking questions police were unable to answer the devastation and aftermath left local leaders in a state of shock what we see behind us is very painful the heart of a community has been ripped out the violence has raised serious concerns about policing London's Olympic Games next summer given that officers weren't able to solve the situation here from spiraling out of control it was meant to be a peaceful protest and it is a friend of police made it was London's mayor downplayed the violence saying people will have a fantastic Olympics no matter what happened others suggested the riots unleashed a simmering anger in one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in Britain often people are unhappy discontented I think the system is cracking and this size to shape Saturday's riots follows several outbreaks of violence in London this year and new unrest for about this and yet another neighborhood in North London police have deployed more forces on the streets racing for more to come Charlie d'Agata CBS News London in Iraq bomb blasts

30 thoughts on “26 riot police seriously injured as riots hit London (UK) | ABC News

  1. Everyone always talks bad about police, until the times when they really need them. Can you imagine how much worse this would be if they weren't there?

    Fucking scum of the Earth, these looters. Police should have killed them all.

  2. @RustyPegUK Dude, the police would not just go and shoot him. Learn a thing or two about the real world. If this dude was selling guns, he no doubt had shit loads of them around him. When the police went to get him he probably went to grab one of them, or made a move towards something that could have been mistaken for a weapon. Put yourself in the marksmans shoes! You trying to arrest a man surrounded by guns and he goes towards what you think is a gun. Your decision, get shot by him, or shoot..

  3. @icecold40oz Don't you feel bad for saying that on any black friends you have, or even just black people you know? And if you dont know any black people then you cant know very many people at all

  4. @aeronuk1 and your basing that off what? your own ignorance, the 'black people' you are referring to are african/west indies, however the conflict that arose from the peaceful protest involved not just african/west indies people, and there are more than 12% black people in london

  5. @jonoandcat Point one he never pointed a gun at anyone stop believing the propaganda and learn to think for yourself.
    Point two tension has been building now for years and is exacerbated by the cuts to the poorest communities in our country. To rub salt into the wound the rich seem to be immune to the laws. Theft is theft no matter how they dress it up. MP's stealing from the taxpayer Cameron, Clegg, Milliband all guilty. Bankers bonuses in the millions and tax evasion by the super rich.

  6. I am not racist but due to the recent events I feel strongly negative towards black people as the people responsible for starting the riots were black people

  7. @Blackandproud75 you say most blacks can't afford to eat or drink so that is why they were all looting from cloth to watches and from electrical goods to even down to a bottle of milk. You black fuck all you somehow got stuck in the evolution process that's why your so fucked up.

  8. i wouldn't say i provoked you -i was simply expressing my opinion-don't you understand that i was enlightening others -you calling me a racist has no effect on me at all-its a old line used by the trained sheep of the globalist – used to silence debate. – not one race was singled out – we have to look around us and realise that multiculturalism is a failure- the concept was thought up by globaistas to make forced integration accepted . rad the book animal farm -the sheep were very useful .peace

  9. @halogodsniper bruv its either a shill or a moron. no point in getting emotional. there are thousands of paid shills and also thousands of mindless idiots who could make comment slike that, neither are worth worrying about. the future is about creative, intelligent, productive and compassionate beings, not for morons and slaves.

  10. look at 1:19. i understand the guy when he said that is was meant to be a peaceful protest but who exactly were the ones who lit everything on fire? im sorry but i highly doubt the police were behind it. people could get angry, fine, but arson is just way outta line.

  11. Wow im white and from america, where we wouldn't even let black people vote until fifty years ago, and the amount of racism in these comments is fucking abhorent. This is about rich v. poor than anything else. looting is a quick way to realize the materialistic goals forced on everyday people by super-powerful corporations and corrupt governments who cater to said corporate powers. the poor are told that they need expensive things to be accepted in society, but paid so little they cant afford em

  12. @cassanoa No its people like you who keep hindering the success of multiculturalism. The best cities in the world are the most diverse for a reason. Its racism (like yours) that provokes responses like these.

  13. -multiculturalism is a failure
    -its a globalist trap that hurts all races
    -people like being and behave better amongst there own
    -any think the globalists like cant be good for the human race
    -one could argue but please try to understand that they don't want to help
    -this is not racial -just the truth
    -if i am wrong then why is there always a china town or little Italy
    -we have countries because people want to live in diverse ways from others
    -forced multiculturalism oppresses cultures.

  14. Point 1: Black, white, yellow or blue…if you go around pointing a gun at armed police, what do you think is going to happen? seriously?

    Point 2: This is NOTHING to do with the dead guy. Moron wannabe gangstas with a 'cause'…oh please. PATHETIC

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