#1073 LONDON’s Music History Tour – Beatles, Bob Dylan, Keith Moon, Mama Cass – Jordan The Lion Daily Travel Vlog (7/15/19)


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Intro cartoon by: Jeff Block (youtube- Cre80s)


46 thoughts on “#1073 LONDON's Music History Tour – Beatles, Bob Dylan, Keith Moon, Mama Cass – Travel (7/15/19)

  1. I’ve been sick and in the hospital the last 14 days and wasn’t able to watch any videos while there. So I’m hustling trying to play catch up on all the ones I missed! Haha!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Stephan 🙂 My son's birthday is the day before yours and he loves Jordan's video's (Huge fan of Jordan the Lion), he especially likes seeing Stephan in Jordan's video's as well, he tells me it's the best of both worlds getting to see you both like this (lol). He's a big fan of Guns N Roses, Alice Cooper and he even likes A LOT of Dee Dee Ramone's music as well. He never learned to play the bass guitar though, he said "I'll leave that to the pros" lol. Thanks for this special treat Jordan, Stephan… be safe in your travels and thank you so very much for the wonderful video's that you make and share with us, Jordan… it's much more appreciated than you will ever know!! Love sent always to you, Stephan…all who makes these video's possible (I'm including those from Jordan's patreon 🙂 as well).

  3. Hrmph…I never knew Keith Moon died there…dunno why but I thought he drowned,dunno where I heard that but thats what I thought. I thought he went out and got drunk off his but and drowned. Never knew that Cass Elliot died over there either. Hrmph. I learn a little bit each day.

  4. Exciting I love it 🥰 this was interesting for some reason I thought Cass Elliot passed away in Hollywood I learned something new on this how ironic that two celebrities would die in the same place that sounds way wild thanks for the tour I enjoyed it😊💕🦁💕

  5. Nice one, i have the cd of the Beatles let it be album and its a great album and here on youtube there is a video of them doing that concert, and i also hear there going to put Let it be movie on dvd and bluray next year i cant Waite for that one, i am a fan of Elvis Presley and The Beatles, and Johnny Cash and many others lol

  6. I watched that roof top performance many times, but thanks to you , you put me right there with them, even the stair case to that famous roof top, thanks again for a great vlog, you always bring it to us like it is ! and on your yesterday vlog you had the comments blocked, I just wanted to thank you for letting me see the location where Cass and Hyndrix died, ♫

  7. Nothing to do with this vlog, but , thank you so much for taking the time to send the Graceland postcard. Great pick. I got so excited when I went to the mailbox ! Thanks again. Take care. ❤

  8. London brings to my memory something else I think you would find interesting…..4 Cadogan Lane….sound familiar Jordan? Well it might not be the yellow brick road you're looking for, but still a crucial part of Hollywood history!

  9. Jordan, nice to see your live stream earlier.. Enjoy the rest of your London trip. Can you tell me how to find Stefans channel please, my friend and I would to subscribe to it, but we're having trouble locating him. Many thanks.

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