1938 Tube train leaving Uxbridge April 2008

17 thoughts on “1938 London Underground Tube Train

  1. You are absolutely right these trains were way ahead of their time. They had an 100% unique sound, they seemed to have a smoother ride. It is amazing that they keep this stock rolling, and 2013 is going to be a celebratory year for the underground, so look out for this train again and possibly steam on the Metropolitan line. Hopefully new HD videos then.

  2. @Cazkumali This is the first train of the 1938 stock, and by its orange roof, you can tell that it's the train stored at the Acton depot and used to run on the Bakerloo line.

    1938 stock ran mostly on the Northern & Bakerloo lines to begin with (a small number operated the Picadilly line), and were later also used on the East London Line. Some of the passenger cars were also used for a while on sections of the Central line.

  3. interesting! Do you have any more info on why it was running a service in 2008? I notice it said special on the first and last cab. I wouldn't mind travelling on one of those!

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