15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Netherlands | Travel Tuesdays
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Where are the Netherlands?
Is Holland and the Netherlands the same thing?
What does the Netherlands mean?
Are the Netherlands worth traveling to?
What are the best netherlands destination?
When is the best time to visit the Netherlands?
What can you do in the Netherlands?
Is it expensive to live in the Netherlands?
Is weed legal in Amsterdam?
Is prostitution lega in Amsterdam?
Who is the richest person in the Netherlands?

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this is travel tuesdays every tuesday we present you with another incredible country today we're looking at 15 things you didn't know about the netherlands welcome to a lox calm the place where future billionaires come to get informed hello Alec sirs how's life treating you lately we are happy to have you back for yet another video about a very special country why special well there's a lot to love about the Netherlands from their freedom of speech universal health care education and general well-being for its citizens for example the Netherlands is also the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage so it's a very liberal and opened change country the country's name means lower countries since the land is mostly flat and as made out of 12 provinces including nord and zod holland which together form holland yes we're going to leave this one here the Netherlands does not equal Holland even though most people use Holland to refer to the whole country if you are new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at Alex so sit back relax and join us for the 15 things you didn't know about the Netherlands number one Viktor and Rolf is a fashion house created by Dutch cofounders when we think about the fashion industry we mostly think about Italy France or even the UK it turns out the Netherlands has its own share of talented people in this field who are also world renowned Victor horse Singh and Rolf Soren started their own fashion house Viktor and Rolf in 1993 their collections are mostly avant-garde designs that borrow heavily from the art world blending different concepts to create stunning theatrical fashion runways Viktor and Rolf will celebrate 25 years of activity this May with a collection of wearable art designs going back to Rotterdam as kings of the Netherlands fashion world celebrities such as Black Panthers Danai gurira and zendaya have worn their dresses at film premieres and award shows number two in South Africa people speak the 17th century Dutch language Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands it's a Germanic language that's also known as Flemish in northern Belgium South Africa was colonized by the Dutch in the 17th century and the settlers language evolved to modern-day Afrikaans a variant of Dutch nowadays it's a distinct language having its own characteristics but back then it was called Cape Dutch or kitchen Dutch a not so nice way to refer to the dialect spoken by slaves or servants of the colonial settlers the language is also used in other African countries such as Namibia and Botswana number 3 Gouda cheese comes from the Netherlands it's creamy and rich texture makes it one of the most loved cheese's in the world in fact it's responsible for around half of the global cheese consumption we're talking of course about Gouda cheese which happens to be a Dutch specialty records show that this food is one of the oldest cheese delicacies we have left originating in the 12th century in a city called Gouda in the Netherlands nowadays Gouda is the generic name we use for the type of cheese but it doesn't mean that the product is made from a more original recipe so if you happen to be in the country you can also visit the markets in Gouda which are of course the oldest cheese markets in the Netherlands and have a taste of the real deal number four their national football team has a weird nickname Clockwork Orange the football team is named Clockwork Orange and no it's not named after the book or the film if you're wondering the players are very proud of their bright orange t-shirts orange being also the national colour of the Netherlands the colour also has a royal history since it has its origins in the titles given to the head of state Prince of Orange the football team has qualified five times in the World Cup semi-finals and apparently also prides themselves on their speed since other nicknames include the Flying Dutchman number five the richest man in the Netherlands is frits Goldschmidt hang with a net worth of 5.2 billion dollars the Netherlands has its share of billionaires and at the top of the list is frits Goldschmidt the octogenarian who holds the largest share of Randstad holdings Randstad holding is a human-resources consulting company currently present in nine countries the company which has also the second largest staffing agency in the world took a hit last year because of brexit the magnate had a net worth of 5.2 billion dollars and apparently lost twenty five point five percent last year because of brexit he currently resides in Amsterdam and while in his 80s he's no longer a part of the management team of the company number six thousands of contaminated eggs from the Netherlands infected Europe the Netherlands became the center of a food controversy last year after failing to alert other European countries of contaminated eggs the country is actually a large global exporter of eggs having sent around 700,000 contaminated products in the UK only the culprit seems to have been an insecticide called soprano that is used to treat chickens and is illegal since it can affect the quality of the eggs around 180 Dutch farms bought the birds from a supplier that treated them with fipronil the neighbouring country Belgium was especially upset and authorities accused the Netherlands of withholding important information that could have prevented this situation from happening number 7 the government wanted to pass a law that would allow them to have access to private information on their citizens the recent world data scandal has affected the country as well a fear of terrorism and other online threats saw the proposal of a law that would essentially grant authorities the right to spy on its citizens however such a law cannot pass in the Netherlands without a referendum the result this year around 6 million Dutch voters said no to government access to their emails and other online data critics of the law decried the invasion of privacy that such a measure would entail Amnesty International also condemned it as being a human rights breach number eight black Piet is associated with racism and slavery by some the Netherlands colonial past has echoes in the present take for example black Piet or smart Piet a character that acts as a sidekick to st. Nicholas st. Nicholas is a beloved character that is similar to Santa Claus black Piet first appeared in 1850 in a book written by a Dutch school teacher and a appears as a vestige of slavery to many today it's not hard to see what they mean since those who portray him usually use blackface dress and colorful clothes put an afro wig on and red lipstick scholars attribute this to the Dutch legacy of slavery that is seldom taught in Dutch schools as if this part of history didn't really exist or its effects appear to be minimized which of course is not accurate number 9 coffee shops in Amsterdam are also places where you can buy weed many of the five million people that visit the Netherlands capital of Amsterdam each year also go there for the famous coffee shops Amsterdam has the best coffee shops in the country and that is saying something since cities such as Rotterdam and The Hague also have a lot of them however only 175 establishments are left in Amsterdam and the number was double that in the 90s of course people also visit coffee shops since it's perfectly legal to buy and consume marijuana while enjoying a cup of coffee or a meal so if visiting the world capital of weed is on your bucket list make sure to purchase a ticket to Amsterdam the next time you plan a vacation number 10 Vincent van Gogh sports wada dr. Gachet was sold for eighty two point five million dollars painter Vincent van Gogh is one of the most beloved artists of all time belonging to the Dutch post-impressionist movement although he died young and impoverished in 1890 he left us with astounding paintings such as Porte wada dr. Gachet a work that depicts the artists doctor who was described as carrying the desolate expression of our time exactly 100 years later in 1990 the original version was sold for eighty two point five million dollars setting a new record as the highest price that has ever been paid for a painting it also set a record time since the auction only lasted three minutes there's also a second version of the painting which can be seen at musee d'orsay in paris france want to find out some more about the impressive Vincent van Gogh check out our video 15 things you didn't know about Vincent van Gogh by clicking in the top right corner number 11 people have a high living standard in the Netherlands the Netherlands is a great place to live and even a greater place to work boasts the sixth highest hourly wage in the European Union to give you an idea if you work in the business sector you would make an average of thirty eight point eight euros per hour or around forty five US dollars however in Denmark you would earn fifty dollars hourly four percent of Dutch employers earn the minimum wage and they are mostly young people who are employed in hotels and restaurants or work in agriculture and Fisheries that is still pretty good since the average salary for these workers is around one thousand five hundred and sixty-five u.s. dollars number twelve a sandstorm over the Netherlands made the sunsets bolder who said that the Netherlands was all about rain and gloomy skies a very cool phenomenon took place in April of 2018 when a sandstorm from the Sahara blew across Europe Dutch people were greeted on the 9th with the most colourful sunrises and sunsets they've probably ever seen the phenomenon can be explained like this the particles of sand refract light which in turn makes the colors red orange and yellow appear bolder and thus giving amazing sights however people still had to clean their lawn furniture or wash their cars since the dust got everywhere and also mixed with the rain number 13 prostitution is legal but not on the streets here is another thing that the Netherlands is famous for its relaxed views on prostitution one of the most popular tourist attractions in Amsterdam is the red-light district or de wallen which is situated in the city centre it's a place where sex workers stand behind windows as if on display for everyone to see in fact there are three hundred windows lit by neon lights they have their own room and what they do is perfectly legal since they don't actually stand in the street since the year 2000 pimping has been abolished by law and brothels must have a license Plus like any regulated industry it also has to pay taxes number fourteen Dutch people are the tallest in the world if you visit the Netherlands you'll likely feel like you're visiting the land of giants you're not the only one especially if you're shorter it's pretty much common wisdom by now on average people from the Netherlands are the tallest in the world don't believe us take a look at the study conducted by the Imperial College of London on eighteen point six million people studies show that the average Dutch man is five feet ten inches tall and the average Dutch woman is five feet seven inches tall that is ahead of other countries such as Denmark Norway and Germany actually the average height of a man in the Netherlands is eight inches more than what it used to be 150 years ago number fifteen tulips did not originate from the Netherlands but from Turkey the Netherlands is a tulip paradise and it's well worth a trip if only to see them blooming during the tulip season in spring it's no wonder that everyone believes the flowers originated here however a true tulip lover knows that they came from Central Asia and Turkey turkey cultivate a wide variety of tulips way before it became popular in Europe and they also use them for decorative purposes the flowers have an interesting history since they were first brought to Europe in the 15th century first to Vienna then to the Netherlands nowadays though the country exports tulips all around the world and boasts many vast tulip fields we hope you enjoyed today's video Alexis and as always we have a special question for you what do you think of this country's relaxed laws on prostitution and marijuana consumption is it a good or a bad thing let us know down in the comments and as always for sticking with us all the way to the end here's your bonus fact number 16 there are a lot of many houses in Amsterdam Amsterdam is full of stunning architecture and there's no better example than the narrow canal houses that are also on the UNESCO World Heritage List they now function as offices hotels or museums but back in the Dutch Golden Age they were houses for the rich they were made to be so narrow since the building tax was calculated according to the width of a houses exterior side tourists can also visit the narrowest house in Amsterdam it's only about six feet and seven inches wide and has a small room on each floor talk about cramped living space thank you for spending some time with us a Luxor's make sure to LIKE and subscribe so you never miss another we also hand-picked these videos which we recommend you watch next thank you for being an a lexer and we'll see you back tomorrow

46 thoughts on “15 Things You Didn't Know About The Netherlands

  1. This whole video is one big lie, come on! Who made this video and which lunatic did the research?? For example..Gouda cheesemarket in the Netherlands??? The biggest and oldest cheesemarket is being held in the city of Alkmaar… I have to admit though, the video's quality and editing looks fine, but still… it's like a turd covered in icecream sprinkles…

  2. I was on primary school from 1969 to 1975 in the Netherlands. I was taught about slavery and the Dutch role. I was on secondary school from 1975 to 1981 and was taught again about the Dutch role in slavery. Everybody I speak, perfectly knows this fact. I think it is a bit offending to say it is not taught in schools. As if we are a kind of North Korea or something. Please correct this or I will have to flag this video.

  3. Sad history about Indonesia because of Dutch colonialism. But Thank God it's over, in peace now. πŸ˜‡ hopefully, no more war ever again anywhere in the world. Let's move on and spread love all around the world. Learn from history. Let's be a better human.

  4. Point 8 is not accurate at all by a longshot. So if you make a video about FACTS, make sure they are CORRECT!

    First Sinterklaas is NOT at all simmilar to Santa Claus, according to your statement. Sinterklaas or Saint Nicolas was once a real and living person a Katholic Bishop of Myra. Santa Claus is an advertisment invention by Coca Cola.

    5 december was the deathday of Saint Nicolas. To honour his good work they continued giving presents to children on that day.

    Black Pete is based on a cartoon of Jan Schenkman drawn in 1850. Before that it was a highclass servant (not even black) dressed very well. Before that it was a devil. Good kids got pressents, misbehaving kids got punnished by the devil. So no mention of slavery at all.

    Doesnt mean we ignore it.

    And ofcourse slavery is tought in dutch schools, we are not proud of our part in it, but it IS tought, ignoring it doesnt make it less true. This is more an american traid. It only has nothing to with Zwarte Piet. It's a childrens holiday.

    So next time Check your facts before present them as true. A friendly piece of advise of a native dutch person, who is sick and tired about the untruths concernig a childrensholiday which is tainted by adult assciations to a charater which has nothing to do with the holiday it'sself.

  5. We get told about slavery since we are young we do get told about it and we all know it was bad
    Don’t betray us as some bad people that don’t care about the mistakes we made in the past!

  6. Afrikaans is not 17th century Dutch, till the Boer War proper Dutch was taught at the schools. Only in the 20th century Afrikaans was written down. The influence was people of French and German descent whom's influence made the grammar less complicated.

  7. Alright alright
    Black Pete has NOTHING to do with racism
    He is associated with the holiday sinterklaas and they are his helpers climbing down the chimneys to give presents to children in the shoes.
    Why they are black is because of the black stuff In the chimney
    God dammit we have enough idiots that believe that
    It is destroying this CHILDREN'S holiday for fucks sake
    Edit : who the fuck told you our black pages aren't told in history class where did you get this info?!, a microwave? Oh wait even those know that it's wrong

  8. The national color orange has to do with the surname of our King: Oranje-Nassau. A long time ago an ancestor of the King, Henry III of Nassau, married a lady from Breda which is a city in Noord-Brabant, in the southern part of this country. They then acquired the French principality of Orange. A principality is an area that a prince is in charge of. The title 'Prince of Orange' was linked to this principality. This title was hereditary: it was passed on from father to son. When Hendrik's son died, he had no children, so the title ended up with his German cousin Willem van Nassau.

  9. In my opinion prostitution is exploitation. Pot is a dangerous substance which is linked to schizophrenia and other destructive mental problems. In one word hedonistic culture waxed over to look proper.

  10. From the people who invented the term Fake News. Clockwork orange? Not sure where you got that one from. The pronunciation of Gouda and Van Gogh is not right either. Can Americans please do their research before making videos? Just ask a Dutch person first to check the facts. Some other stuff you don't know: anyone who voted Trump will also consider The Netherlands to be a communist country since they have high taxes, good equality, liberal laws about 6 weeks paid holiday a year (plus public holidays), good benefits, and they have a trade surplus and heavy industry (lol). And they have lots of immigration. They have better health outcomes than the U.S. live longer than people in the U.S. Are way less fat that people in the U.S and are happier. Schools in The Netherlands rank high in the world. Santa Claus in the U.S. is a copy of The Sint. Slavery is not ignored in Dutch schools and the history of Black Peter is not even really known in The Netherlands – opinions are divided. Getting food in a coffee shop is pretty impossible – can of coke, coffee and weed is all that is on the menu. Why do you not actually go to a place before making a video about it and actually find out? Yes, there is a world out there America. Go and visit, don't watch misinformed videos. This is an example of the ONE thing America actually invented: The misleading commercial.

  11. people dont wanna know the truth lol 80 % is secretly right especially about slavery .she did make a mistake by acting like it never being taught it does but very less,not comprehsively .know the difference dutchies πŸ˜›

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